Ashon Cofield @AshhhhxD
Ashon Cofield @AshhhhxD
Cumberland, Maryland
19, Straight Edge. Ask me ANYTHING!
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What are you obsessed with?
what are you obsessed with?
What is your favorite mobile app?
You're a tad cute.. Did you know that?  Harlie
I fuckin kno
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Is Chaos feeds only? plz say no.......
Your skype?
Do you prefer tea, coffee or cocoa?
Would you kill someone for amillion $$$$$ ?
Not an innocent person.
ash can u edit our promo i know u know Wu and he is on this clan so can u edit?it would be fucking awesome :')
Sorry I never check this. Whats the team and talk to me on skype
Do you think you and harlie will ever break up?
Who the fuck knows, hope not. Im mean though.
What is the best invention ever?
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Fuck YouTube xD  David
exactly :D
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What color do you wear most frequently?
top 3 people you love to play with on ps3?
sam, ash, harley i guess
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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Do you prefer potatoes or french fries ?
How about both.
What was the last concert you went to?
Never went to one.
Guess Who I Am My Name Starts With A S And I Have You On Ps3 SaveUsAsh
No clue hahaha, havent been on :|
How Hot Is Your Girlfriend On A Scale From 1 To 10
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What Happens To People That Smoke Weed?
What was the last thing you bought?
Name three sickest PS3 players. idk won't do
Avi0niczZz [QUIT] | PandaGunz [IDK WHERE THE FUCK HE IS] | Trastern or DMG Volte [ Doesnt even have a yt channel but his vault is fucking nuts ]
u like me ? :)
Maybe :) But I dont know you!
Who is the best slslslslslslslslslsl player ever?
RATE :D hahahahhahahahahahaha
Hey Have You Ever Tryed Having A Baby?
Hell no, I have found a new found hatred for babies lol, maybe in my thirties.
Can you recommend anything to read?
Im not really into reading, I did read a fucking great book in like 5th grade though. White Fang.