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BNM @BanderNM
Born 1995 I Have belief that this World will be a better place. Fit everywhere, but don't belong anywhere.
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Yeah somehow no matter how much you're a good person, people still decide to leave <3  Fafy ❤️
It is never a choice, nor a matter to decide.
Because distance is not the reason to stay, many years passed by yet i don't even know you personally i still came to say hello the fact that once you made me smile is enough.
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Lol it's been 2 years!!! Any normal person would forget!  Fafy ❤️
I never had said i blamed you nor i'm mad, i returned to ask yesterday and remembered you and how a good friend you were so passed by to say hello. Glad you're doen fine.
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No offense Bas Mno bander lol  Fafy ❤️
Maybe you forgot.. ❤️
No offense Bas Mno bander lol
Happy St.Patricks Day everyone!!!  Samantha Rideout
Thank you miss Samantha, and so sorry for the late answer.
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What's the rudest thing you've ever said or done to someone?
Well sometimes rude is not what you expect when saying something rude, but then you realize that you just fuked up and feel like thats not a way to treat a soul, but the rudest thing i've ever said is the F word above.
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fuck me
No thanks, i'm good..
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keely's a slut
I'm sure she isn't as sure as you're not either. Remember, life's not worth making enemy's until it is necessary to make life worth it.
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if u had adivce to someone who was getting bullied what would it be??
Such an advice will carry such a meaning, a meaning that may return the person the person who got bullied to him/her self, but still.. To answer a Q like this i've to involve my heart in, and without a real situation i guess i just cant answer.
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I'll be glad too but next time don't forget you info..
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Give me hate, I could not give your just making yourself look bad considering my answers could Swallow your questions whole.
Swallow my answers if you may, desire my hate as you wish.. Still, i shall not succeed within this battle.
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How many games do you have on your phone?
Well firsts things first, i'm back to as i hope it'll be as fun as the old days. Oh, tbh i forgot the question x)
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What are you thankful for today?
I'm thankful for the smiles today and before that made me learn that it gets better, and i'm also thankful for those dark nights of pain that made me learn how to move on.
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What do you look like right now?
Awesome as ever
3 people like this يسعدني مرورك بصفحتي ي عيني ،،#  ملاك "
ويسعدني ذلك أيضا ❤❤
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like for a compliment to all the likers??
Its just amazing having people to always be there and read your answers with a clear heart. I love you guys <3
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like=1 question??
Is this a math x,y thingy ? Plz i had enough of math :(
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Do you miss anyone right now?
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thoughts on the rape sloth
I didn't hear anything about a rape sloth
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idm if u dnt want to do this but post everyone u follow and nxt to there name write something u like about them??
Hello ,
I would do this favor if you do me one too..
Post your name <3
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Do you smile at strangers?
In my religon it's a blessing to smile not just to the people walking by ( strangers ) but to the world as well..
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hey :)
Hello <3
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are you a artist?
No, because the art is me..
Lol just kidding thanks for stopping by <3
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whats some advice for the haters out there
Day after day some of us and im one of them take all what haters say and write them down on a blank paper and stands on it, every single time a hater talks we rise up n up till none beyond.. May you hate us all as we will love you all <3
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thoughts on sonny bill willams
I really dont know much.. Sorry
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If you could have any wild animal as a pet what would it be?
My neighbour.. :)
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