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Do you answer to DM on Instagram?

Ava Styles Hemmings❤️


What kind of other genres are you interested to experiment with for upcoming albums? What can I expect on SLFL? You said that it will be different from ROWYSO because that was like a standard rock show tour. Do you have any idea about what the set list would be? You should let the fans decide. Polls

We want to do something different each night and just change it the fuck up a bit! I want more excitement and more fan interaction hopefully it's going to be sick.

why are all of you people hating on arzaylea??? i don't see what's wrong with her. and, please just QUIT trying to dig into the boy;s personal life. (this only applies to the fans who are hating and spreading gossip)



You suck at answering on Twitter too. 😫 You promised a follow spree and you never did it. I'm still waiting for my follow.

I know I suck. I will soon

Do you have kik account ?


social anxiety sucks:(

Keep trucking babe x

What did the last text message you sent say?

'Fuck you'

I've gotten maybe 4 hrs of sleep in the past 2 days

alivia hall

Take a nap :D



If you didn't know by now I suck at answering.. follow my private Twitter for a chat @thedrummer94 😊 x

"to the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world". hope you have a goodday/ night, I <3 you.


your music has been the only thing getting me through this week tbh

Love the effect the new music has on you guys... all we want to do is help X

What's something that can always make you feel better?

You guys 😘 X

Who inspires you?


Who are you dating

Who are YOU dating? 😀

What made you happy today?

Hannah Yatco


Please Don't Forget About Australia. ❤️ #IstillcallAustraliahome


Even though I don't know ArzayIea personally or barely at all. I feel like she's changing you boys and not for the best. All us fans are here for you boys no matter what and we don't want you getting hurt or into something bad.

Tahlia Smithson

She's a good person and we are glad she makes Luke happy 👍🏻 X


Leaving for awhile.. I'm tired of everyone shit talking someone they don't know. I'm tired of people making the people they love feel like shit. We're happy.. be happy for us. 😔 X




do you think muslims are bad people? :,(


Not at all ❤️


We had the lyrics together but for some reason we couldn't get everything to fit. We figured it out though 👍🏻❤️

Lauren or Harry?

I can't choose between my own siblings LOL

what do u think about arzaylea and luke ?

Happy for them both, you should be too ✌️ x

This time, maybe this time...

Social Lifeless

Two wrongs make a right?


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- We are the kings & the Queens of the New Broken scene - Sounds good Feels good out soon!

Band on the run!