Chris Brown @CHRISBR0WN
Chris Brown @CHRISBR0WN
Ima need y'all to be positive and stop licking Johnson. I'm not following anyone becuz I choose to be a leader ya bish!!!
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I swear she's fine and she knows it..  Chris Brown
And the fuck niggaz can hop off! She's not mine but she's MY homie, a real one ‎@OGXSLIM follow her!
I swear she's fine and she knows it..
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No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Have the best day ever #PositiveEnergy !  Ashley Monique
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-  Chris Brown
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TBT  100% Miracle
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Facebook privt or not.. people who wanna show love and support to Chris Brown they’ll follow him on twitter or instagram and if they don’t have one, they will make one. But most of all, they will follow him in every music step of his carrier. He is the leader and we are the followers ya bish!!!
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‎@kaeisfat got you!  Chris Brown
@kaeisfat got you!
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-  Chris Brown
I don't fuck wit Facebook anymore, my shxt got deleted... Told y'all that was the end of it... No biggie!
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#Selfie  Chris Brown
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-  Chris Brown
Search for your own happiness. People are just humans. Can't expect more from them than u expect from yourself.
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-  Chris Brown
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-  Chris Brown
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do u eat ass
I eat da booty, ion get tired!! LOL
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Why tf you like answers of other accounts named Karrueche?
That was her original account smart one. She owns ‎@karruechhe & ‎@kaeisfat
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Ask stopped me from giving you anymore likes lol
Damn that suxs. Shoutout too you baby girl ❤️
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-  Chris Brown
If u spam me with likes... Let me know how many you've liked and I'll shout you out!!
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Your WCW?
Your WCW?
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-  Chris Brown
Love her
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Which two instagram pages do you want your fans to follow ‎@chrisbrownofficial, ‎@chrisbr0wnofficial ??
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Lmao you special bro .. gonna go as Chris brown haha  Quincy
That's what kae said lol
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Lmfao waiting for the day you realize halloween party means dress up fool  Quincy
It ain't even halloween fool lol
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-  Chris Brown
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-  Chris Brown
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-  Chris Brown
Rue looking like two different characters lol but sexy tho!
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