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Ariana Grande @AskTheArianaGrande
Ariana Grande @AskTheArianaGrande
Los Angeles
Hi, I'm The Ariana Grande, fire away! Twitter: ‎@ArianaGrande Proof: Danielle Peazer ‎@DanielleOfficialx

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okay haha that made me laugh when i read about eating spoons haha x  Katy whitaker
Good! I gtg and film now! #OFFLI E
heyy!!!! :) love youu :D
I love you too! - Ari x
hahahaa why would you eat a spoon :D hahahaha :P x  Katy whitaker
I don't know, it's just funny :) - Ari x
Ask weird questions to who?  Katy whitaker
People on stream, on anon. Not hate, just stuff like: I ate a spoon. It is fun. - Ari x
cos people ask me questions...i turned it off now x  Katy whitaker
Okay, just ask wierd Qs and it is funny. :) - Ari x
okay...i like having it on anon though x  Katy whitaker
Why do you like Anon if all it causes is trouble? - Ari x
Yeah, i just wanna cry though :/  Katy whitaker
Turn off anon and they will stop Katy!! Try it. - Ari xxxxxxx
okay, they are now saying stuff about you -_-  Katy whitaker
Really? Dw dw, they are just jealous that we care about you :) - Ari x
Fair enough, i keep getting questions through from anon 'frankie' :/ x  Katy whitaker
If he was hating on you, he wouldn't make himself known on anon, he would just un-anon so he isn't frankie, Katy. - Ari xx :)
how was filming? x  Katy whitaker
It was boring but I get money to keep myself alive and in the end it is a good outcome so I guess it was ok overall! - Ari x
-  Ariana Grande
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-  Ariana Grande
So how are you? x  Katy whitaker
I'm good thanks! Yesterday was so busy, filming Sam and Cat!! <3 - Ari x
i will. frankie said it wasnt him and i believe him so i will! x  Katy whitaker
Okay, good :)
- Ari x
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Okay :) x  Katy whitaker
Katy, that 'Frankie' anon is stupid. Ignore themm :) - Ari x
hey xx  Meaghan Sharka
Heyeyyy! - Ari x
Are you sure? :( x  Katy whitaker
Yes! - Ari x
when does sam and cat come out?:)  ⓒⓗⓐⓝⓔⓛⓛ
Around June :) - Ari x
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Hey Ari ❤  Justin Bieber ✔
Hi.. - Ari x
I'm sorry :( x  Katy whitaker
Nono, its okay hun and I love you - Ari xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Yeah and wow how did you know I was gonna say frankies o.O  Katy whitaker
Because I saw your wall! :) - Ari x
glad to hear your good.. nothing much!  amna aziz
Hehe, good! - Ari x
I have had loads of b'day messages today, I feel special :) but there are 2 which are my fav :D x  Katy whitaker
Hehe let me guess! Mine and Frankies? - Ari x
We can be bored together haha x  Katy whitaker
Yuh, huh! - Ari x
I'm bored now though haha got nothing to do! X  Katy whitaker
Haha, mee tooo!! - Ari x