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7abebe Alawiiii , soon inshallah ❤️
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صبااااح الخير على أهل الخير ❤️  أدري بگ شجاع و ما تنهزم ❤️
9ba7 el noor ya 7amood. Mishtaglk yalla ta3aal!!
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# آجَمل الأشّياء !  ﺷَـيّ خوَرٱﭬِﯾـيَ .. *
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I know moo na6rk
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going on silver?
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Do you wear a watch?
From temps en temps
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Hot tea or ice tea?
Both idm
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Tadweee rb3 m3 Omniya yal far5
9IIIIJJJJ? ok yal anon yal man inta anon and u say I'm a fag
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who's the cutest person you've met using chatous app lol
I dont have it
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What do you most regret and wish you could re do?
Bf- personality def  Katia
Thanks katia same to u!
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Tbh- ABUZOOOOOOOR! Miss you man❤️ you're really funny and you still call me shaniqua LOL. you're a great guy ❤️
Miss u more omnom!! Akeed once a shaniquaaa always a shaniquaaa . Thanks omnom x ❤❤
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One word- hilariousssss  Katia
Thanks katiaa!
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What time did you wake up this morning?
10 am
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Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
Dp rate-9  Katia
Thanks x
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What color are your eyes?
Dark brown
Have you ever made a big sacrifice? Why?
Yeah, because i wanted to
Have you ever played golf?
Do you talk to yourself?
to be honest; you da I miss you so much  sayaa
Miss u more <3
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looks: 10, miss u habibi <3  Akaar
Thanks akaaaaaaaaaar i miss u too!
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How do you spend the majority of your free time?
Ps4 and food
What do you want your realistic job to be?
Petroleum engineer
What is your biggest dream in life?
Be happy