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i've got a fire for a heart

with your love nobody can drag me down

like my 4 LAST answers for a question!
tell me when done x

How do you feelabout all the drama aroud liam?

he didn't mean to offense anyone. he's the most precious and lovely person that i've ever met. people shouldn't judge him like that and you shouldn't call him homophobic , that's something that he's not. and btw he just want to make people happy. before you comment something rude about him you better see whats really happening.

'work sophia, work'

if you're reading this, i hope you have an amazing day aroud the people that you love. enjoy every single day of your life and be happy x

i've been so inactive, just decided to change my ava hope you all like it x

sophia smith

otra is coming .. i'll miss him

sophia smith

you have no idea what I'm doing

sophia smith

I have a type liam payne is the only thing that I like

sometimes life surprises you

sophia smith

OHMYGOD, I was named by my boyfriend. I'm going to kill you Liam James Payne.

Eleanor is so beautiful that there should be a compliment of type: "Woow you're so eleanor today"


congratulations @/one direction

sophia smith

good times with @/EleanorCalder & @/LouTesdale

sophia smith

i think liam looks so fat . eww he's so horrible

do you have a pic with lottie?


There are many stories of love, but ours is my favorite

sophia smith

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i dont even know who i am i dont even know the reason why i'm alive