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What is one thing you are sure of?


When is the last time you told somone you love them?

2 hours ago

you're pretty.

Awhhhh! Thanks!

What are you obsessed with?

Food TaylorSwift my dog sleep. That's it!

So, what does a guy gotta do to get a date with a girl as pretty as yourself?

Well I well a name is always a good start

If I drink, I die. If I eat, I am fine. What am I?

No clue

Knock knock.

Who is there?

Touché, madamoisielle. What if I give you hints to see if you can figure it out?? :D

No, man up and either text me or DM me.

If I let you know who I am, does that mean I get to take you on a date?? :)

Well your not getting anywhere not telling me that's for sure.

Just an FYI, not all of these are me...your legit secret admirer. I'll let you know eventually. I promise.

I wanna know now!

would you rub your feet on a guys face if he asked you to?

I'm done..

so will you please post a pic of your feet now? :)


just a secret admirer :)


will you please post a pic of your feet?

Ew no, will you please tell me who this is?

There is no way that with such a pretty face you have ugly feet! I refuse to believe that :)

Never said I had ugly feet I just don't like feet period.

But that would ruin the whole point of a secret admirer!! D:

I don't care I just want to know! :(

why are feet your greatest fear?

They are just gross and I don't like them..

whats your greatest fear??

Feet.... And I refuse to answer any more questions till I know who this is! -__-

What's your favorite color?

I like alllll colors (well like the basic rainbow colors)

whats your ideal date??

I want my date to pick me up, take me to a field while we have a picnic and watch the sun set then sit in the bed of his truck and look at the stars (or the hood of his car) and then depending what number date we are on I want him to confess his undying love for me............ Lol, JK bring me pizza and a redbox movie so we can cuddle and i call that a night well spent!

Ooooooo, sounds pretty cool. What's it about??

Hard to explain

What's your favorite kind of flower??


whos the author?? I've never heard of that one.

It was published as a journal the actual author is anonymous

whats your favorite book??

Go ask Alice

whats your favorite type of candy??



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