Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: Thank you guys for the love and support!! ♥ Get #MMMYEAH feat. Pitbull NOW!! I'm going on tour check for details!! #D
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Goodnight love :) sleep tight and sweet dreams  Makala Kraemer
morning! hava a great day ;)
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Hey Austin, if u was stranded on a island wat is one thing u must have in order to survive until you are rescued besides food and warter  Kara Monica Travis
just one thing? ok, so i need demi there ;) i don't wanna be alone on such a huuuge island
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let me be your super hero <3  Austin Mahone
let me be your super hero <3
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Fave pic of Camila? (:  AMeezy♡
i got more than just one favorite pic of her but this one is just amazing. i don't know why but i think she looks soooo good with snapbacks (: i love it
Fave pic of Camila? (:
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Hey ur answers somehow got on my TL  Chey #Alex❤️
weird.. how did this happen? :o
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Why did your parents name your middle name carter  *Katniss Everdeen*
it was my dad's name and i'm proud of it to be his little jr. (;
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I bet all my money to the moon and back u would never say hi to me even though I love u so much  Grace Madeiros
hi, i love u <3
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What song is stuck in your head? (:  Ari ❁
better together
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your still awake>? :(  J
no i'm sleeping (;
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let's say... if i'd have a girlfriend i'd tell every boy: touch her or i'll break your bones (;
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-  Austin Mahone
i'm going to be on twitter again for a little time(: follow me there ‎@MahomiesBF and i might can follow and tweet u there <3
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Are you older then Camila? (;  Dannaaa ✌️
yes i am :p
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Eres hermosa,guapo y simpático :) That's why I love you soooo much <3  LukeysAngel♥
luckily there's a translator :D
gracias haha
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lol that video of you talking Spanish is just too cute :) <3 you do know cabrones means like asshole, right? cuz you yelled it at the end ;p  Selena Sanchez
i just know some easy basic words. but thanks for telling me haha
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Ur the definition of Perfection❤  MarlinMahone
mahomies are ♥
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What do u do in ur free time?❤  MarlinMahone
well when i'm not in the studio making music i mostly spend my time with alex, zach and robert outside to play basketball or going to the beach. or i write some new songs in my room(:
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how tall r u??  muna gharaibeh
still 5'10". i think i won't grow anymore
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I bet you $100 you won't reply "I love you"!!! (;  Sammie Mahone
i love u <3
u can keep your money (;
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morning everyone :)  Austin Mahone
i just wanted to tell u, alex and rob made a new account!
‎@AlexConstancioF4 and ‎@RobVillanueva follow them, u can unfollow their old accounts!
now i'll go back to sleep, see ya later mahomies (;
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What's the youngest you would date ? (:  Rebecca Lara
i guess 16
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you speak very well Spanish... :P :D I LOVE YOU! :s  valentina rinaldo
nah no, i suck :D
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which one? demi or camila? (; hahaha
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morning ;)  Austin Mahone
morning ;)
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HAPPY EASTER from our family to yours #Blessed -from my mom :D  Austin Mahone
HAPPY EASTER from our family to yours #Blessed -from my mom :D
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someone's fangirling hard :D
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