Ayman Al-Saleh @AymanAlSaleh
Ayman Al-Saleh @AymanAlSaleh
Senior Industrial & Management Sys. Engineer Student in KU. Part Of Different Org. Always Seek For The Quality Not the Quantity. Never Ending Hope :) ‎@Aym_AlSaleh
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Can you recommend anything to read?
The 8th habit by steven cophy
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Yes ?
What is the one thing you want most in your life right now?
Crazy Adventure
Do you prefer books or movies?
Books ! Its open a great and wide imaginaion
Leech j'ne mare?
Because I jne mare
If you could have any wild animal as a pet what would it be?
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Y3ni ma3lik amr ghyer sortik eli btwitter lani mshbha bs btakad etha enta wla tshabha ...
No mo ana ;p ,, w my pic in my instagram
3adi tghyer sortik ? Mshbhaa !
ma fhmt !
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What's on your to-do list this weekend?
The showww ! :)
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Abi aqolik shy throri :?*
if its that emergency you can say iit here !
What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
hmmm ,, i may go to the most risky competitions and join ;p or i may go gambling lool ;Pp
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3ndik kik ?
Any Comment, Suggestions, FeedBack you can feel comfortable to post it here
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Laish matdsh twtr wayd ????? Bshno lahy ??????
lately, nothing worth to tweet about
I always read this أبقى كما انت عيدا but I don't understand what does it mean :( can you explain it to me please?
where did you read this ?!
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http://ask.fm/mmss1433/best فوائد جميلة .. لايك إذا أعجبتك .. الله يسعدك
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Are you good at drawing?
Mmm not that much
What makes someone attractive?
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Do you prefer fruits or veggies?
Fruits =)
iPhone or Android?
Iphone Akid !
When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?
I Would be in a Beautiful Beach with Nice Weather, Reading Exciting Novel while am listening to Fyroz or Majida Al Roumy <3 & With My Beautiful Friends Whom I love ! Drinking Manga Juice, hookah and Eating A looot of chocolate & The most important thing that I would Have nothing to think about << Morning Dreams ;p
Who are the people you spend the most time with?
My Laptop ,, Caribou Employee ;p and LOYAC Drama Group <3
7a6en my name is khan on fox movies you love this movie
Just saw the Question :S Missed it ,, thanks for informing ;D
ممكن لايكك  مشهوره في السعوديهه ه...
its 2013 , :p
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وشنو تسوون ببرامج هومز الي بالكويت؟ ووين بتكونون؟
نفس اللي سويناه بره ،، ترميم بيوت اسر متعففه
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بلشتو برنامج هومز؟ واشلون نقدر نسجل؟
Yes ,, Bs bl Kuwait,, you could send an email to any of the following:
w.mathew@loyac.org >> For International Homes Only
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