Hey 1D :)) Selena Gomez

Hello little liar!

do you like Polish Directioners ? кℓαυ∂ια ι иιиα

Ofc we love!!!!


Heeey thank you girl!!! Love you too

I love you guys <3 <3 Izabella

We love you too honey

Can you do a selfie? :) I don't care who you are, staff or member :) Emma

- One Direction (✔)

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Hey guys! what's up? Kayden Stephenson

Hey mate! We are good

Hey, guys. How are ya? Philip Gipson

Heya :) We are nice !! - 1DHQ

Official ask.fm account of Harry Styles? Giselle Javier


Midnight memories perfect ;) Elif Arici

Thank you

Yay One Direction (✔)

You are copying Liam? I see you Josh
guys look @OfficialJoshCuthbert -1DHQ

Follow Miley guys :) http://ask.fm/iammileyc Liam One Direction (✔)

Follow follow follow :)

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The #StoryOfMyLifeBTS will be live on @VEVO today at 4pm GMT! 1DHQ x http://smarturl.it/StoryOfMyLife

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#1DTuesdayTest : Which #1DDay challenge is currently open for entries?! ...And when IS #1DDay ?! 1DHQ x 1dday.com

Harry & Zayn doing interviews! 1DHQ x #1dmoviepremiere One Direction (✔)

Harry interviewing fans at the #1dmoviepremiere! 1DHQ x One Direction (✔)

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We’re so excited about 'This Is Us', we’re throwing a party! Join us on Spotify on August 25th as we jam to 1D, celebrate the movie, and unlock exclusive content! 1DHQ x

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Just one more day until 'Best Song Ever' is officially in the charts - where are we going to get it to 1DFamily?! 1DHQ x

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1DFamily!!! You're amazing - THANK YOU for all your gifts. Don't forget to get yourself a copy of Best Song Ever https://itunes.apple.com/ve/album/best-song-ever-ep/id661607954?ls=1&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 ! We love you 1DQH x

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THE TIME HAS COME... We can now present the OFFICIAL VIDEO for 'Best Song Ever'...How many views do you think the guys can get? Let the biggest watch party ever begin!! 1DHQ x

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TODAY IS THE DAY!! 'Best Song Ever' is out NOW!! 1D Monday really is the new Sunday! Get downloading guys ;) Don't forget - the official video will be up at 6:10pm GMT and we want everyone to be watching it at the same time! 1DHQ x

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We have a very special 'Best Song Ever' trailer for you now... Make sure you're sitting comfortably... 1DHQ x


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