Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: I love Mahomies more than anything on this planet!!! Your support is what keeps me going :) #C ♥
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'fill me in' is now live on youtube!  Austin Mahone
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...  Austin Mahone
how can you be so rude and mean and talk bad about my dad? you don't know anything about him so you better should shut your mouth! to talk bad about my family goes too far. you can hate me but i won't accept the fact how you talk about my dad. you absolutely have no respect for me or my family. to wish someone to die is so disrespectful and hurts. you never were a mahomie! real mahomies would never leave the fandom and will always support me with everything i do. if you love camila so much you better accept the fact that we're so close to each other! you should be happy for her when she's happy! it hurts her as much as it hurts me to read such kind of messages! just leave me alone, you have no right to talk bad about mahomies or my family! please grow up already.. you know my name, but not my story! walk my way and feel all the things i've been through...
you're blocked!
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I reported "i fucking hate camaustin" just for you!  Natalie Boghossian
thank you so much, from me and austin, it means so much to us ❤
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did you already see the new 5H takeover? ;) you should watch it now!  Austin Mahone
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Your so fucking annoying like stay away from camila!!!!
yeah no promises my dear. we're close friends, like reeeeally clooooose friends ;) sorry to tell ya.
you can hate me as much as you want but this won't change a thing what's going on btw me and camila. at least, i don't care about your opinion so you're waisting your time
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how did i end up sitting next to this dingus? ‎@RobVillanueva  Austin Mahone
how did i end up sitting next to this dingus? @RobVillanueva
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new #TourLife with ‎@ZachDorseyFoolish4 as u girl and the new jersey pre-show  Austin Mahone
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I GOT SLIMED! #KCAMexico  Austin Mahone
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I ❤️ MEXICO!!!  Austin Mahone
I ❤️ MEXICO!!!
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:)  Austin Mahone
La ciudad de México que estoy aquí! ☺️
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:)  Austin Mahone
Voy a volar a México ahora! Nos vemos en un par de horas.
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a robert tour life takeover! ‎@RobVillanueva  Austin Mahone
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mahomies are all i ever need ❤️  Austin Mahone
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and followed you :)
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mexico, brazil.... i'm coming! aye yay yay ;)  Austin Mahone
mexico, brazil.... i'm coming! aye yay yay ;)
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Come again to germany❤️❤️❤️❤️ILYYYYYY  Zehra Mahone❤️
i'll come back soon. maybe december :)
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Are you and tyler still talking  Kaykay Germain
barely but we're still in contact
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have you ever been to Austria??  jakob steurer ♕
not yet but i'd love to come :)
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♔♔ you're my king ♔♔  ❤✌ Austin is my hero ❤✌
you're my queen
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EVERYONE who likes this gets a "will u be my wife?"  Alannah Vanterpool
let's do it. i'll send it to every liker soon :)
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i have a feeling that u will never tell me u love me :"(  Bianca Mahone
i love you
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do u see this tho  acm
i see everything.
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i'm home :)  Austin Mahone
i'm home :)
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a pic of the bow braclet? pleaseee<33333  ❤Νίκη Μahone❤️
u see it? ❤️❤️
a pic of the bow braclet? pleaseee<33333
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Did camila give u a bow braclet?  ausmEEla
yes she did :) she's a cutie
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