Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: Thank you guys for the love and support!! ♥ Get #MMMYEAH feat. Pitbull NOW!! I'm going on tour check for details!! #D
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love youuu  ariana grande
love u too <3
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I ship you and Demi toooo team Dustin!!!❤️❤️  Selena Gomez
haha thanks sel ;)
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I have candy (:  35 Dayss ♔
give me some (;
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i see you  Novruzlu Narmin
are u illuminati? :D
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OMG IT'S HAPPENING!!! Austin + Demi ❤️ I made u guys this acc cuz i ship u guys more than anything!  Demi Mahone
wow this is crazy, but i like it haha. followed u(;
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Why can't u and Demi be a couple i think she likes u.. U know what i mean  Mahomie ❤️
haha you're cute.
‎@ItsLovatoDemz do ya like me? what about a date? ;) maybe there's more than a friendship :D
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Rob alex zach? :p  AMeezy♡
marry: rob
fuck: eeeeew, alex :D
kill: zach. love him tho ;)
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Alex,Justin, me? :'D i wanna ser who'd you wanna fuck xD  BεΙιεβεr
marry: justin :D
fuck: you?! hahaha
kill: alex :D sorry buddy ;)
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Selena, demi, me ?  AMeezy♡
THIS WILL BE WEIRD!!! don't judge me :D
marry: selena
fuck: demi
kill: you. no joke <3 i'd never eeeeever kill someone.
can we change 'kill' to 'kiss' ? haha. 'kill' is a way too hard.
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How bout we play marry/fuck/kill?!!:)  Lucy :)
this is kind of really weird right now but let's try it. OMG! :o
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Madison beer/selena gomez/ Nina dobrev  Reta Mahone
date: nina
kiss: madison
marry: selena
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Alex, Robert, Zach? :D or there's me if you want ;)  Natasha Withers
date: rob
kiss: zach
marry: alex
i love u guys ;) haha
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Kendall Mahomies Me?  BelieberMahomie4Ever
date: kendall
kiss: you
marry: mahomies
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Taylor, Selena, Alex? :p  Jé ♔
date: selena
kiss: taylor
marry: alex ;)
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Alien/Mila Kunis/Paris Hilton? (i'm creative) xDD i really wanna see your answer xD ♥♥  ♥MyWorld'sOnly18YearsOld❤
date: paris
kiss: alien :D
marry: mila kunis
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Demi Camila Selena ?  AMeezy♡
wow seriously? my 3 favorites ever? gonna be hard..
date: demi
kiss: selena
marry: camila
idek... can't decide
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Miley Cyrus, Me(jk), Selena Gomez  Jé ♔
date: miley
kiss: you :p
marry: selena
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Demi/Taylor/Ari?  Icis Hammond
date: ariana
kiss: taylor
marry: demi
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Date kiss marry Victoria Justice Beyonce Me XD jk  Nick Pishkin#Nirry
date: victoria
kiss: beyonce
marry: you ;)
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Camila/Kendall/Madison Pettis  Angelica Ralston
date: madison
kiss: kendall
marry: camila
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time's over. i gave u one hour to choose ;)  Austin Mahone
3 won! let's play date/ kiss/ marry
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i wanna play a game. u choose!  Austin Mahone
1. truth or dare
2. would u rather
3. date/ kiss/ marry
4. who's the better one
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Goodmorning Mi Marvelous Mahone How'd You sleep ?  DeeDee luvs yoo
i slept like a baby (;
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morning ;)  Austin Mahone
morning ;)
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