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Brandon Hochevar @BrandonHochevar
Ask me a question
RSS answers
Who did u like
No one
What school dotty go to?
Joliet west
You should text me
Uhh idk who this is?..
When are you enlisting? And what are you gonna do in there?
Probably after this summer. And most likely marines and infantry front lines
You're so cute!!! :)
Aha thanks
Who do you like?
No one anymore.
Who do you like
Why would you like to know
When she says baby by Jason Aldean
I gotchu
You should listen to it
What song is it
Lol it's a song
Oh hahaha
When she says babyyyyyy
Wait what haha
How often do you go to parties?
Hardly ever tbh
Do you consider yourself a creative person?
What sport do you find attractive for girls to do?
Cheer, poms, volleyball, softball, and soccer
Who did you get to know that surprised you?
Oh a lot of people, I can't name one exact person unless you list people
Who surprised you?
Nope it's not zack...
Well you can dm me then
Stop being a pussy and tell me
Zack this is you I bet
Have you ever been surprised about someone you got to know?
Whos a good person you know?
Mike Quiram
Is she a junior?
Dm me and I'll tell you, but you won't dm! Bet!
Why? Tell us!
Lol if you wanna know then you can dm me and maybe I'll tell you, but bet you won't hahaha
What's her name start with
Hahaha I'll get back to you on that
Do you like anyone or are talking to anyone ?
Yes and no, kinda do but not really talking
You're hot a'f
Lol thank you