Do you have a blog?

I used to have a tumblr if that counts.

What's your middle name?

Dude. Please read carefully as we proceed down the list....
1) it's at the top of my page.
2) it's apart of my username.
3) it's on every social network I have including the Ice age MySpace.

...... It's Brooke by the way......

You're in homecoming?

Oh my gosh yes and I'm so excited.

I want to say I know you but I'm not 100% sure. We follow each other on insta and we are friends on Facebook. but I just can't think of where I know you.

Well tell me who you are and ill try to remember and tell you! :)

Does it bother you that you and Brandon aren't friends now

No. I mean he's happy and I'm happy for him. But we're still friends and all.

Your boyfriend seems like a real prick.

Lol. Everyone has their moments. And I think you're having one now. Get off my ask.

On what?

Ask her.

Why are you skipping school for Ashlynn?

Because she's having a surgery.

You're too beautiful and deserve da best.

Awh! Well thanks!

What is something you do every single day?

Eat tons of fooddd.

What do you notice when you walk into someone's home for the first time?

The smell.

What do you see in someone who can't remember shit about you?

Everything you don't.

And if you're going to be vulgar, get off my Ask. He's a great guy, he just remembers certain things more than others.

Lol your boyfriend forgot your birthday...

It was just an honest mistake.... Why bother me about it?

These questions are ridiculous. Ignore them pretty girl. I know that you love kief and I dont blame you or anyone for coming to support Dillan he is a good friend to everyone. so someone needs to stop being insecure and jealous..


Thanks pretty girl! Haters gonna hate! It's not going to phase me one bit.

I heard you are good at softball. You gonna play in college?

Definitely plan on it!

Text me! 865-548-8862

Bailey Sellers


Something wrong with that?

No just asking why...

Post a picture of you and dillan.

Lolol. Why.

What do you like doing for fun?

Hallelujah! A normal question! But I like softball, being with my boyfriend, and my friends.

Madison Davis went with karlie so their were 2 Alcoa girls there

If you need to ask them something I'm pretty sure they have one. Lol. You don't need to on mine.

Why is Karlie in this?

I don't even freaking know. But whoever keeps asking can just stop. Like this is so dumb.

I think karlie and Ashlyn are both two of the prettiest girls I know, so whoever said that can go away.

Thank you so much!

Like u and karlie both aren't cute so idk why Dillan would even want y'all there

Lol. That's your opinion. But I mean since when do you have to be cute to support a friend? Didnt know there was standards anon.

What's the best thing you can purchase for $5?

A huge jar of dill pickles.

I'm just saying she's dumb for going to see him play when she could've went and watched her team play

Well, for one maybe her team played away Friday. And two, she can do what she wants. If she wants to go to gb then so be it, if not then whatever. Why are you asking me this?


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