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Ayush arora @Ayushhunk
Ayush arora @Ayushhunk
17 :3 | 20th july | this shiz that shiz blahh blahhh blah blah blahahahahahhahahaahh :3
fb- | instagram/snapchat-ayushhunk
Before you ask.. Ask your mom xD
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pap .... maybe....!!
beast mode : ON :3
pap .... maybe....!!
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like -compliment abcdefghijklmnopqrstivwxyz . <3456789  Divjot Arora
asdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiop <3
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gay hahaha
^anon's dad hahahahhahahhahhhahha
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Salsa's only good with Nachos! Why so mainstream?
khaye ae kabhi ? lel
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nahhh, zinger <3
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16 hot single searching a guy for some fun soooooooo?
so what ? smd bitch -.- dumbass.
go on a dating site or something :3
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Done. Ganpati dance? :P
lol no :3
salsa, maybe if i find you cute xD
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Naach meri jaan, Tujhe paisa milega.
i don't need no money :)
itna paisa ae jalaye ni khatam hota cause all of them are coins :')
btw come off we will dance together.
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Ayuuuuuuu, *Poof* Your secret admirer.
lol nachun fer ?
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Date/not: Date  Nitsimran Bhullar
Yayayaya xD
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Like = long views for people you know?
Ok sure.
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tbh-pakoreeee ! because of you and varun i somehow managed to stay at aksips "smart"school . when you ll pass out kya hoga 1 saal :/  Divjot Arora
lol awww :P
poor you xD
go to some other school next year :3
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Ss of followers ?
69 you see? XD
Naughty followers :3
Ss of followers ?
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what sort of movie would u love to watch this weekend ?? comedy .. adventure .. horror ... or romantic love story <3  Muhammad Unes
movie ? nah
watch my latest weekly short instead :)
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Like= compliment you look handsome in your display picture xx
thanks ^_^
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Any new crush ? Please name if yes
yup :3
candy crush FLAB <3 :')
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How much sleep did you get last night?  Joanna
#nosleep :3 #heartbroken :'|
Mujhe neend na aaye, mujhe chain na aaye
Koi jaaye zara dhoondke laaye
Na jaane kahan dil kho gaya xD (my situation too similar :'3 )
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Tbh: Hii ayush I saw you in sec 22 a day or two ago. I think that was you. Lol Long time no talk. You're nice. Stay Blessed  Jagbir Parmar ❤️
healoo :3
lel ya it was me xD bula letiiiii :p
thanks :D
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Like = compliment?
awhkayy dil ko maaro xD ( hit the heart :P )
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like-tbh: you are an ass xD i love you yaaa :* shutup now. U dont need a tbh. U know what you mean to me. Kthanksbye :*  Isha Kapoor
Me ass? :3
You hole! xD
I love you moreee bae :*
Awhkay :3 i am quiet
*keeps finger on lips*
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your hair............. <3  noinika:*
Thankyu ^_^ :D
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views on isha kapoor
views on isha kapoor
best girl ever met ^_^
We roam around :3
gediyaan yaayy xD
we have lot of fun when we are together :D
we have a great bond in a short span of time and its amazing <3
she spoils my hair everytime when she meets me -.-
our selfies are kerazzzzzy xD
jhalli she is :*
pagal ladki xD
maths tution is just an excuse to meet her :3
#muchlove <3
views on isha kapoor
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bandaaarrrrr :* :3  Isha Kapoor
Langurii :')
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like:hot/not- Hottttttt *.* <3 happy bandar? xD  Isha Kapoor
I am hot and i know it xD ✌
Bandriii :*
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bhai shweta fasva de please I love her a lot
Bhaia bas abhi faswa ra hun jaldi aaajaaa wait kr ri ae vo teraaa :3
bhai shweta fasva de please 
I love her a lot
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