OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
oh hey, hi, hola :) if you got any questions for us 1D related or not feel free to submit them :) -Sam, Soph, Maddy, Mia & Geri
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So the only way to be insiders for you guys now is to be in a mutual already?
Just for pasadena because i already have stuff set up with some mutuals and we've been discussing it for months. It wont always be like this for california
do you think they will do another american tour for their next album?
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Hey did you ever send out the prizes to the people that won from the following spree? I just never saw any tweets or anything like that thanking you and thought it was weird.
Lmfao no i didnt cause i had issues before summer but i will be sending them out when i go back home in december i still have the list of who won what
Do you like little mix?
i have floor seats but theyre all the way in the back. is it a good idea to see what seats are empty on ticketmaster right before the concert and just sneak up closer??
Theyve been pretty strict with seating and such but its always possible
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Have you guys already picked your insiders for the rest of the WWA Tour or are you still looking?
I havent picked anyone for anymore dates cause i dont have time since i started school. Im doing insiders for pasadena but im doing the app process different
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Do you need an insider for wwa Pasadena ?
Im doing insiders for pasadena differently so unless we're in a mutual then im afraid not :/
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is the rumor about selena and niall real?
Idk what rumor that is but im gonna go with no
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Do you think Niall will do something for his birtnday
How long will the boys be in LA for though?
Atleast 3 nights
What do you mean? Where will they stay when they're in la for the next part of the tour
They rented a private house last time and it worked out pretty well so im assuming theyll do something similar since theres so many people
What hotel do the boys usually stay in in LA
They most likely wont stay in a hotel.
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can you guys help my account get insiders? :/ we have 249 followers and no one applys.
If you tweet me i'll RT
What would you say the best app or website is to make a fanfic?
Ummm idk everyone uses wattpad?
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best completed non dark 1d fanfics?
I dont read fanfics sorryyy
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Is Harry still single?
Thats a bit rude dont ya think. Jesus. So what if I'm from NYC.It's like ya'll are saying 'I'm such a big acc I get to choose everything cus people are begging me to join and I'm like da queen'.
Um not lmfao thats not at all what we're saying. We choose who joins our account and at the moment we do not need anyone from america. Thats not rude AT ALL
So US folks aren't allowed to apply? I'm from NYC btw
No. We need people from eastern hemisphere timezones
Is there a less likely chance to get chosen if your from Asia? Bec it doesn't say it in your app
Nope! The only apps im not looking at are the ones from North/South America
Your looking for co-owners from UK/Australia/Europe right? Does that mean we can't apply if we're from Asia?
You cam go ahead and apply :)
hiii , do i need to have a twitter account to apply to be a co-owner? i use to have a twitter s i know how to use it xD just my friends neer used their twitters so i deacteated it. I can always makea new one if you guys like my application. Will you guys not choose me if i dont have a twitter?
To be completely honest i probably wont choose you if you dont have twitter because 1. That means you dont follow us and cant see how the account works and 2. I creep applicants' twitters to see how they interact with people and stuff
did harry remove his butterfly tattoo or even more of them? i saw a video where liam pulled up his shirt and there were none of them and that vid was taken recently i'm worried
No that video was edited
I don't believe the girl who said she met Harry in La and he was rude
I havent seen that but i wouldnt either haha
Romance or bromance?
All of the above
Do you ship larry?