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Couple: You and Bunnyy.

Alizay Khawar

Haha yaaay.
You know who 🙈🙈

like =dp rate 9/10 :'))


Thankyouu :))

Would you rather be able to speak any language fluently or have the ability to talk to animals?

Dj walay babu mera gana chala dou?

Jk, 10/10 *___* That innocency in display 😃

Zainab Ali Khan

Haha thankyou. I know im hot af.

Like= dp rate : Nahi Dena 😜😸

Zainab Ali Khan

Ap na dekay tou dekhao zara :")

Job? where?

Call center?

Where u study?


Justin Bieber's "what do you mean?" has just released. Isn't it the best newly released song ever? Don't you think Bieber's back with a bang? Thoughts?

Uskay sath ab Gang Bang hi hona hay.

tu school se jaldi bhaag gaya tujey kya laga tere ab ragging nahi hogi ? bhai tum aoo touu batatay hain

Sure jaan :')

Baby kro nawwwwwww


Ajao babe sexting karein +92 324 4649234

Everyone, pls.

Thoughts on Sanha?

She is beautiful.

jaga ka naam ?

Naaam he tou nae bataana.

a level kahan say kar rahy hou larky ?

Bari fit jaga say.


Obviously :')

If you could travel the world with only one person who would you take?

My 'Non-existent' bachi.

Left right left right pyjama dheela topi tight

Whats wrong with you? Are you alright?



thoughts on Fakharunisa bari dosti hy ap logo ki suna hai ?

Jee. Ghaat sunna hay.

Why should a girl love herself? A serious answer is demanded, pls. í½í¸…

She should be self obssesed because she knows she is pretty af..

Larki main sab say pehlay kya dekhtay ho?

Her feet.

alevels kai lia kon sa school??

Socha nai is baray mai :(

what is your zodiac sign?

Scorpio 😭


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