You, no not you, wait, you, yeah you, ask me something :D
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Job... Name the monkey Steve jobs. It was hairy and scruffy like him. (I sound like a bitch)
You can't sound like that, you never said wood hehehe but yeah JOBBSS
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Were we going to name the monkey Jeff? Or Bob I forgot
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what hs are you going to
Stuy reppin'~
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What is your idea of paradise?
My couch
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are you close to marina
opinion on roman
Roman has soft hair
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What was the last thing you made with your own hands?
My breakfast....3 weeks ago
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Hey :*
who do you have a crush on?
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What causes you to panic?
Having no monies I'm my wallet
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What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
If you invented a monster what would you call it?
The Black Mamba
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Yes, very Harlot indeed
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MMM sounds hot
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Loser...  Evrana Khatun
no you :(
Are you high? sab2cool4you* GET IT RIGHT.
" "
AWWW IM GOING TO MISS EDELS SO MUCH D: but ofc, Edels taught me everything I know psh.
so im pretty sure its 2cool4sab ;D
uhm no. You got it all wrong. It's sab2cool4you.
LOL YEAH, use inverse operations pls
Mr.Edelman probs taught you, right?
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who do you like?  Brayan Rosas
ogm no pls, no no you guys should ask her questions. Shes cooler than Brayan ;)
reely? im pretty sure im cooler like fo' reel #2cool4sab