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I trust you :) Please Can you help me?: Do you think which one should you choose? :)
You're trying to get a Mercedes ?
this isn't a question but you are hot
Well I am under like 3 blankets so yeah esssss pretty hot.. Lol but Sike doe why you frontin for
Would u ever flash a dude?
No. Tf would I do that for.
I don't think it really matters who I am :(
Does to me u.u
Theres no way my adoration for you will ever go away. Dont put yourself down so much, love. x
But I just suck at everythig and im a horrible person :\
I guess I'm not considered cute or interesting to you since it seems like you don't like talking to me.. /:
Who is you?:o
How can I talk to you?..  Ashley c:
Just like how you talk to peole xp
So... I have like the biggest crush on you, but I'm scared to talk to you because I know I'm not your type.. I'm not pretty nor do I have a nice booty..  Ashley c:
Talk to me :)
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I don't think you're lame (:
Then talk too mee dwuuuh!:)
I honestly have alittle bit of a crush on you
Really? Itll probably go away soon dont worry! Youll realize how lame I am
Do you like someone?
Not nesseserly.
I would tell you but it would be a bit weird
Fine !! Ill just crawl under a rock!!
Unless you wanna know who's gonna be sending you butt pics
can i have your kik I'll send u my butt pics anonymously ♡ v ♡
You can send stuff on kik anonymously!? I think its Beheadingofalex. Im pretty sure x)
I'll take it (-:  Pamela ✨
You better!
Cause you don't know me o:
Get to know each other then duuuuh x)
Wow thot I was ur BFF  Pamela ✨
Ill think about it ❤️
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Whose your other best friend
Dont really have another besfriend.
You complain that u want someone all the time lol weren't you with that jenndoom girl?
I know I do ! Im annoying!
Whose your best friend
My friend of 9 years Kyle
I would honestly love to send you butt pics ♡ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
Den why dont I get booty pic?!:(
Xbox or PlayStation?
Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
Duh faggot
You are allowed one beverage for the rest of your life. What would you choose?
If you were a farmer, what would you grow?
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