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Can I eat your pussy?

lmao....let me ask my boyfriend first

Is that you titties on the titty rate page?


Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?

yes. dont drink anyway!

How are you feeling right now?


Why did you turn to women? Instead of God

I know god lol women just do things better

You wouldn't know, cause you gay

These aren't questions dude!
you saying shit...dumb shit too

What kind of things annoy you?

Ugly people

But my Dick long

Lmao bet it's tiny as fuck

Ahh that's what they all say... At first

But your ugly

But I knowwww you will

lmao that's gross!

Oh really? I never ate pussy before that's a no go

bet she won't suck ya dick

Why you don't like dick? If you never had it

lmao...pussy taste better

sugar how u get so fly?

ummmm idk...let me ask my mama

if you was to have sex, would you want a nigga w a ok sized dick, but good stroke game,or big dick nigga who can't do shit w it?

lmao TF kind of question....that's hard to answer cus I love women!

what makes you notice a guy?

His teeth and smile!


keem your an asshole!

I meant do you have a crush on anyone?

no not currently!

What’s your favorite clothing brand?


What were you doing 30 minutes ago?

Why you worried

What is one thing you are sure of?

That I look better than you

What are you waiting for?

For you to suck my dick

What are 5 things you love?


Do you like your name?


What question do you hate to answer?

Why yo dick so big

What are you currently addicted to?

I can't say I follow some sensitive ass ppl!!


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