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datedatedatedate  caroline
Thanks :)
Your like really hot okay bye
How you doin  Tyler Viscusi
Good wbu?
Hello  Tyler Viscusi
Hey babe
U date her
I date her
You know her!
Oh that helps
Can I play with your vagina?¿
Of course
I know someone who misses you .
Yup  Tyler Viscusi
That's so cute lmao
I'll shit in all their mouths  Tyler Viscusi
Oh werd?
Ight bruh we gon get em  Tyler Viscusi
Deadass fucking goons fucking with us
Who are these gay kids asking you stuff  Tyler Viscusi
Idk bro
Your dick is 2cm long and girls can't feel anything when you try to put it in
Tyler feels it.... Tehee
Who do you like
Tyler viscusi
Your mom  Tyler Viscusi
Gave you a cleavland steamer
Dude that is just disgusting  Tyler Viscusi
Don't knock it unless you try it bro
What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?
Shove a curling iron up my vagina
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Dude stop I only do that to your mom
I do it to your dad...
You shit muncher
You cum guzzler
My grandma is dead that's no bueno
I put my 15 incher in your mom
I put my 16 incher in your grandma