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Hi. anong balak mo gawin bukas ?
Gusto kong mag-gala!
hahaha oo baozi na name ko >_<  BAOZI
What makes you wake up each morning?
School. Hahaha! School sucks.
tall guy? or a short one?
Either :">
do u love dogs?
anong lahi gusto mo sanang maging? asian? european? american? african? etc..?
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Kelan ka balik ng Manila?!
Ngayon na. Nasa airport na nga ako eh. Wanna fetch me?
can i know the initials of ur ideal guy today?
I have lots of them. Hahahahahahahahahaha!
what is the creepiest thing you've ever done?
Secret. :)
who's friend of your's in ur province are u longing too much?
My high school bestfriends. :(
hmm. wala akong ma figure out na ganyan sa feu simple lang maganda boses mabait din
Ano? Hindi kita gets. Sorry.
Hi ate  BAOZI
Hi Baozi? Haha!
sure cge schoolmate na lang sa college life. and pakisagot narin un sa high school huh. =) kung d mo masagot, describe mo nalang sya
Hmm. Simple lang siya and maganda boses. Mabait din. :) Di naman kagwapuhan.
Why do you like sh!tty Avril? I heard she is a dude. ewww
So what?
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Who is your crush in your college days? college mates only
Schoolmate na lang pwede? Hahaha!
who is your favorite kpop band?
Who is your crush in your highschool days? schoolmates only
Secret. Hahahaha!
do u think that u've found ur dream boy? who? =)
Not yet.
latest movie you've watched?
I forgot na!
What is the best way to deal with stress?
Pig out!
sino ang namimiss mo ?
Many to mention. Why?
I'll rephrase my question. :) What if something you believe to be true according to your religion is proven false by science? What would you do then?
I still don't know. Haha!
Which would you believe more? Science or Religion?
Tough question.
whom u want to spend ur summer with ?
Family and friends.
sinong local celeb ba ang makapal ang kilay?
Many to mention. Why?