pap of something that makes you happy

I could, but putting her pic up even if she was wearing sunglasses that make her eyes not visible? tried that, a friend of hers complained saying what if they showed her that and what would she think?

Like I said her eyes are blocked so I didn't see an issue when she never said I could do things that way.

Pap of your car/dream car

This 1 of 2 versions of how I see my car.

Name one thing you dream about at night!

I have at least 1 dream a week that has Laura somewhere in it either in the background or foreground.

If you had $1 million, what would you spend it on?

Who says I had to spend it all immediately? :) I'd just save it for things I really need (or till a time I can get a visa to immigrate to the UK like if a retirement visa exists or any visa that would best fit my needs/situation).

What would you name your kids? How many do you want?

At least 2 and preferably a son and daughter so I can name them after Laura Matheson's grandmother who died of cancer and uncle who died of Parkinson's Disease. If I have to daughters, 1 will have either their first or middle name as "Laura".

Have you ever smoked?

Nope. My dad works for health Canada as a doctor and my mom is a retired pharmacist so that won't end well if I did.

Who's your snapchat bestfriend(s) ?

Don't really have any. If I were to put one, it would be a girl named Chloe (my likely going to be roommate) but she rarely snaps. I might put my ex-gf as one as well.

would you ever send nudes?

Likely not but depends on how intimate my gf/wife and I are.

Pap of you?

Nah. Don't have many of me (almost none).

What do you think your best feature/quality is?

My ex-gf says I was very romantic in high school so probably creativity and/or romance? :P I really haven't thought of it.

Do you think girls in scrubs are cute/hot?

Scrubs the TV show or what are scrubs?

Does your name have a meaning? What is it?

Poem. I'm happy with what it means because I love poetry as much as Laura does. :)

Post your insta profile pic?

I already got this question. It's the same as my pic

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

1 Only wear 1 pair but I have at least 3 in total.

"Top 10 Facts..."(Final) Bothtawee Kelly

2. Relation to Others

It’s always been a little awkward. Once I get started talking to someone, I can be heartbroken if I never spoke to them again even if I only knew them for day even over social media. I have always been more comfortable speaking to people online first before meeting them because I can always correct myself before pressing “send”. Furthermore, I always got along better with females than my own gender since high school which is why there have been so few guy friends in my life since. I find girls are generally calmer and more understanding and less violent than males.

1. Paranoia

Despite the above, I am generally paranoid of friendships and have been since the final days of my cadet life, leading to so few friends ever since. While trying to regain my comfort zone, I often get to excited while building friendships which leads to their down fall just as fast as I make the friendship, leading to depression. Thankfully, I am no longer on anti-depressants but have always dwindled on that line to going back on them. Most people with Asperger’s Syndrome tend to be dependent on others for most of their regular daily activities which often includes happiness. How dependent varies and if I am dependent on anything is still to be determined as I was only diagnosed in 2014.

Do you want to have my Top 10 True Feelings for My Friends? Let me know.

"Top 10 Facts..."(Cont'd) Bothtawee Kelly

6. Relationships with Blondes

If I get along with anyone the best, often times it’s with a blonde. The likely reason is because my first girlfriend (2009-2010) was a blonde (before she used red hair dye). Since then most of my friends (about 51%) were some shade of blonde. Ignoring the dumb blonde stereotype, we always got along one way or another. I seem to have a special heart for them. I guess that’s why I asked Catherine Doyle to be my Valentine, eh? Just to make things clear, this does not mean I hope my spouse to be blonde as I accept all hair colours…or no hair if it ever came down to it (and I once got asked if I even knew what a spouse was. My response was “A spouse it’s what’s left of sweetheart, after the nerve has been killed.”)

5. Shyness to Nightclubs

Not much to say about this topic except that in 2013, a friend of mine named Sheldon O’Grady while at a night club got into a fight and was stabbed to death. Since his murder, I have been a little hesitant to go to a nightclub but have not refused to go to any in the future. So maybe one day, I might go to one. I just don’t like going to places alone usually. Worst part is, he died on his mom’s birthday.

