Brian @Briandazi
Brian @Briandazi
15 freshman shoes bmx an baseball
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Post a shirtless pic.. But on here, not Instagram
You still like Elissa?
Opinion on Tori palazzolo, Katie bernal, Anthony Esposito, & Savannah mclean.. Cause there always together
Don't talk to any of them
All he does is smoke tho
He drinks too!
Opinion on Alex cisneros
Been through a lot of shit with him not as close as we use to be but we're cool
umm is it true you banged gwen stefani the other day?
Who the fuck is that
Do you got a bae or nah
Post a shritless picture
Hmmm nah
Who was that girl you were with in the mall yesterday
My mom? Lol
are you single?
lol whats the Chatous app everyone is talking about?
No clue lol
Yur girls Instagram pic was fire. You so lucky :/
I know I am :)
long ho on pitamber
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Long ho on elissa
That's my girlfriend she's the best she gorgeous so fun to talk to she always surprises me with some thing new an it just stays interesting I'm so happy we got back together she means the world to me I love her :)
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Long ho on nick
Long ho on Ryan
We became mad close 2 years ago during all stars but even though we don't chill as much anymore when we do it's like we do everyday he's mad funny an cool
Pap of messages
Pap of messages
Who are the three other people
Elissa Ryan nick
Fav number
How tall are you
How old is your mom
Do you still do bmx
Not as much but I can still throw a 360 down
Who do you trust
Mom an three more people
When's your birthday
Jan 7