Ashton Irwin @AshtonIrwinAsk
Ashton Irwin @AshtonIrwinAsk
We love our fans like family. You guys mean the world. 2.5.14. :D x
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I miss you too sweety x  Nina Nesbitt
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-  Ashton Irwin
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Best fans in the world, love you guys.
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Who is CC? <3
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Who knows the most about you?
CC. x
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Every liker gets a compliment. xx
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-  Ashton Irwin
Leaving ask, be back soon I promise. Love you lots! xx
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-  Ashton Irwin
And no I'm not hanging out with the 'magcon' boys in the future. Honestly I don't want to. Lots of love xxx
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Which band is niall in anyway?
He thinks he's apart of our band but I'm almost positive he's in one direction lol. x
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They say that love is forever your forever is all that I need ❤️
Aw that was cute. I love you sweetie xx
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Ashton, wanna come to Neverland? :D  Peter Pan (✔)
100 people like this I sang for you xx the audio is really bad so is my voice sorry xx  foreverhxmmings
You are amazing, but next time show your beautiful face! Love ya babe keep singing. <3 x
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Happiest two months of my life.
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Ur a lil hottie okay bye
Right back at ya!
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But who eats paper, Ash?  Kaitlyn♡
Lucas Hemmings
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-  Ashton Irwin
"Can you get paper cuts in your mouth.."
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Happy birthday x
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I'm done with this "family"
Why? Are you okay? I'm here to talk if you want. xx
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So you and Gemma are friends now? If so, i'm really happy for you both :) Don't get mad for the question please :(
Yes we are just friends :) nothing more x
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"Let's make it multicolored, like your hair"
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are…are you the real ash?
The one and only xx
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Ashton do you think i should tell my parents i cut or not ? :( i am such a disappointment
You are not a disappointment! You have bravery and courage so please tell your parents. They will help you through this and also get other help from therapists and doctors. You are worth so much and shouldn't be living a lie. Please be honest with them and explain your problem and they will understand everything and it will make your relationship stronger.
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What's the hardest part about being on tour? P.s I love you! ❤️
Missing family and friends a lot! ps: I love you too :-) xxx
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Ashton please honest to your fans. Is gashton a thing? x  luke is perfect
No we are not 'a thing'. We are just friends!
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