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Are you romantic? Why or why not?
Nope. Cause I said.
What type of girls do you like?
Any tbh.
Is there a girl you talk to you can see yourself dating?
Not sure tbh
What kind of watch do you wear?
Ur mom
Would you use a self-driving car or drive yourself?
Drive myself please
Na 😌 yours.
Na it's yours 😌
I don't do by mail sorry! your loss 😌
No.. Your loss!😌🌚
What's your favorite sex position?
The photosynthesis ;)🔥
Do you give head?👅💦
Yeah , I also like chicken
send me a dick pic? ^.~
send me a dick pic? ^.~
how can I buy you stuff when you aren't here?!
Send them through mail Duh
Any girl who has a chance to be with you are so lucky because you seem like you only like certain type of girls
They aren't lucky lol Tf and no I'm into any kinda asking as I get a long with them and all that good shit.
if you don't give me that bootyhole I'm going to be upset :(
Be upset then nigga! You gotta buy me shit first!
I'll buy you anything you want! long as I can play with that butthole ;)
Well dayum... I think I might take this offer
Are you crushing on anybody?
I was crushing on this cereal I just finished :\
can I play with your butthole? ;)
Buy me Coilovers and then maybe I'll think about it.
Are you interested in anyone?
I'm interested in cars.. And that's pretty close
you're the ultimate bae. ❤️
I am no real supersand! Lol
do you got da booty?
What booty? I have 0 bootys
Make me bb
hey. hey you. follow me on tumblr.
I don't use tumblr lol
If you could steal something and get away with it, what would you steal?
Fuck.. Idk ... A shit load of money... Cause money does make happiness
What was your first paid job?
A waiter lol
What city do you live in?
lake Balboa/ Van Nuys