Slovakia and Czech Republic loves you and Little mix ♥♥ Katarína Domošová

We love you toooo babeeee <3 x

hiii Aayushi

Hello! :) x

Perrie doesnt hve an ask! i've met her & asked her personally if she even hve an ask fm account & she said tht she doesn't even hve one! so u are fake? jehan

No, I'm not fake, but I probably said that bc I don't want people to know that's my real ask bc they keep asking me stuff about someone I don't want to talk about. xx

What is your favorite song of ID?

from the new album? i love "Perfect" and "Temporary Fix"

do you and zayn still talk? :( Vincent Rio


Do you know who's @cailinsuru ???? Abby

I've never met her personally, but i know who she is :)

Hi Perry my name is Chiara and I'm your biggest fan. I never had a chance to see you in a concert , it's my dream ! in the future I hope to see you here in my country, Pisa. I love your voice and your outfits 🏻🏻. I hope in your answer ❤️❤️ love you Perry 😍 Chiara Stefani

Hey sweetheart, thanks for the love and support. Hope we can meet someday, i'll hug you forever hahahah Love ya ❤️❤️

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birth day to you.. 🎶🎵🎤 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERRIE. make a wish 🎇🎉🎁🎆 wish u all the best, good health and loads of happiness.. 🎁🎁 i love you so much PERRIE 😍💋💋❤❤ L.E.L.I.

YEEEEEY I wish I was here on ask. fm in my birthday but promise next time I will. but thanks for your message any way 🎇 😍💋💕💕

happy birthday pove❤❤ angel skill

awww I wish I was here on in my birthday. promise next time I will. any way, thanks for remember 💕💕

Omgg little mix are my inspiration , my best friends and i love yaa all so much , you make me smile , help me to believe in my own dreaam , to believe in myself , thank youu for everything , thank youuu ♥ Mimi

I feel so happyyyyyy when I read something like this bc it means me and my girls have been doing our work very well. We always say we wanna to pass some message to fans and its amazing to know that we are really inspiring u with our songs. Thanks for your support, love youuu 💕

im a great simple fan of yours! I hope and wish that you'll answer this back thank you for bringin' such music! specially ''black magic'' :* it's awesome!!! I hope I can see you! in person someday! :) still! dreamin, Joanne Tapawan Metran

I'm the one who have to thank you for all your love and support. It means the world to us. When we meet, remember me to hug you a lot hahahah And remember: "if you can dream it, you can do it" Love you sweetie 💕

Heyy great fan of you 😂💕 Alisha Nicole

Thnx sweet 💕💕

Hi my names Matthew I am autistic you the most beautiful gorgeous kindest woman I ever love you so much xxxxxx😘😘😘😘 Matthew Chadd

Hiii Matthew, ur so sweet, thanks for your words, it really made me smile <3

Do you think you could survive as a cave person?


hello :) i love your voice is very nice Emma Ferrajova

guess who's baaaack <33

Boa noite turmenicos :v Larissa ☯

Boa noite!! LOL I'm speaking portuguese Hahahaaha xx

;-) G Hannelius(✔)

sweetieeeee <3


So glad I'm having a few minutes to come here after 1 year. So, tell me how are you? Did u miss me as much as I missed u?? Hahah Let me ask you, guys, something: If you could instantly speak any language in the world, what would it be? I'd choose Portuguese 'cause I really wanna go to Brazil.
Love you mixersssss. Perrie <3 <3 xoxo

hello perrie

hello harmony. beautiful name :) x

she said you're very welcome, and that you and her are twins because you have the same eyes. lol. Hannahh ✨✨

aww how old is she? hahah xx

Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?

yes, sure

- Perrie Edwards (✔)

hello guys
everyone should come here and see my new fabulous pic and background
good night, love you my mixers
Perrie <3

I got my sister hooked on you guys!!!! she's obsessed with your music now!!!! Hannahh ✨✨

ahaaaaa that's amazing. thank you 2 for the support, loves <3 <3

my friend and I had a fight, now it's solved. my friend acts different now. she's avoiding me now. i gave her some space and she's still avoiding me. I tried everything I can think of. I tried talking 2her,shes still avoiding me. I asked her if she's mad, she said no..what should I do? please answer

well, I always say people should talk and try to solve things with dialogue. but, if you tried this and it's not working, maybe you should avoid her too for a time and it will be your chance to show her that ''avoiding'' is not the best choice. and, if she do not care about you anymore, you need to think if she really deserves your friendship. hope that I'm helping you <3


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