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Are you happy with Leah?

Couldn't be happier:)

You and Leah are such a cute couple! I'm so happy for you guys, i thnk everyone is!


The warriors suck at football. You guys are absolute garbage. Bunch of faggets


Ill fuck you up. You little pussy

I bet

What is missing in your life that would make you very happy?

A drivers license

Is Leah a good kisser

Yeah she is:)

Are you and Leah finally dating?!?


You and Leah are the cutest thing ever!!!


R u and Leah talking


Would you date leah??

Yeah probably

If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?

Hit the gymm

This girls "friend" is on Ben Sawyerr dickkkkkkkkkkkkk

Idk dood

How long have you liked Leah?


Wow you must take a long time to do things

Pretty muchh

Well my twitter is @oxNessaox


You should defenitly talk to my friend! You two would look really cute together! ;) Follow her on twitter ( vanna3001d ) and DM her for her number!!

On it

John Greene lol

Dm me ill hook you up?

Would you date a girl from Rhode Island??

Depends on who they are

Would you like to hook me up with your friend John??

John who lmao?

Will you go out with me?

Prob not

Are you interested in anyone?


Are you open to talk to new people?

Yeah I love meeting new people:)

Are you circumcised?

Yah lmao

Lets fuck


Wb tay or venessa

Prob not


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