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You got a snapchat?
Yes brice_johnson11
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My school Is trying to win a pep rally can you tweet #AlexanderCentral to ‎@WCNChs to help us win?
Alright tweet me!
Any specific player you try to model your game after?
No one
Brice, I really want to coach for the Tar Heels. I look up to you and all the players along with the coaching staff so much! Play hard,maybe I'll be coaching sometime soon!
Alright thanks
Hey you r an inspiration keep up the great work you and marcus hands down r my favorite players
Did you deal with a lot of haters in your high school career? I struck out with the bases loaded in our state championship to end the game and I was our best player and the whole school turned on me after that and similar situation or how you dealt with the pressure
All the time bro I know the feeling
Brice I hope that u get off this year and play till your jr year go pro and get that bread.tar heel nation believes in u  Shea summey
Thanks bro I appreciate at that
Beat Kentucky's ass
That's the plan
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Reggie is ranked at 302 and KButter at 320 in the ESPN NBA TOP 500 Players. Your thoughts?
Well they are in the best league so they have to prove themselves to move up in the rankings
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Will u do a favor for me this season?
Yea what is it??
Better COLLEGE player, Worthy or Jordan?
Well they both got their jerseys retired at Carolina so they are about even! But I would have to say Worthy
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Other than squats, what's a way to get the bounce up?
I don't be remembering all the names of the different exercises
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Thanks for answering all my questions u got a bright ass future  Shea summey
No problem anytime
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Do you think animals have souls?
Duhhh they are just like humans in their own ways
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hey it's kevin
I don't know you!!
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will there be another harlem shake vid this year?
No that's old news now!! No one does those anymore
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Do you feel like the pros help you develop your game when they come back to Chapel Hill?
Yes they help out a lot
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Are you and M.Paige the only Heels that have this app??
Yea I think so
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I can't tell Roy. He doesn't have a twitter and I'm disabled.
Well I guess he will never find out then lol
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Tell Roy to recruit Terrance Ferguson! He's a beast.
You tell him
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Expectations for JMM
Great season
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Have you ever said good money
Yes I have
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Will James Michael have a breakthrough season?
I hope so
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Have you ever seen Duck Dynasty?
Yes I've seen it a few times
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