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Ashley Caniff @Ashleyt13
Ashley Caniff @Ashleyt13
eat pizza..... get turnt up~LOHANTHONY
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in my ask's home in likes
Oh ok
i'm a normal girl hahahaahah
Then howd you find me
really? OMG i'm from france...
Idk who you are
i usually take an S but in that t-shirt i delivered an M.... what do you think? it is very big?
It's huge....... Who are you?
what size is your t-shirt of aeropostale?
I got an XL when I should've got a M
Hihihi  Nash Grier✓
Don't you mean hahahaha?
my (boy) friend lost a bet and now he has to do anything i tell him for the entire week. what should i make him do? ^^
I'm glad :)  Nash Grier✓
I got the wrong size tho, so it's too big on me haha
Even more swag  Ashley Caniff
And it just so happens to be the one he's wearing in this pic
Even more swag
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Swag  Ashley Caniff
I look bad but I got one of Nash's United XXVI shirts yesterday
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Hi can you pls like his 11 new answers ? ‎@louis_tommo_tomlinson
What would you never post online?
Private things
Hi can you pls like his new answers ‎@louis_tommo_tomlinson ?
Hi could you like his new answers ? ‎@louis_tommo_tomlinson
Hi could you leave me the fuck alone thanks
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
Yes lmfao and Austin Mahone justin Bieber 5H or the vamps sometimes Becky G
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1st liker gets 6 likes rest get 3?
Umm sure
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Aww xD  Austin Mahone ツ
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Hey :3  Austin Mahone ツ
Dis be Ruben
Hey :3
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What would you name your first child?
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I live in michigan and I have blankets
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Lmfao I'm not
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What is your biggest regret?
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Lmfao swag
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My dad takes my phone at night  ♕ρяιи¢єѕѕ кєєкѕ ♕
Then how are you on here
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I'm not on kik till tomorrow lol  ♕ρяιи¢єѕѕ кєєкѕ ♕
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