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Ariana Grande. (✔) @AskToArianaGrande

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yeah , i changed  Justin Bieber ✔
Ok... Can you give to me your old account link, please?
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Put your hearts up <3  #mell
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Hey, could you please like my facebook page? (I will be eternally grateful) <3  Will Radbourne
I don't have facebook, sorry. ):
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Do you have skype? X  Kelly Geyskens
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Caaat <3 xxx  #mell
Hi. (:
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Take photo to you fans. Please, please, please, please, please, please. I love you!  I need HOPE
Take photo to you fans. Please, please, please, please, please, please. I love you!
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thank u we're good :) x
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Hi, welcome to babe <3  Kelly Geyskens
Hi. (: x
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hey babe :) how are you ? i'm Niall's fish Tom&Jerry #FOLLOWED :) x
Hi Tom&Jerry. haha. (:
I'm okay. u? (:
Thanks and #followedback.
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Welcome, babe! ♥  Manal Mahi
Thanks. (:
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hi beauty c: welcome to (:  Carolina Garcia
Hey. (:
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ariana , how are you baby ?  Justin Bieber ✔
Well. New account? (:
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I believe you're real!:)  Emerald
Thanks. (:
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Who love Niall Horan? like. (:  Ariana Grande. (✔)
Who love Niall Horan? like. (:
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you are so beautiful :o
thanks, u2. (:
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helooo! :*  nut'zita∞donut'zita ♕
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You and Niall Horan are dating?  Milena Torres✌
Haha, no. (:
I don't know why you guys are talking about me and Niall Horan. (:
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Awww you are beautiful <3  ♥ Elodie ♥
Thanks, u 2. (:
10 people like this what do you think of it?? i know i've got an horrible voice:(  ketty ♥
I love your voice. And you are very pretty. (:
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Awh, ur such a cutie ! haha  Niall Horan
Haha, Thanks. But ur more. (:
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Hello Ari <33  eleanor calder ☁️
Sorry, but you're fake... :/
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All good! We're in France for the NRJ Music Awards! :)  Niall Horan
I'm so proud of you guys. (:
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Hey Ari! hows it going? :)  Niall Horan
Hi Niall. (:
Good. How's you? Where are you now? (:
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Ariana you and Jai ate so cute together:)
Aww... Thanks. (:
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