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Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry?
What frustrates you the most?
Losing a pencil I just got lol I always do that
Would you believe me if I said I love you?
Probably not
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Do you love hard?
Smh very hard
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Does size matter to you?
How can a young man turn you on?
Being intelligent a gentleman and being a God Fearing man that's how
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I love tittys. I just want to kiss on them. Nothing else
Yo.. Can I kiss your nipples?
No go kiss your moms it's obvious you didn't get enough when you were a baby
How many tattoos do you want to have?
How long have you been growing your hair?
A year and 7 months
Where are you from?
I'm Orlando Florida but I been living in Nashville Tennessee
do u like women?
Can I cosmic tornado in dat pussy ?
Please go stand in your nearest fast lane
What question do you hate to answer?
What do I look for in a guy ? I mean I don't mind the question just hate answering
U single
Yes I am
ight  Ray
i see you on ig yo body banging
Lol ummmn thanks
you should ask some and i'll do the same  Ray
Lol I will eventually
Are you scared of the dark?
why dont you ask me questions?  Ray
Lol I don't really ask anyone questions
come on an answer
Lol nah not on this lol
what your biggest sexual fantasy and what turns u on the most during. sex?
Bol I'm not answering that on this
Your welcome lol  JullianGantt
Your beautiful.
Awww thank you :)
do you like freckles tattoos and or dreads on a guy  Kenneth Smith
Yeah freckles are cute and dreads and tats work too