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likers get? for all pleAse

profile visit and compliment :')

What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?


What's something that everyone should do every day?


What is something that is "uncool" that you do anyway?

i go to washroom every morning. :3
does that count? 😅

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

jim beam was real good shit.
it's too damn smooth 💓
jim beam ❤

Post a screenshot of your recent whatsapp chats?

Taken ?

sorry not sorry.

wanna be my chamakchaloooo

Riya Kaur Malhotra

high much? 😂

Would you be willing to lie a court for a close friend,if it ment saving ua friend from going to jail for life?

yes but it won't be worth it.

Question - pap ☺

Pallavi Patil

hookah love ❤

kitni gf's reh chuki ae aaj tak ?

ek bhi ni :'(
main tera bf tu meri gf oh menu kehndi na na na na :(

what is the thing that hurts you the most? (staif)

when i am coming first in funrun and someone calls me randomly for no fucking reason and i loose the game :|
it hurts i swear it hurts alot.

I'll treat you right. Will you let me treat you right?

nooo right is too mainstream ya.
I'll let you treat me left :) i like it left.

What happens if a condom packet expires ?

Crap Question Of The Day

a boy or maybe a girl or it can be both.

Santra khaana?

1 kg kitne ka dogey bhaiya ? :3

top 7 beautiful girls u noe ?

i noe no beeotiful gals :'(
but alll the bootiful gals noe me :')
cuz sweg :E

Do you need a tbh? lol no but still I wanna say something. :) Ayush it's not easy to find people who will stand by your side no matter What. Listen to your stupid stories late at night when you're sleepy as fuck. But I found you. ♥ Thankyou for all the time when you made me smile. Just stay.

Awieeee simuuuu
You are the basst okaaay? <3
And yeah i am staying forever huihuihui

search your name in urban dictionary and post the screen shot

I lovee urban dictionary :')
But 69 peoplee dislike my name :'( that's sad

What do you think about recycling?

Leave Recycling
Ye dkhne chaley?

which skul bro?

Ajit karam singh international public smart school okay? :')

Like= 7 likes?

La la love me like you do ta ta touch me like u do ca ca can i fuck you like i do? ^-^

Free radical commerce students ko thoda pta hoga. Salle padhte bhi nhi ho tum log. Tu aur varun ,fudupnti krte rho bas.preboards toh ho gye.abb please padh lo 12th mai ache marks leyana.varun toh last moment padh lega,ayush best of luck to you ok ?

He's in sciences. Still has no clue so fuck you. Oh, that rhymed.

how is a free radical formed?

Wtf is a free radical? :#
Ik how to make tornado though :')

Why is the water wet ??

Crap Question Of The Day

Cause fishes masturbate :')

Give me 40 likes, I'll give you a gift!!!!

Harsh Bhandari

lann lena ?


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