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Can you tell us if Liam comes online?
He always tweets so youd know?
You are the best updates page ever!
Thanks mannnn
Is a 5 year age difference too much?
Is 3 year age different to high. ?
Do you think there will be a new tour dates announce soon?
Yeah probably after the album is out
Could you help me meet harry when they come to glasgow for the emas and when they rehearse for there next tour in london
Its not even confirmed theyre going to the EMAs but we're not doing insiders anymore sorry
Will there be meet and greet in America next year
Nothings been announced
Are you annoyed ?
Im perpetually annoyed lmfao
I really want to meet harry :(
Dont we all
Who's single from the boys?
Niall and harry
Van Halen is a rockband...? I think I've heard about it but I just looked it up I can't believe you know that band
Theyre great
Would you rather have 4 arms and 2 legs or 2 arms and 4 legs?
2 arms 4 legs
Omfg I'm laughing I'm from the Netherlands but I don't even know who Eddie van Halen is omg who is that
You need to be educated. Go ask your parents
Wow I don't even know this one apart from Heidi Klum! You're so much cooler than me haha
No im not lmfao
Do you know any famous people from the netherlands? Ily xx
Eddie Van Halen!!
Do you know any famous person from Germany? I bet you don't even know one haha
Heidi Klum, Daniel Tosh, and i think ian harding from pretty little liars was born there but i could be wrong
1 person likes this nobody likes Germany it's so boring here ^^
Im sure there are worse places haha
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I hate Germany so much.
What is G's real name? Like what does G stand for?
Who knows maybe this year there will be no fake cd considering the promo team does nothing
Fake cd?
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Name 3 places you would love to visit or live?
I want to go to australia, london and Greece for starters
Your opinion on 5sos? :)
Depends on the day
ποσο εισαι?
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