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Hey you, you're beautiful. <3

Thank you

Where are your three most ticklish places


Who's ur bf


Are you dating someone


Best guy and girl friends at school?

Madi & kaylee & Jerchio

Post a pap of you and your best friend

I have a lot of best friends

Okay then may I ask you this: Most ticklish spot? Do you like getting tickled? Do you get tickled often?

Stomach, or sides

No, the people who ask you fucked up shit

Oh lol, I just ignore most of it

Cause all the fucked up people on here

Well I can assure you I'm not fucked up

Can I make a bet with you? :) ;)

What kind of bet

Are you ticklish?

Yes extremely

Crop top pic? :)


Why are you back on this site?

Idk why not

Whats your favorite sportswear brand?


How's your life going?

Idfk right now

What's the most fun you had all summer?


Does he go to your school?


Is he tall?

Taller then me yes

Name of the guy you like?

His name starts with a d aha

Who do you like?

I really sweet guy, & he has no clue who he is;)


I roast marshmallows over the stove

Well either way Ashley. you are one of the most beautiful women I know.

Aw aha


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