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Ashton Irwin @AshtonIrwinAsk
We love our fans like family. You guys mean the world.
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Ashton my birthday is in 1 hour and all I want is you and your laugh  Emma Hill❤️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wish I could be there. :( X
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No you're too cool for them. LOL x
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Maybe nobody told you but we know this is a fake account, just like the others ;)
Believe what you want babe
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Woah you haven't been online in like forever.....are you okay?!  Team Cake
Yes, I'm good! Just took a break.. You guys seem like you haven't missed me
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-  Ashton Irwin
What's up, beautiful?❤️ x
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-  Ashton Irwin
Do me a favor and follow my private twitter ‎@thedrummer94! Doing a follow spree real soon before I go to sleep, thanks babes :-)
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A Mashton pic for the fans?
Michaels being mean to me so not right now :(
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What makes you really sleepy?
Sad music
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Create a wattpad!!!!
What's that? Lol
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You're mine , just sayin !  ᆤᆤ ᆤᆤsash
Whatever you say dude!
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You should get on omegle please bae.
I'm very tired and look like shit :(
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How do you know camila cabello?  Amanda roller
Just through twitter, got to know all of them that way.
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Hopelessly in love.
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Has luke got a gf
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pap of your favourite bandana!!
This one x
pap of your favourite bandana!!
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Why is Michael so sad? :/ :(
Honestly don't know, I'll hug him for ya though!
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Are you okay? I saw your last tweet, and I'm worried. I love you.
I'm fine, just want to make you guys happy.
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Is ‎@MichaelCliffordOfficial_ real Mikey?
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-  Ashton Irwin
Just hit 9,000 followers on here and close to 2,000 on my twitter ‎@thedrummer94. Deleting accounts soon, love you guys
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-  Ashton Irwin
You guys don't know about my love life. You don't even know if I have a, 'love life'.
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Ashton, I'm not saying this to get your attention, but I want you to know I'm leaving tonight. I love you. You're the only light in my world, but even you're dimming leaving me alone in the dark. Xx-Charlotte  Charlotte
My life would suck if you would leave, love you to pieces sweetheart. :(
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Please help my dog is humping me
Hump it back
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