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App badde bande, mujhe Breezer pe heen rehende  Seerat Syali *Dare*
Asha xD
Votka try krlio? XD
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Tbh- You're an asshole, but I love you<3 (please dont kill me know ._.) My puttarr<3  Prachaaayy✌️
Woww xD
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Dare = Nighout + Full power Breezer after Exams  Seerat Syali *Dare*
Full power breezer ? Lol
Ageey badh xD
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tumhara boyfriend bohat payara hai.. us ka number dedo mene us ki bund marni hai tail laga k
Insipring question. I'l pray to the god for you,may he fetch you a life. You must b feeling so proud yaa -- ki maine ayush arora ko ye likha n all .. Good if that satisfies you. :)
Best of luck for your future ✌
tumhara boyfriend bohat payara hai.. us ka number dedo mene us ki bund marni hai tail laga k
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Likes = 2 likes ?
Ohkeayyyy xD
But followback in return ? K
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Remember i told you i dont have a phone :|  Kashvi Juneja
Sorrrrrry main bhul gyaa thaaa
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LOL you dont reply on FB xD (dont post now xD)  Kashvi Juneja
Fb use ni krta main zyada whatsapp?
I will post it cause i am a rebel ✌
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LOL maine toh tujhe 1 baje tak on9 hote hue dekha hai mujhe kya pta tu kitne baje tak hota hai :P xD Wassup? No dramebaazi now xD  Kashvi Juneja
I have whatsapp and fb just saying ✌
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Dramebaaz rehende 1 baje tak on9 hone wala keh raha hai ki 9 baje so raha hun :3 xD  Kashvi Juneja
*4 bajey :3
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lol ayush 9 baje hain xD  Kashvi Juneja
Hain sayi bta? :o
Shit yaar mummy daantegi ab :'(
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HEY sup? xD :D  Kashvi Juneja
Itni raat ko tang na kr soney deee
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What are the benefits of being famous?
Main ni btata secret ae ye :3
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Tbh, I really like your dp :)  Srishti Joshi
Ayeeeee xD
Frame kra ke ghr pe lga le fr please? XD
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tbh-dont know you.you seem to be cool.stud ae poora.nice ask.cheers :3  Bhakchod billi
Lol stud stud kon stud kahan stuf football wala stud? Main football ni khelta sorry please forgive ne no offence take care bye thnks lu2
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kon hai vo agar second gf nahi? lucky gurl she must be
Come off i will tell you.
Yeah :)
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Why would someone want to go on a space trip?
Cause their exams are over :3
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are u with her ? the girl u can die for ?
Um kind off yes i am :3
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Ohho that second gf of yours ;)  Kashvi Juneja
Nai toh :3
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ever loved someone ?
Yup. There is this one girl whom i could even die for.
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whuz d gurl in ua dp ?
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hot or cute =hot :) (cute also coz u have isha dii in ur dp)  #yolo :P
Lol asha thanks
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Aaayeee rating milegi tuje xD Hot ! :'3  Varun Dhawan
Wowwww thnks xD
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hy... r uh single n ready 2 mingle¿¿
Wtf man? XD
I am not gonna tell anything to a person who tYPes...lYK ThIs...
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How do you surprise other people?
By telling them a lie?
Like - i have 10 gf's atm
I am an alcoholic
I am not virgin
I am an alien
Blah blah blah
^all these are a lie.
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