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Cause you look dope in it
Ohhh your last insta really excites me
So you can have my anaconda
My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun... Which you do...
Thing (your ass) is a work of Gods art
Holy fuck nice ass in your insta bby keep it up
Thoughts on james Vo
dk him
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name them
Favorite canton kids
a lot
U should try for miss America when ur older
hahaha I don't think I would win
why aren't you friends with Lizzie leonetis group anymore
I am
my balls hurt
Pap of u in yogas
litterly leave
Pap of your knees
Pap of your knees
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Pap of your thighs
um why
I am so sorry for whatever trouble i have caused you in the past few months and I hate myself for what I did. Just thought i would let you know and promise I will never do it again. Someone like you doesn't deserve that. I will pray to god for forgiveness
ok but who is this
ill end u
u won't tho
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Not gonna lie I use to look at those pics on a regular basis, and sometimes end up ya know...
ur creepy af
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What you got rid of your ass bikini pics wtf!!
Oh believe me I follow you
who are u
That's awesome I will :)
u have to follow me tho
Whos ur bff
So next time I beat I can go on ur insta?!?!
OMG ya!!
Then who is it
you're askin me who the hottest girl is. do you think i'm a fucking lesbian? i'm obvi not gunna anser
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