Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: I love Mahomies more than anything on this planet!!! Your support is what keeps me going :) You can get my book now!!!

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bathroom chillin, it's where i have my brightest ideas.  Austin Mahone
bathroom chillin, it's where i have my brightest ideas.
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yung studio boyz.  Austin Mahone
yung studio boyz.
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-  Austin Mahone
shout out to my girl lexi and her new account ‎@supportbecstin :) follow her!
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-  Austin Mahone
Leaving Austin's account for today, see you soon my loves. Never forget that I love more than anything.
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Will you have next song with Austin? :)  Kristýna Hornofová
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Am I too late to chat with becky? :(  Camila Gomez
No, I'm still here. :)
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you and Austin mahone are going out??  Arya Morin ✌
We're just really good friends.
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Becky you are literally so amazing. I cannot put into words how big of an inspiration to me you and Austin for that matter are to me. I can only dream that one day I will get the chance to meet you. Love you <3 ps you are absolutely gorgeous.  Jessica
You're one of the sweetest person on earth sweetie. Thank you for saying these nice words. Me and Austin are thankful for fans like you. We love you.❤
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I love you more princess. :)
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Becky what is your account? I'm not sure which ones the real you ♡  mrs mahone
‎@RebeccaMGomez_ follow me and ask Austin questions, he's there!
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i love u so much forreal ^-^ is Austin going to be on ur acc? ❤️  dina.
I love you more. Yes he is. :)
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Becky is here? :D love u queenie ❤️  dina.
Yeeees that's me!!;)
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Idk who's here???  Jordan Roth
B :p
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-  Austin Mahone
Guess who's here ;)
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toooo clean #newshoes  Austin Mahone
toooo clean #newshoes
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How many questions and follower do you have currently? :D  MahoneCabello
questions: 102.625
followers: 50.116
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Austin, please dont tell me you were high... i thought you werent into stuff like that. i have friends who got addicted to dope, alcohol, and weed and, i dont know, i just get kinda sad when i hear shit like that from people i look up to and care about. but its your choice and ill stick behind you.❤  Alana Garrick
don't worry. i was joking. i'd never ever do something like this. i'd never take any drugs or would drink alcohol. i don't need such stuff to have fun :)
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Austin i love you so much❤ i cry everyday because i can't see you because i live in germany❤ I'm afraid if I meet you,you find me ugly, but many say I'm beautiful❤ i love you sooooo much❤ please answer  jackyM
post a picture of you on your page. i really wanna see how you look like :) and even if i don't know it yet i'm really sure you're a beautiful girl <3 i never saw an ugly girl in my life.
and please don't cry, i'll come to germany again and you'll meet me.
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omg u liked so many things earlier haha my news feed is full with random things , how do u manage to cope with my things I've liked woah  austin and camila
now you know how i feel to see all the stuff you like!! haha
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Who or what exactly is clark? cause I hear this name all the time but I am lost on who or what it is  Unknown
my lollipop in my pants :D
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You look high AF in that pic... Lol
what if this is even true? that i was high? lol
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yuuuuuung.  Austin Mahone
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How many languages can you speak
i only can speak english. and some things in german and spanish but it's not much :D
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me and yung abe at it again!  Austin Mahone
me and yung abe at it again!
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Austin, I gave up singing because some people said I can't sing what should I do?  Johari Williams
don't ever stop with something you love to do. there will always be people full of hate and don't like your stuff. i had to deal with the same things. people who disliked my videos, wrote mean comments. i had moments when i was sitting in my room and thought about their words. thought about it if they're right with what they say and if i should stop doing covers. but i learned to never give up and to ignore all the negative stuff and you see where i am today. i wouldn't have done it without my amazing mahomies.
you should keep going. don't stop singing. ignore what everyone says. hard work will pay out. believe in yourself.
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