Apparently someone is going around saying I'm Rajan Gill's cousin. I looked up who he is on google and apparently he died in a home invasion that was a robbery. Bothtawee Kelly

Comparing me to someone who died that way is just being a low life. A man died and he was just an ordinary guy by the looks of things. So if that's suppose to be an insult, the only person your insulting is someone who was murdered. That's just dark and cold. I mean if a member of my squad if I was in the military or back in cadets did that, I'd punish him as much as I'm allowed (which would not be very much. At best, written up and that would effect his promotion or make him do push ups or clean a room when it was not being used.)

What made you want to join the Canadian Forces?

I used to be in air cadets. Since joining the army is a family tradition sort of, I thought I start there and since then, I take everything in my life into military standard. I clean everything , polish boots and shoes, make my bed as if it were a bunk bed (if possible), organize my closet, wear some clothing and even respond to most people to military standard to name some (so responding to someone as "Yes sir/ma'am" while sometimes standing as if I'm at attention but not as strictly, sort of half proper and half relaxed. I even respond to my supervisor at work in my security guard job as "Yes supervisor" sometimes as if supervisor was a rank. It amuses him but he understands since he knows I used to be a cadet.).

I still have my ex-gf have the final say on most things if I'm in a situation I'm having trouble with so if she tells me not to do something, I don't question it even if nothing bad is likely to happen. At my security job, most of the time I'm standing in 1 spot for a little and I find myself standing "At-Ease" fully looking straight ahead and chin up and not talking.

If standing in a line or crowed for what ever response and someone asks a question, when everyone else raises their hand, I do the military standard "prove" which is if in front of the line, arm at a 90 degree angle with hand in a fist and if behind someone, same thing except fist is in the air with my upper arm parallel to the ground. I even played airsoft/paintball using military training instead of adapting to game play if that makes any sense which is not always a good idea since paintball and BB's aren't as arrow dynamic or go nearly as far by a long shot as a bullet.

So 6 years and 7 months in cadets was drilled so much into my life that it's doubtful it will leave any time soon and that's unusual for most ex-cadets and even military personal. They look at me and go like "relax dude." Cadets is known to turn rebellious teens into model citizens tho so it's not quite that surprising. It is one of Cadets Canada's goals. It might have worked to well for me though. Everything I do has some form of military standard to it even for the least military things that aren't even seen in the military like walking in public with noting to do with the military environment (ie. not a parade) where I find myself attempting to match the steps and arm swing with the person in front of me or with the person I'm walking with).

Heck, I even wear pins that are not even remotely related to the military to military standard. Give me a small pin and I'll put it on the middle seam of my breast pocket and make sure it's put on to military standard (ie. centered and at the right height) or even wear regular civilian hats to military headdress standard (varies on hat).

That was @khokharr he said that or @shawnkundi


Tf is ur pfp 😂

My RCMP ceremonial uniform that was part of a collection I abandoned.

You and Kiran broke up?

I never dated a Kiran...

Do you want to be Prime Minister?

Nah, to much pressure for me and eyes on me.

Thank u for ur service!

I'm not a real RCMP officer. The uniform and badge are part of a collection but I do hope to join them or the Canadian Forces so Thank you. :)

I wonder what Laura voted in Brexit. Bothtawee Kelly


Do you have a lucky talisman you keep with you? PAP!

The wings I gave Laura Matheson for her birthday one year but later next month gave back to me saying she'd feel better if I had them. There is a metal version with her name engraved on the back and a sew on one. As long as I have at least one close to my heart, I have good luck.

The new synopsis for my film script. :D Better than my last one now that I know how to do and what exactly a synopsis is. Bothtawee Kelly

Karen McLennan, the daughter of a deceased British Diplomat, was born in London, England. Karen was living with her dad while he was posted in Ottawa, Canada. When he suddenly dies of a heart attack, she is forced to move in with her Nan, her mother’s mother as her mother died in child birth. Her Nan lives in the small and quiet town of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, where her story begins. She makes friends fast and starts to fall in love but soon encounters an American Exchange student, Liam Davis, who does not get along with any of the other students. Observing him she notices his social awkwardness which leaves her to believe he may have a mental and developmental disorder such as Asperger Syndrome (AS). Feeling badly for him, she decides to help him and their acquaintance becomes intertwined with fellow form students Samantha Logan, Phillip Taylor, Kate Matheson, Lauren Turner and Gregory “GG” Greenwood. After seeing him looking as if he is about to sink into a depression while in a park, just for a brief moment she becomes torn between helping him and possibly losing her new friends or let him be and watch him sink into a depression. Finally she accepts Liam as he is. Having to cope with the death of a loved one which has turned her life upside down, she must now make a decision that might make or break her new life and friendships.

Who's the bastard in your last answer?

My life is. I hope it didn't sound like I was calling Matheson one...

You seem slightly happier on Facebook.

Sung to the Tune of God Save the Queen:

God save my damn heinie
My life’s a misery
God, oh blimey…
If she (Laura) could just see my
Loyalty and good will
But life disappointed me,
Bloody hell bastard!


Dream job: Filmmaker or Chef?

Filmmaker if it is out of those 2 only. Though I would just stick to screenwriting maybe.

Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?


How do you see the other version of your dream car?

Based on the Canadian Forces Military Police and US Secret Service Uniformed Division patrol cars.

Do you know any big gossips?


bikini or underwear pap,?

Who asks that to a guy?

Ootd pap?

Never doing it. Sorry.

pap of something that makes you happy

I could, but putting her pic up even if she was wearing sunglasses that make her eyes not visible? tried that, a friend of hers complained saying what if they showed her that and what would she think?

Like I said her eyes are blocked so I didn't see an issue when she never said I could do things that way.

Pap of your car/dream car

This 1 of 2 versions of how I see my car.

Name one thing you dream about at night!

I have at least 1 dream a week that has Laura somewhere in it either in the background or foreground.

If you had $1 million, what would you spend it on?

Who says I had to spend it all immediately? :) I'd just save it for things I really need (or till a time I can get a visa to immigrate to the UK like if a retirement visa exists or any visa that would best fit my needs/situation).

What would you name your kids? How many do you want?

At least 2 and preferably a son and daughter so I can name them after Laura Matheson's grandmother who died of cancer and uncle who died of Parkinson's Disease. If I have to daughters, 1 will have either their first or middle name as "Laura".

Have you ever smoked?

Nope. My dad works for health Canada as a doctor and my mom is a retired pharmacist so that won't end well if I did.


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