Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: Thank you guys for the love and support!! ♥ Get my debut EP #TheSecret now at
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I love Becky, she's amazing, don't you think? Haha just kidding. Love you :P  Becky G.
hahahahaha :D oh yes she's incredible. i love her ❤️
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HI AUSTIN!!! HOW ARE YOU TODAY??  Amanda Mahomie
i feel great :) how are u guys today?
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omg i cant believe ur last answer to me was a year ago. when will u ever notice me again? i love u so muchhh :* btw i remembered a dream of mine w/ u just few days ago ahhhh im freaking out  halley
tell me about your dream
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You're gorgeous;)  courtney marie☆★
you're flawless :)
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likers get an i love you?  Krista Rodrigues
again? what about 'will u go out with me?' (;
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how come u don't talk to me Austin I'm your biggest fan I'm like crying love Kessla  kessla
hi kessla, please don't cry. i love u with all my heart :*
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Please give me a little heart <3❤️  Khawsuay
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HOW IS ROMO???  rosie mahone
he's doing fine
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I just asked Becky like 10 questions lol ;)  Haley Marie Mahone™
keep going to ask her ;)
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You don't understand how much you mean to me, you are the one who made my life a little more exciting. you are really funny and really hot lol but most of all I LOVE YOU thanks Austin and hope your tour goes well! LOVEEEEEE YOUUUUU <3 (;  Austin is the BEST!
thanks a lot. i love u :)
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Can you send me ariana's ask!?  Christina
ariana deleted her account. she doesn't have an ask anymore
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u aren't ready!!! #4moredays #AustinMahoneTour  Austin Mahone
u aren't ready!!! #4moredays #AustinMahoneTour
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-  Austin Mahone
everyone follow and ask my homie ‎@RebeccaMGomez_ :) finally she got an account here #yee
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Austin please come on ask  Haley Marie Mahone™
hi, here i am :)
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getting ready for my tour with the vamps, shawn mendes and fifth harmony (:  Austin Mahone
getting ready for my tour with the vamps, shawn mendes and fifth harmony (:
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brasilia! tickets are on sale now! can't wait to go to brazil :) !!!!!!!  Austin Mahone
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new music is coming ;)  Austin Mahone
new music is coming ;)
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subway, olive garden or whataburger :)
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I've tried twitter, I've tried youtube, I've tried Ustream, I've tried How will I EVER get your attention while I still have this HUGE crush on you???  Chimi Syakayuwa
ask worked sweetheart :) much love from me to u :*
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1D or 5H  Lily
both are super amazing but i prefer the girls ;) i like them more
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what will make you notice me?? I'm going to your concert on July 25 in San Antonio and i'm going with my grandma and aunt, lookout for me in a dress with a belt on it and golden sandals and straight hair I hope your crew will pick me to be your U Girl July 25 I'm Natalie btw! love ya!  Natalie
we'll try our best :) see u in texas #yee
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Is this new song say my name yours ??  Elsey Mahone ❤️
yea it's mine. rob and i wrote it together :)
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Are you still in Miami ?  Haley Marie Mahone™
yes i am. i have to get ready for the tour so that means almost everyday i'll have rehearsals
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OHH MY GAWWWD ! U won't believe what I found pizza boxers . I was gonna get them for u and send them to u but I didnt know if u wore boxers or underwear & I didnt know what size . LMFAO.!  esperanza garcia
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