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15 freshman shoes bmx an baseball
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Long ho on your mom
Damn there's a lot to say but she's hands down my best friend I love her to death no matter what's thrown at me she's got my back she can be annoying she's really over protective but it's because she loves me an Iove her for that she's one of the very few people I trust I can go to her for anything an she just means the world to me I can't imagine life with out her I love you mom <3
Hey I have this YouTube channel and it would really help me out if you subscribed to me! Thank you! xoxo  X
Hahaha no
Do you like when a girl gags on ur dick
Love it
Are you dead
Single or nah b
Nah b
But you guys are only talking so like I can hit you up then we can flirt alittle then we can date (:
Uh why is it to bad ?
Cuz I gotta bae
I wanna date you;)<33
To baaaadd
Who do you like
Are you an Elissa talking still ?
you like Alyssa
Not anymore
Who's your girlfriend
I don't have one but there girl I'm talking to is Elissa
If you had to pick one, what would be your spirit animal
A mouse
Do a tbh on ig
Tomarow but you gotta remind me
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Hello :D
You and elissa still talking?
Guess who  Tyler Viscusi
Guess who this(;
My dog idk
What makes a person rich?
do u miss anyone
Your vagina
Brian Dazi licks his asshole at night
Slow kissing or fast kissing ?
Don't matter
Why not
Cuz I'm Elissa's
You're my baby
Please be careful.. I know you really like Elissa but just be careful I don't want you to get hurt. (Not saying you will just I don't want to see you upset again) but if you really like her then Give it you're all.. But I guess I need to get over you now.. Ilysm byee :(
Thanks who is this?