Alex Izaguirre @BeheadingOfAlex
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love me?
I'm down bby lol
you're hot
Well it has been pretty hot outside tbh
If you could live on another planet, which would you choose?
Ur moms house
If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
All the car parts I could ever ask for
What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever actually used it on someone?
Shut up
what city do u live in
Van Nuys
What's the coolest thing about your city?
Nothing at all
Not even 17
Probably not
What's the oldest n youngest u would be with
18 , idk like anything around 20
How old are you
Are you talking to anyone? Are you single?
Kinda maybe idk. Yeah I'm single nigga damn
What is the perfect number of hours to sleep?
Your mom
U give good head baby boy?;)
Maybe I do maybe I don't.. Maybe I don't eat maybe I drink it. Who knows..
when the last time you had sex?
3 centuries ago
I want to fuck you so bad
._. Well then... There are young children here!
Do you like or have a crush on anybody?
Yeah dat ass ma
What's your Snapchat? I want to send you pictures of my butt ☺
What's your Snapchat? I want to send you pictures of my butt ☺
Why u gay af
Because I'm not gay af. Why u gay AF?
Are you romantic? Why or why not?
Nope. Cause I said.
What type of girls do you like?
Any tbh.
Is there a girl you talk to you can see yourself dating?
Not sure tbh
What kind of watch do you wear?
Ur mom
Would you use a self-driving car or drive yourself?
Drive myself please
Na 😌 yours.
Na it's yours 😌