Melina Roussos @Bjellyfangorras
Spam my ask bc snails
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xmelinatangzx lol I should probablly change it
melina u r so dang incredible  nicole brower
thank u sm I guess I rlly am incredible wow
that would be so incredible of u  nicole brower
I think ur incredible nicole
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who uses the word incredible  nicole brower
it sounds too proper it's pissing me off
Ill tell you if you post the picture! Cmonnnnn it would be so incredible
nope do I even know you
Please just one picture? No nudity or anything like that, just show part of your thong strap above your pants. You're so damn attractive, it would be incredible
lmao no who tf r u
Can you post a selfie with part of your thong strap showing above your pants? You're seriously gorgeous and it would be amazing
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What are the things you always take with you?
Rachel laterza
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Do u wear a thong?
I dont hate u for not liking nick, its just annoying how you lied about dating him...
o h ?
What is in your fridge?
Rachel laterza
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How he ask u out
on stage yea
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u went out with nick tangorra?
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I know its none of my business what happened between you and Nick but I just wanted to let you know that you are georgeous and I will always be on your side! I love you so much dont forget that <3
Thank you so much ilysm
Your actually georgeous
Aw thank you that made me happy :)<3
text me  nicole brower
Why dont you like Nick anymore.?
wow that early!
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I have a silly question what time is there?
1130 pm
it's good that you feel a little better
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brilliant i'm happy with it!
do you feel any better?
A little I guess.
i know you hate me and you know that too but dont cry over fucking nick tangorra he isnt worth anyones tears ok. hes a loser who just wants money and hes not worth anything.
What who are you? If your not turning on me because of this then I don't hate you.
why arent you answering some questions then
I'm answering everything...
but it is precisely for this reason that there is laughter! laughing is not just a consequence of being happy but it is also the greatest remedy for those who are not! like you, melina