ilav food✌ @B3llAYO
ilav food✌ @B3llAYO
If you're here too hate. Please leave, because you're wasting your time hating on me.
It's not ogre, it's never ogre.
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What does he look like then?
To start with
It was a girl pretending to be kyle.
I know who she is.
Trust her to have the same name as me.;-;
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Who's pictures did he use?
This dude called Callum Slattery on Instagram.
Come off anon???
Who are you?
ur really pretty
And you're blind.
-  ilav food✌
I feel like fucking crying. All the shit that's happened the last 2 days are starting to piss me off. How could you? I trusted you kyle!! You hurt my best friend and I'll never forgive you. ;-;
When you need advice, who do you go to?
When you need advice, who do you go to?
listening to??
listening to??
So... Fav song
This song makes me cry, she pls
All time low
Time bomb -
So, if kyles fake, what pictures did he use
Ones off Instagram.
And twitter.
Now can you stop talking about ''kyle''
Have no account
Are you ok
I'm mad.
''He'' hurt my best friend.
Please come off anon?
Where's kyle
Deactivated everything.
Is he fake
Its not my decision to say.
But, I'm pissed off with ''him''
Who's kyle
Er, hello?
Who's kyle
Don't fucking start me off.
Sorry but who is kyle?
Pisses me off.
If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
Idk. c:
Kyle please come back
I miss you man. ;-;
What do you think people think of you?
''Ew, she's ugly''
If you don't then,
You are weird. Js. ;3
What is your favorite city?
Do you think people deserve a second chance?
Depends on what they've done
What sport do you do?
Football, eating...:)))(((: