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Kendrick ;)
Why don't you follow me back in twitter
Huh lol
Cause what. And so what ya saying is you don't even trust ya parents or god either
No I didn't say that
Why don't you trust anyone
What is your idea of perfect relaxation?
What is your idea of perfect relaxation?
Who do you trust most in your life?
no one
Who do you trust most in your life?
no one
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Yeah, but I'll let you sweat out who I am
Nah Im not going to! If you want to tell then you can
Haha yes
Umm you go to fc
I like you :)
Awww Well thanks do I know you! ?
Can you sum up your day so far in just one word?
Do you want me to bring that phone to you tomorrow haha ;)
Yes!!! lol
hahah ttyl Patrick ;)
haha why do you wanna know so bad? :)
I mean I don't care. I just want to know who im talking to
I'm not. idk about the other one. Im a sophomore
What school!!!?
Your in like 8th grade
there is someone else besides me that wants tha booty hahahah
oh Haha! Yeah ig so
why do you need to know what grade?
I want to know who this is!
what the "neck" hahahahahaha
heck haha
nope. we've neva talked
What grade!?
how do I prove it? and idk who are you anon
what's anon what the neck
why does it matter?
Do I talk to you?
wait who is the other anon????
I have no clue! I don't know who this one is
I bet im a girl
Umm?? I don't think prove it