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So I can suck ur ass... I have a feeling we would be a great couple ;)
who ft is this
How does that make me a pussy all I was saying is Lena's hotttt
You said suck my ass... I actually will
Xoxo gossip girl  vera sabha
Dan Humphrey hahahahah gay
Thoughts on thee kim kardashian
OMG just went to her party at cheatea nuit it was so good! love her thanks for the best night xoxo
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Willow pape
suck my ass
Dayum is my pussy gay its a hoilday play
with my pussy day
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I hid my name for a reason lol
I follow her on insta and ya we hu
who is this
Lena obvi
how do you even know her
And your pro pic gets me up
What's the best dating advice you have?
don't date
Your sister is so hot
which one
Personality rates?
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personality rate- 8 text me  Olivia Whalennn
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Bc I want to know
that sucks
Who do u k from westwood
a lot
Top 5 fav Westwood boys
I like them all
If ur crush and ur dad switched bodies and the only way to reverse the curse is to hav sex with one of them who would u have sex with
umm my crush
Hi have u ever been drunk?
10  allie platt
thanks lol
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9.5  Kevin Cleary
You are so hot u give me boners
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