Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: Thank you guys for the love and support!! ♥ I'm going on Tour!!! Come out and meet me! Get tix now at
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i love it so muuuuuuch  camEEla cabeYo
it's really so so sweet :)
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  Austin Mahone
i actually never post something that's about 'ausmila' but this is literally the cutest drawing i ever saw of us!
thanks for showing me ‎@cabello_camz
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Favorite member of 5h. Who do think has the strongest vocals in the group  Lily
a good question. well i love all of them but everyone knows i'm the closest to camila :)
and all 5 absolutely have amazing voices! but if i have to choose i'd say camz and ally!
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u ever wonder what's in ‎@ZachDorseyFoolish4 bag? & new hat swag #TourLife  Austin Mahone
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collaborate with ariana thanks  ariana
one day i hopefully will (:
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Can you follow and notice me? You are so handsome boy!... :D  Ausmila Forever ♥
followed :)
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If you had to change your name what would you change it to??  Emily Cole Johnson
i wouldn't ever change my name even if i'd have the chance to. i like my name :)
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How many kids do you want to have in the future ?  Kaaay ❤️
i don't even know. i mean i'm only 18 and i don't really think about having kids one day yet. it has time. if the time comes i'll know it. maybe 2 i don't know
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new #TourLife AM I WRONG and ALL OF ME ♥  Austin Mahone
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live every word you speak.  Austin Mahone
live every word you speak.
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my brother from another mother !  ♕DinahJane
aye my sister from another mister ;)
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:) ❤️  Austin Mahone
:) ❤️
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Haha omg thanks, well I'm glad you love it :p  ausmila♡
keep up the good work and support ;) love u
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Alright, i promise ;) our little secret  ausmila♡
kay i'll text you my name now. be happy, it's just because i love your account so much haha
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Yooo you should give me your priv kik bc i want to chat to you :p  ausmila♡
if you promise not to tell anyone else my name there ;)
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Austin what's ur kik  Courtney Lawlor
austinmeezymahone, but i'm not that often online there. i'm mostly on my priv one like right now lol
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a duet would be amazing! can't wait for yours either cutie. :)  ariana grande
we should talk about that ;) i'll text you later on kik alright? ❤️
you're a cutie too
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thaaaank you so much, i'm so happy y'all like my album! that means so much to me. ❤️  ariana grande
u know u have an incredible voice. i want a duet with u :p really can't wait for more music to come of u ❤️
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aw thank u so much love. :)  ariana grande
no problem sweetheart ❤️ btw, your whole album is absolutely perfect. i'm proud :)
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I dunno about that maybe it'd have been another version just made for male voices who knows. ;) but thank u  ariana grande
nah whatever. your version slays and i love it :) ❤️
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wow.. good to know that!  ariana grande
now after it's your song i can't even imagine myself singing it haha. break free was definitely made for you. they just sent it to the wrong person :D
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well maybe..... haha! how come they gave it to me then?  ariana grande
i never recorded the song this is why u got it then
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it is? lol  ariana grande
u obviously don't know about it could that be? :D
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What's your fav song by Ariana ?  Rebecca
of course break free because it's actually my song :D hahaha
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my bedroom/on the bus studio for the tour  Austin Mahone
my bedroom/on the bus studio for the tour
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