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R u dating patrick coyne?
lol no
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R obsessed with pat
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What school do u go to
U r a snokeshow
I like ur ass and boobS
pap of texts
creep ok
pap of texts
Ur hot
10  Jake shields
thx babe
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R u a virgin
ya lol i'm in 7th grade
Eww Chris is a jerk
Do u like penis
like don't let it stop you and that you should always be able to know that
ohh ok lol thanks who is this
your really pretty your so lucky and all the guys like you so don't take it for granted
aww thanks, and wait what that supposed to mean haha
Whose that girl next to you in your pro picture ?
that's why no1 likes you your actually so mean
How do u know Chris lavoie
cuz I do
I know we will never be friends cuz im not popular but you are really pretty and i want to get to knwo you
ok who are u
R u friends with madi?
yeah but why do you care...
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Y do u like Chris. He's a jerk. Who else say like 3
do you know why they left you..?
idk why do u care
do you wish you had your bestfriends back instead of them being bestfriends with jarks
From canton
Chris Lavoie
he's my bestie and hot and we need to hang soon
jake who
David Hayes
I miss him so much