4. Alien to Most Alcohol Drinks

Sadly, I generally don’t like the taste of alcohol. However, I only had beer and red wine. I had church wine and champagne but I forget the name of the brand I had. So it just means I need to try different kinds. It’s kinda hard for me to really since I’m trying to budget these days. Is anyone willing to take me out for a drink if I manage to go to London in April 2017?
3. Shyness to Most British Nationals

Why is this the case? 2 words: Laura Matheson. Ever since the fall of the friendship which ended more on the bad side, it’s been hard for me to make friends with British Nationals since I tend to be awkward with them, especially if they are English. However, if they are willing to accept my Asperger Syndrome, which accounts for most of my socially awkwardness, as well as be patient with me to be more comfortable being around them, specifically the fact that they are British/English, then we can start what can hopefully be a good friendship. Give me a chance and I can possibly be your new best friend or more.

10 facts about you

I am from the true north strong and free. In today’s Top 10 count down, I will be giving you the top 10 facts my UK friends would have never found out about me otherwise.

In this list, we will include facts on secret interests and personality traits of mine but will not include feelings for any of my friends as that’s another list worthy for another post.

10. Convinced Through Accents

It doesn’t matter how ridiculous any statement sounds, if what is said is said with an accent from the UK, you can guarantee I would believe it or do it, especially if it’s an English or the Northern Irish accent. Why this is so is not known even to me but if someone told me to run towards a moving car and try to jump over it, chances are I would do it compared to me being hesitant (or more hesitant) if said in a Canadian or American accent. Closest reason I can think of why this is so: the UK is technically Canada’s master and “Bothy” likes pleasing his masters, in part because I like to keep my friends as entertained as possible.

9. Love of Everything Irish

Though I have a larger love for anything English, I have a huge interest in anything related to my adopted ancestors, whether it is from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. This includes names such as but not limited to Kelly (obviously), Murphy, O’Brian and as some of you may have guessed, Doyle. As much I have an interest in Irish dancing, I never decided to learn how to dance. I’d like to see how ridiculous I look when dancing. Wouldn’t you?

8. Love of Names

I have always wondered what I would name my children if I ever had any. Other than the names Sylvio and Amanda which I decided would name a boy and a girl after my “former” closest friend’s late uncle and grandmother, I had interest and loved names such as but not limited to Laura, Lauren, Karen, Kate, Samantha, Heather, Catherine (whether spelt with a “C” or “K”) Chloe and just recently, Cerys which is new to me. I guess now you know why I put some of those names in the movie script I’m attempting to right, eh? It’s not just names of people but also names of places like County Armagh, even though for the life of me I can’t seem to pronounce it correctly. At least I can say Londonderry…

7. Amused by the British

It’s not just the dialect, accents and jokes that amuse me, not that I find the accents hilarious. It’s just that sometimes I like to play a little game called “Piss Off the Brit(s).” Rules of my game however do not let me say or do anything that would make them cry in frustration or insult the individual. It only allows me to do little things like take away their tea and put it on another table, imitate their accents (which I always butcher) or play with puppets behind their backs when they are talking to someone. I cannot “piss off” the same Brit(s) more than once a day to avoid getting carried away. I get amused by their reactions.

(See above answer for more)

Who are your 3 fav. celebrities?

In no particular order, Isabelle Fuhrman, Saoirse Ronan and Georgie Henley.

If you run away from your problems, does it count as exercise?

Depends if the problems are physical or mental/emotional. :P

What celebrity would you want to sleep with?

I don't know but I have 3 favorite celebrities (yes, females :P ).

*What's your workout routine?* Damn auto correct

I used to go to the gym before my custodial job made it hard to so now I just go for walks when I can and not to tired and we have a pull up bar in the basement which I sometimes use.

What's your dream career?

No longer know but security is my longest lasting job so I intend to keep it. Although, Unlike Securitas Canada, Paladin Security is more demanding which I'm trying to adjust to but they really are difficult to work with sometimes. I need the job so I can't complain to them.

If you were older you would you date someone in the military?

I'm 22 right now so I actually can. I know a few girls around my age in the military.

Do you own a car or planning to own one soon?

Nope and I hope to get a Crown Ford Victoria. Black or White.

Own any animals?

Used to have a dog but did of a siezer on Fathers Day 2007.


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