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Boa noite turmenicos :v  Larissa ☯
Boa noite!! LOL I'm speaking portuguese Hahahaaha xx
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;-)  G Hannelius(✔)
sweetieeeee <3
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So glad I'm having a few minutes to come here after 1 year. So, tell me how are you? Did u miss me as much as I missed u?? Hahah Let me ask you, guys, something: If you could instantly speak any language in the world, what would it be? I'd choose Portuguese 'cause I really wanna go to Brazil.
Love you mixersssss. Perrie <3 <3 xoxo
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hello perrie
hello harmony. beautiful name :) x
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she said you're very welcome, and that you and her are twins because you have the same eyes. lol.  Hannahh ✨✨
aww how old is she? hahah xx
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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?
yes, sure
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hello guys
everyone should come here and see my new fabulous pic and background
good night, love you my mixers
Perrie <3
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I got my sister hooked on you guys!!!! she's obsessed with your music now!!!!  Hannahh ✨✨
ahaaaaa that's amazing. thank you 2 for the support, loves <3 <3
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my friend and I had a fight, now it's solved. my friend acts different now. she's avoiding me now. i gave her some space and she's still avoiding me. I tried everything I can think of. I tried talking 2her,shes still avoiding me. I asked her if she's mad, she said no..what should I do? please answer
well, I always say people should talk and try to solve things with dialogue. but, if you tried this and it's not working, maybe you should avoid her too for a time and it will be your chance to show her that ''avoiding'' is not the best choice. and, if she do not care about you anymore, you need to think if she really deserves your friendship. hope that I'm helping you <3
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I don't really know why is Zayn believing in the fake Perrie. Is he hacked or something?
Perrie <3 xx
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When was the Best Kiss with Zayn??  αle⚓️
the first was magic, but all the times is amazing <3 ahaa
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Perrie Louise Edwards! Do you wanna know why i'm Mixer? 1.I can be myself. 2. I can tell myself that i'm beautiful 3.I can express my self 4.I can be original and a little bit crazy hahaha! :') Little Mix going farrr!!! so proud! Zerrie forever!!  Mariana Villalobos Gonzalez
WOOOOOW!! You know, I just L-O-V-E when we can inspire people to be themselves. It's amazing, fantastic, magic... I love you all, thanks for supporting and loving us and I'm really glad that you have Little Mix as your inspiration to be YOU. Always remember that we love you even if we don't know how you look like, because we know that you are lovely <3
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I'm in love with Zerrie! <3  Noémie Charbonneau
I'm in love with you and all these little things <3 hahahaha
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Your voice in DNA is amazing!!! Love U Perrie ♥  dith
thank youuuu. Love u too <3
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Perrie I trust on You, Love Zayn much for me :) Love You (Im a little Jealous but Love Zerrie)  αle⚓️
I will, promise <3
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HI Perrie I Love You Little Mix Change My Life
thank you, sweet. It's lovely when we inspire people <3
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perrie ? here ? omg you're more thaan perf-ect  ☺ YΔSℳiNΣ ∞ *-* ®
sorry I'm not perfect. but thanksssss <3
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I danced with* Perrie and Jade because it's my DNA <33 (The dream) :)  SolLSkkqksk
ahaaa I remember this :) x
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do u like the backstreet boys ??  little winner
can someone do not like them?? ahaa <3
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Miss ya x
heyyy Brunooo \o
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you and zayn are perfect couple... love you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Niña Domagtoy
thanks for support us <3
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i love u , say '' i love brazil''? i love , i love u  Nath Prigol
I love Braziiiiiiiil <3
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i love u , i love u  Nath Prigol
I love you too, darling <3
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If you could be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?  Селвина..^^
I'd go to any place which have food, so I'd stole all the food there ahaaaa
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I'm baaaaaack!!! I got back my account here. Please, guys, don't believe the fakes like this one
I am the real Perrieeeee. Love and miss you <3
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