Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: I love Mahomies more than anything on this planet!!! Your support is what keeps me going :) #SecretMusicVideo

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fun party last night :)  Austin Mahone
fun party last night :)
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3 amigos!  Austin Mahone
3 amigos!
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lost in the night sky.  Austin Mahone
lost in the night sky.
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what if i told you there was only one more failure before your success. would you fear to fail again?  Austin Mahone
what if i told you there was only one more failure before your success. would you fear to fail again?
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;)  Austin Mahone
started from the bed then we take it to the floor #Waiting4ThisLove
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‎@RobVillanueva and i wrote this song recently #Waiting4ThisLove !! let us know what you think :)  Austin Mahone
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Let me guess.. Camila?  Lauren Jauregui
who else? :'D she wrote that on kik and i just had to post it HAHAHA
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attention everyone...  Austin Mahone
i'm a baby with purple skin, yellow eyes, orange lips and blue hair. also with a horse body and i'm from bigdickland.
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Do you really think that camila just date with you for sell more albums?????  Carolina Pedreiro
no. don't believe in everything you read guys. this isn't true at all. like her mom said, do you really think she'd use her FIRST love (so me) just to sell their album? the girls are doing a great job and work really hard. they can do it on their own to sell their songs and don't need to use anyone. she really loved me and so i loved her. and i think our feelings are still the same for each other but as i already said, we're both really busy and it's not the right time now. she still means a lot to me.
> if two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back <
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why people break up ? :(  Vicky Masuma #
there are so many reasons why people break up. it's normal that it happens even when every break up hurts you.
they break up because there is no trust anymore or no love.
some others might cheated on the other one.
a lot of couples have a distance relationship and i know it's not easy to have one. so this is a reason too bc it doesn't work out.
others just get used and lived in a relationship full of lies.
you see there are so many reason and these are just a few ones. love isn't easy
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austin if people that u trusted and loved a lot talked about u in a bad way wat will u do? Cz its happening to me and idk wat to do please help me  Austin's lover
i wouldn't even pay attention to this persons anymore. you deserve better ones in your life. don't let it bring you down. i'm sure there are other people who you truly can trust!
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you can watch the world change or you can change the world.  Austin Mahone
you can watch the world change or you can change the world.
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some people search their whole lives to find what i found in you.  Austin Mahone
some people search their whole lives to find what i found in you.
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-  Austin Mahone
i've been thinking about all the things we can do when it's me and you.
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Love is hard, right?  Vina L.
it can be so complicated and hard sometimes. like really, sometimes i wish it would be easier to make a decision.
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are u a cuddler?  *Shontelle*
YES!!!! i love cuddles!
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btw did u really lose so many followers..  lexi
yep. almost 100 now. losing more and more
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You will never come to Munich (Germany) right?:( I'll never see you❤ ilysm Austin. At least I can listen to your music on my phone❤  #ProudMahomie❤
i was in munich once! i'll come back to germany next year.
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Hey Austin<3 Are you a good kisser?  Blossom Mahone Tunon
i think we have to find out (;
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Do you have iPhone 6 or 6 plus??  Austin
6 plus(:
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yung tiger.  Austin Mahone
yung tiger.
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I miss the old austin ):  erin(;
i'm still the same. or did i change?
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BRAZIL #TourLife  Austin Mahone
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early morning gym with ‎@AlexConstancioF4  Austin Mahone
early morning gym with @AlexConstancioF4
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morning.  Austin Mahone
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