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Bader's Fan ♥ Bored :(=))) @BadegFAN
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
hey guys , this page for Bader , i do this page not mean in love with him ? because i like his character <3 Ask the pretty boy ‎@BadeG <3
Be NICE ♥, or shut up =))
RSS answers
Discribe yourself in 3 words ? ask me or like ( if you want )  Abdulmalik انقطاع
3neda , fahya , maybe funny =)))))
Okay <3
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meen MH la ykon ana =))  Msa3ad.H
Loool =))
E4a ma tdre men 3ndk bl,bbm h4a shy thany =)))
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هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه لا تخافي عندي زيها وييمقن احلى :P
Wa'97 =))
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الله يشفيكم
Ameen wyak <3
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اموت انا على الـ عيون الخضراء لا ماقدر ياحلو انتا
E4kre rbbk yjek elly a7sn mnha :)
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tbeeen pin bdr
No ,thanQ <3
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كم عمرك ؟
12↓ w aseer 16 =))
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Till what age would you like to live and why?
eleen ma ymot zuje w 3yale ytzwjun =)))
3shan ma asbb 7zn l,zuji ;'c </3
w 3yale ykun fe a7d yslehm w ylhehm lma yt4krunnii ;'3
b3d 3umr 6weel ensha'allah =)))<3!!
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What cannot be forgiven?
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ياوصخخه ياحماره ياكلبه ياحيوانه ياحقيره عيب عليك تحبين بدورتي ججلبه
bdorte ajl =)) ?
jlba 4e wsh -.- ?
you should read th BIO ?
"i do this page not mean in love with him ? because i like his character"
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Do you love your country?
n9 w n9 =))
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What business or company do you wish you owned?
McDonalds <3
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ممكن لايكات !!  Sarah@_@
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What do you miss?
3 people like this ممكن تسااعدوا صديقتي ؟؟
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fact about bader :D
really it's Embarrassing question ;') ?
Bader ma yktb kther 3n ashya2a alsh59ya !
elly agdr agula
eno :
- so pretty *MASHA'ALLAH*
- atwg3 h4e a5r sana lh ;'3
- 6yb
- w a5lag
- must7el y3'l6 3la a7d ?
- live in riyadh =))
e4a 3rft akthr ensha'allah agulk <3
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Ask me ;$  Hala
i don't have any question w allah ;'c
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شيء تتمنآه يكون بَ زوجتك المستقبليه ؟  Hala
hahaha =))
i'm girl baby <3
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ely tgdreen 3leeh :$
6h <3
1- my name start with "A" ;)
2- Born in 1997 - 28 - november ;;)
3- born in America :$
4- have Green eyes x_x
5- brown hair ;p
6- alsana aljaya ola thanwy ;'c
7- i like your character *-*/
8- live in riyadh ;'3
9- 6yba o;)
10- a7b alwanasa w alfallah ;p
bs ;$ ?
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fact about u :$
fact w7da bs =)) ?
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allah ysalmik :$
Yslmk w ybgek ;**
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thanXX so much :$ .. 3la el9afhaa♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Aboy ent ;*
Tstahl aslub w a5lag <3
W tjeb als3ada ˘-˘ƪ
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What is the most beautiful city you have ever visited?
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