Paul @Blugo34
Paul @Blugo34
On earth (derp)
"lol stop u fucking nigger" - tori vega, to tim and anna
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When do you feel the most comfortable?
bed if u mean blugo34 username u can't. if u mean Paul username u can go to settings and change it.
Hoy bumbay
Which picture the best describes your city?
its the heart of manila
Which picture the best describes your city?
What's something that happened this week which you would like to change the outcome of?
i actually want to change nothin
Now that blaine is back as the director of dalton there's minimal blaine in glee episodes, which means no "blee" or song hogging, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT
kinda the same because i didnt really care about blee
You should be a Centerfold.
a what
How do you usually express your emotions?
i do not
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If you could live in a country other than your own, where would you live?
south korea, usa, france tbh
Bakit ang ganda ng gupit mo hahahaha
i know
.  Paul
How can you be motivated?
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Current favorite album from an artist?
Sorry i'm Late - Cher Lloyd
I LOVE YOU <3  Cemo bby;3
ya you do
What is the Universe made of?
The universe is composed of ordinary matter (5%) including atoms, stars, and galaxies, dark matter (25%) which is a hypothetical particle that has not yet been detected, and dark energy (70%), which is a kind of energy density that seemingly exists even in completely empty space.
What is the Universe made of?
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If your partner was exposed as being a werewolf, would you continue dating them?
i dont watch teen wolf
5 people on the glee wiki you genuinely like?
tots, jon, lily, blaineyboob, ali
Do you think the glee wiki is ran well?
I guess so, it's currently active and ongoing until this very day!
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Whos Tori Vega lol  sydneyy ♥✌
the epitome of the pop music industry
Whos Tori Vega lol
Aloha biatch  Jacky
i wonder how big is the specific ocean
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