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What is the best song of all time?
4MINUTE - Crazy
Good choice! Ariana rocks
Do you whistle in public?
I think those grammies are from the thrift store.. xD
delete it fat
How many grammies can I get?
when katy gets one
When is Demi coming to the UK?
there's a rumor that she tried to kill herself in the set of Camp Rock omf
Do you like Demi Lovato?
I prefer... Grande
Manila is a city I think
it's the capital of the Philippines and yes it's a city
Do you like long hair or short hair better on others?
long hair
Is global warming real? What do you think will happen?
yes, its happening right now
KFC is in Manila too.
don't know her
KFC is in LA
im not a fan bc im asian >_>
Hi it's Selena Gomez
you stole my green card
Opinion on me? (sent to everyone i follow) doing this because I'm bored...  kezza
love your music taste x
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What one word describes you?
What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say?
Acha geobi nasseosseo naraoreuneun ge
Jigeum uril sireun sarangiran Plane
Imi algo isseo meojanha churakhariran geol :S
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I don’t know which character is the worst, Rachel or Kitty?
neither of them
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Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?
rich and happy
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What is your favorite magazine?
kzone, pc buyers and any other gadget related magazines
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What is your ethnicity? (NOT the country you live in. For example: a person may be 1/2 English, 1/4 Scottish, and 1/4 German)
I'm a full Filipino
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Will you watch the Oscars?
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What was the last gift you gave somebody?
gift of kindness
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Ariana isn't very nice to fans I think
that's what you think
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How many times per day do you shower?
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Do you like the music video for One Last Time?
I did, it was surprising to see Robbie at the end of the video
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