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How much are the tickets for the San Diego show for On The Road Again tour ?
Price ranges are on ticketmaster
Did Harry seem really gay in the SMG video or is it just me?
I mean... Hes harry
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how much are seats by the catwalk on ticketmaster without vip??
Someone said they got theirs for $350 from ticketmast but i think theyre cheaper since theyre not vip
today i bought tickets off of vivid seats (they were resold ones) and it said that they won't email me the ticket until December?? is that normal??
do u think theyre gonna add more dates in the u.s?? bc they havent said anything
Yeah i think they will
People seem confused about the rules for vevo here is some info ( I think multiple taps wont work because that would be way to easy)
Hellooo I really wanna get vip tickets but I heard you dont get to choose them is that right?
It gives you the bet available seats just like it does with any other ticket
What is the age restriction for the US?
There isnt one
if i want seats by the catwalk should i try for vip or just regular tickets??
Id try for vip
why do you think they're adding an LA date
Cause its basically the enteratinment capital and they had a lot of success with rosebowl and theyre redoing metlife and gillette so i dont see why not
Can you buy tickets on that bandsintown thing you just tweeted?
It links you to ticketmaster
What's VIP like what are the perks
What's VIP like what are the perks
So, are all the VIP tickets gone now or do they sell more the other days of the pre-sale or during general admission? All the tickets are sold out at the pitsburgh show but will they add more? And will there be a chance to get vip packages at all on the 1st?
They'll sell more during the general sale
Harry looks happier in the UK than in LA he actually smiles in fan pics when he's home.
Agreed hes shady when it comes to la lmfao
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when trying to get seats really close to the catwalk is it better to put "best available" or "floor seating"???
Best available
is it possible to get seats by the catwalk without getting vip??? (on ticketmaster)
so the people that get like front row catwalk are just lucky?
Or they got platinum seats or they got them on stubhub for a lot of money
What are the types of packages available like which one is 250 and which is 350
What are the types of packages available like which one is 250 and which is 350
any tips when buying tickets?
Never refresh. Let it load. They have a "line" so if you refresh you lose your place in line
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do u think vip is worth it or should i just go with normal tix
The vip tickets i have seen have been really good. Better than i expected so idk
how much is vip?
$225 or $350 depending which package you get
what are the best seats in the upper bowl
Anything on the sides
How many views does the video need to get to break the record??
I think like 19.9 mil
I'm so worried since U can't pick UR seats that if I buy two vip tix they won't be next to each other ugh thoughts??
They are next to each other
So there will still be good seats available for the general sale on the first correct? Like they don't get sold out at presale tomorrow right?