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FMK: Ali, Sis and Sydney
F: Ali, Sis, Sydney 😂😌👀😜
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Kanye West or Donald Trump? #KanyeWest2020
hey 😜 I'm not a troll 🚫 I'm a human 🙋 with feelings ❤️ and you're breaking my heart 💔 I need respect ❗️
Barry Allen?
Top 5 Disney movies?
Inside Out, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, Wreck-it Ralph, Tangled
Which Britney era are you?
Oops!... I Did It Again era, it's melancholy esp Lucky
Fave 90s TV shows?
Do you embrace or fear change?
you need to embrace it The Ultimate Exposure is finally here - The Emacipation of Miss Ema Spears!  Emma Spears
bitch got deleted
Are you pro-Isreal or pro-Palestine?
Peel 😾 The 👆 Avocado 🍈👌💯 Guac 😳 Amole 🍵 Guac 😆 Guac 😋😛 Amole 🍵👏😉
Why do u follow me  Sydney
I honestly love Australia
Download 'GLAM' and get the new smash hit 'Black Widow' today:  Emma Spears
keep it
SURPRISE KUNTZ! Order my new album "GLAM" on iTunes today! X  Emma Spears
new phone who dis
Stop swearing please
unfollow me
Do not celebrate Halloween
Why not?
Likers get a tbh?
If Ariana doesn't make it enough the sales I will take down my 55' flat screen TV off the wall and beat it with a bat. Bookmark this. #Focus
Which Taylor Swift are you? Country or Pop?
Most attractive members from GW of all time?
Harry Potter or Twlight?
Harry Potter, I never have watched the whole Twilight series nor have read the books
Clueless or Mean Girls?
Top 5 tearjerker movies?
Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 3
Paranormal Activity 4
Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones
FMK: MattMcKibben Sadie Saxton Jake Rosati
F: Sadie
M: Matty
K: Jake
What was your reaction to the current Alyssa situation?
I was about to get that rusty old razor out of my drawer! I was in complete shock and discomfort.
Hide your faves! In November, Adele's 25 is coming to annihilate their careers.
Focus will snatch Demi's recent release "Hello"! It's gonna be so iconic it will outsell 1989 and the whole Glee discography