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you really need to stop talking to leam and im not just saying this to fuck shit up but hes banged to other girls and i know he's been telling you different because i got told what all the shit that he's said about you

Okay hun

leam constantly says horrible shit about you. Thought you should know, you two are cute yh but hes clearly barressed of talking to you. he talks to like 4 other girls, and apparently he still lyks beth. just thought id warn you about him and his horrible personality

I really can not give two shits

thought you should know leam fucked someone else about a week ago

Some up to me tomorrow and talk to me about it yar

Best looking Daisy Nightingale?

Um ginger Jane?

best looking year 9's?

Daniel(and knows it) and Dylan betteridge
Sound like a right pedo

best looking year 10's?

Leam peake, Brandon wood, Kyle ward, callum green, can't even be fooked for this

whos your crush;)

My crush is Tom, tomorrow can u plz go and ask him out for me in the playground, die please.

favourite artist?

I have loads, cba

if you had to move to another country and change your identidy; where woulx you go and what would you call yourself?

Australia + Dingo

how long r ur toenails?

I have to have a high ceiling because when I go to bed, my toenails touch the ceiling

ur a two faced bitch

Saying the one not showing who you are and is happy to call me names anonymously, your the two faced bitch I think your find...

ello ello

Oliver twist?

did u kiss liam 2 weeks ago

omg pop up who ever this is-_-

your so naturally pretty:)


relationship status?

single pringle

ginger tosser

i may b a tosser, but im certainly not ginger

r u a chav

im far from a chav

who you going to the beach with?


What is the most played song in your music library?

r u mine- arctic monkeys

realationship status?:) because your hot...


What's the best way to spend $1,000,000?

Sex toys

get your bum out!!!!

get yours out first?

how man eyelashez do u av

About 5 on one eye cus I pick em out
And like 12 on the other one

do u av a bumbum or a nunney


like how none of these people giving you hate would say it to your face ahhaha



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