Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Austin Mahone @AustinCarterMahone
Miami, FL
18 year old singer from Texas(: I love Mahomies more than anything on this planet!!! Your support is what keeps me going :) You can get my book now!!!

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:)  Austin Mahone
happy birthday again ‎@RebeccaMGomez_ ♥ all the best for you! see you ;)
(i think i don't have to write a long text again, you already got one on kik haha)
love you ♥
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thinking real hard about my next move..  Austin Mahone
thinking real hard about my next move..
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me and scoot are one!  Austin Mahone
me and scoot are one!
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on the boards..  Austin Mahone
on the boards..
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follow meeee ♥♥♥♥♥  Becstin ♥
followed :) i like your page, you should post more!
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Me!!! im not active so much though  Cody Ryan
you seem to be a cool dude. followed!
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how can you follow just 17 people wtf I always follow like 10461  queen
i actually only follow friends and active mahomie pages :)
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Followed :)  Sascha Peralta-Ramos
thanks, followed back (:
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Do you have a selfie with Ariana that we've never seen? If you have post it <3  Ara.
i'm sure i still have some pictures on my phone you guys never saw but idk if i find them :D
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Pap with becky  faoxo azoxo
i'm not with her right now but when i see her again i'll take a picture and post it, like i always do :) ♥
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Austin this account ‎@austinccartermahone is saying he is you  Heather Z
i see this person copied the last 2 answers from my page. nice try! real mahomies know that this is my only account i have. don't believe in any fakes. it makes me sad to know that there are so many people out there who are pretending to be me and lying to my mahomies. you all don't deserve to get lied to and to have hope to get an answer of someone who's not even me.
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Good morning❤️  Saja
good early morning everyone ♥
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#AskAustin Are you Pervert? Hahaha
sometimes :D but only when my boys are around lol
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focused ❤️  Austin Mahone
focused ❤️
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yung studio boys.  Austin Mahone
yung studio boys.
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Do you know, that Becky has piercing? :)  Kristýna Hornofová
yes i saw it :) it looks so good on her!
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Do u ever go on the #becstin or #ausmila on Instagram  Flor Hernandez
sometimes :) i think it's interesting to see all the posts. the edits you guys make or the videos. it's cute!
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Have u ever skated on the ice? Love you ♥  LetíciaAndradeMendesMarmello
i did, but i'm not really good at it :D
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You live in Texas ?  Ali Hajhassan
i was born there but i live in miami since 2012. but texas will always be my home.
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Do you miss someone right now? :)  Kristýna Hornofová
i do, but i won't say who it is.
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you consider yourself a romantic guy ?  Milagros Rivera
if i want to i can be really romantic, yes ;)
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Good morning <3  emma bieber ✔♡
i'd say goodnight. it's almost midnight in LA.
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real love is knowing someones weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. knowing their flaws & accepting them.  Austin Mahone
real love is knowing someones weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. knowing their flaws & accepting them.
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Do you sing in the shower? If so wat kind of music ❤️?!. Love u  Vanessa Maldonado
i actually always sing under the shower. whatever comes into my mind. i sing every kind of music.
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#AskAustin Do you have a private Twitter???  Valeria Zaraí Cordova Castro
no, i only have my official one. i already had some private accounts but it always ended with deactivating them after a while.
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