- Ashton Irwin

My english sucks now? Oh babe ya know it's just a message's language, I know how to write correctly.

hey ashton jusy wondering if any of your songs have benn based on real life? JADE


Happy birthday babe :) xx - my old account @itscaldereleanor92 got hacked :( ask Louis if you don't believe Eleanor Calder

Ahhh c'mon have a lifee and be yourself babee, @itscaldereleanor92 isn't hacked and she's the only real Eleanor :)

Happy birthday ash you are amazing kik me: paucue or whatsapp me: 5541891076 or snapchat me: paulacue or follow me on twitter: Paula_Cue or follow me on instagram: pacueog or skype me: pau.cue or send me an email: paula_cue@hotmail.com or whatever haha xx Paula Cue


Happy birthday Ash! Hope you have a perfect day! Stay beautiful. I love you :) x❤ Katherine Spires

Thank ya princess! Love ya xx<3

- Ashton Irwin

Thank ya lots to @justoutofmylimit, @SarahChmlbd, @TheCrazyCouple, @ROCKSTARLOVE, @Milliesadler1 and @Fcinti2000 for their amazing gifts, gotta love ya guys <3

Happy birthday, Ashton Xx Ellis Calcutt

Thanks babe :)

happy birthday:)

Thank ya :)

Happy birthday sunshine. Hope you have a great day xx Gemma Styles

Thank ya darling xx

- Ashton Irwin

Just saw that awww <3

Happy birthday!!! Have the best day of your life! :)) xx Diana Gonçalves

It's without any doubts xx

Happy birthday! :-) x Nicola Payne

Thank ya :)

Ashtoonnnnnn! Luke is trying to steal my penguinnssss! :( tell him nooooo they mineeeee!! Jessy Gray

What a bad boyyyyyy! Pshhhh don't worry baba he won't!

A pizza cake with pineapples for your birthday :o !! Eeerk :p

YAAAAAAAAAY sounds perfectttttttttttttttttttttttttt !

Happy birthday bro!:) x Josh Hutcherson

Thank ya lots buddie

Aww ... today's ure Birthday ?? happy Birthday baba with my best wishes !! *-* Kiss ya my lovely baba :* #Mwah Luff ya <333 Nada.J ✔ #Dracula☆

Luff ya too hahahhh <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE ASHTON :) Hope u enjoy ur day.! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH. <3 Jessica May Crisostomo

Thank ya babeeee love you too <3

I'm the only person who write a fucking cute message for you :o

Naah actually there's Luke, Harry, Calum, Louis and some more ahh :P

Finally 19, my little drummer's growing up so fast :') Happy birthdayyy xD <3 Love youuu <33 Nadine Khadr

Aww thank ya ma baby <3

Happy birthday!We love u,and we always be there for u! <3 Malika.

Thank ya lovely pineapples <3


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