OHB MIXTAPE coming soon... Chris Brown

I'm back and I'm better!! Chris Brown


Good vibes and enjoy the moments. My blessing ain't everybody's blessing. Be your own person and love! 💯 Chris Brown

Sometimes you just gotta listen, but sometimes they ain't talking bout shit. 💯 Chris Brown

Love you Chris! You are my idol and I love your music! ❤️ Mrs. Breezy ❤️

love you too!

I love you papi ❤️

I love you too

When a nigga always got something to say... Chris Brown

Post a photo for me please Ritabot

When is Royalty's birthday?

May 27th

- Chris Brown

One day at a time..... Some days are better than others...love is love


what does ohb stand for?

Out. Here. Ballin.

#GRAMMY? Chris Brown

This is probably the main reason I love being free to create any kind of music I want. Too many people kiss ass and work less.

Sexy face! 😉 Chris Brown

Usually wasting time on people who chase their own tails! Chris Brown

Since I'm getting messages and shit with you calling mfs frauds. If you starting shit unblock me and DM me since you have a problem. Let's lay all this shit because there is a relevant reason why you have a problem with me.being mature I'm trying to do this. are you going to mature or immature? 😊😊😊😊

lmfao ok Maria