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What if we need to talk to you???
My personal is ‎@cripesharry i'll be on there but I think you'll survive ;)
Obviously you don't know, but Do you think any of the five will attend the Superbowl?
Highly doubt it
wow its based on influence, these peeps are extemely influencial, there like doing spiritual work the passionate activist, my friend said its like there mother Theresa of there religion, i dont undrstand just cause hes in one direction?
Im jewish lmao. My point was he has the ability to influence a lot of people becausr of who he is. And like i said it doesnt really mean anything its just whoever wrote the article's opinion
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these are extremely highly positioned people, rabbi( a scholar to interpret jewish law) and passion activist, like a heartfelt humanitarian and spiritual leader- find it interesting thats its harry, THE harry styles of One Direction its like, i dont understand why, doesnt seem he should be higher
Its based on influence, and since hes so popular i can understand. But the list doesnt really mean anything
Do you like eleanor?
Im indifferent about her
hello this is the girl about the harry article again, it says The curly-haired cutie ranked at number 73 for the Top 100 Most Influential Jewish Figures. Harry managed to beat spiritual leaders, Rabis and passionate activists. its part of the article
Ok.... What point are you trying to make?
niall and harry are single?
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Why are you freaked??
what are your thoughts on harry being the most influential figures in the jewish community ? :/
Idk where that was said but im sure hed have a field day lmao
why some people do?
Yeah like understand their thought process but i dont think its fake
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I Kinda believe Zerrie and elounor are like 40% fake but I also believe it's real cus I can't picture the boys going so low just for this industry, especially zayn since he's engaged and with the tattoo..I also love Perrie so I can't imagine them doing a fake relationship :(
I personally dont think zerrie is fake but i understand why some people do
Do you know what testacles is?? —@leakingstyles
Have you seen what that icelebhotels acc was saying about LM just cus they're getting a great opportunity 5h isn't getting this year? -.-
I did
Do you even like LM?
Yeah i love them
Is there any slight chance that ZERRIE might be fake ?
Yeah. In fact a lot of people believe they are
Are you excited for the new Lm perfume?
I guess
Who's your otp?
do u know what liam bought sophia at tiffanys ? is it ok to ask? , since your friends with liam :/
Yeah me and liam are besties man we talk all the time but i cant tell you sorry
will sophia and liam get married anytime soon? :)
Doubt it?
I'm just asking, what do you think the pros are? And what are the cons ?
Pros are i can dm 4/5. Cons is that their dms must be exploding so they probably wont read them anymore
After I've seen "proofs" about Larry I don't feel as attracted to harry anymore bc I can't stop thinking about Larry what should I do? ;'(
Give in to larry
Is Liam single ?
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how old are you ?
Do you think Zayn moonlights as an uncover ninja?
Most definitely