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pic in leggings?

U nastay

What books on your shelf are begging to be read?


Eyebrows aren't awkward. Don't hate cuz she has model type features

Awe thx u :)

You are really pretty.

Thank you so much

u have awkward eyebrows

Thx u

pic in leggins?!

u have a fine ass tho


with who?...

My cousin!

why is volleyball booty in your bio..? I don't get it

Lol it's an inside joke...

pap of your Bball team for Aau

My ladies

Who knows the most about you?


Hey sexy lady, just wanna I love you girl.

Oh that's good u guys always seemed to get along well so I was jw well have a good day gorgeous

Thanks lol

Do u still like Natalie Hawksworth? I kno last year u guys hung out a lot but are u guys still friends?

Yes! I just talked with her like yesterday! I had a sleepover with her this year too


Yo no

I was a firsthand witness of that event down there⬇️

Nate hubbs

We have a witness

Us singing horribly in science out into the halls will always be one of my favorite things. Wish I was still in your class ):

Jasmien Do

Look who showed up today -__-

What is something you want right now?

This pillow

Rdh? Please

No but it was so nice today this girl in my science class was like trying to get past my chair and she said "watch out gorgeous" and I took a moment and looked up from my deep thought and smiled and scooted in. It was so nice. Omg

What makes you wake up each morning?

Are you a virgin

A virgin peanut colada for a virgin

Yoga pants selfie? Ur beautiful bæ

No thx u

Pap of you dressed up at school