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whats your personal
g is your personal still private??
do we email you at to apply for co owner?
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are you gonna email people back about the co owner apps
Only the person i choose
what timezone are you looking for the new co owner to be in?? ive always wanted to be a co owner cause i have so much free time haha i get bored sometimes
Preferably in a UK/europe/australia timezone since im from the US but it doesnt matter that much tbh
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do you need another co owner
I might take applications in september but i havent decided yet. Keep an eye out!
so are 1D taking a break?
So he's still with Louis on tour then?
he was seen with a friend who lives there, not with louis but
How do you know Calvin is in Toronto?
People have seen him out
you talk more about calvin than oli... interesting
thats because people are asking about calvin??
just because shes a pretty girl now ppl say he was flirting. stupid af
are you annoyed that people are asking about calvin
yeah just because everyones always like "thanks for the 1d update" when its not about the boys but all of a sudden his friends are like top of the list of shit people wanna talk about lmK
well a few girls said he kept goimg back to her at the show.. amd said he flirted but other girls said he didnt
Well he does that. I gave him a bracelet at one of my shows and he kept coming back afterward its how he interacts with the crowd
Ma'am, in you opinion what do you think Niall Horan and Liam Payne relationship status might be?
Well liam hasnt been single since nam, but niall is single
Is Calvin not on tour anymore?
he is in toronto although he technically isnt "with" louis. Whether or not he will be going on the rest of tour i do not know for sure
do you think harry flirted w the girl he called 'texas' bc she was really pretty
Are you really saying harry was flirting with someone because he talked to them at a show...?
You are amazing! You are the best update account! You work so hard to inform us about the best/ amazing boys in the word! Thank you so much! It must be so hard/stressful to be a update account! I really appreciate your time and effort for updating!! I'm really grateful for you! PLEASE remember this!
Awww thankssss ❤️
Do the guys usually stay the night in the same city after their concerts or do they move on to the next right away?
Most of the time they leave
Melissa has reblog a lot of things that I feel I a towed niall! do you think niall would ever get back together with Melissa?
Why are you still talking about melissa lmao what
Will Boston be their last concert??? 9/12/2015
Its their last of the US leg
where is Niall right now? in LA or in MIA?
are you going to the triple ho thing
Ugh probably
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this may sem weird but how much is a like...front row ticket for a 1D ticket?
It depends where you get it from. If you buy it from the venue for face value theyre like $150 unless theyre platinum then theyre closer to $500. Resale have been going for $1000+
is your otra trip over
For now... Im just doing boston
whats your personal?!?!