OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
oh hey, hi, hola :) if you got any questions for us 1D related or not feel free to submit them :) -Sam, Soph, Maddy, Mia & Geri
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Zayn or Harry /// opinion on 5sos
Zarry and i plead the 5th ;)
Can you go into the hotels one direction stays at ?
Normally no
Hey r u looking for a co owner??
Do you have an email?
Will 1D be at the VMAs?
should I join a support group
Yes bye
okay great well when Jordan staal got traded I was so upset I'm sti not over it do you have any advice for me??? help
I will never get over that or talbot so i cant help you sorry
do you give real life advice now
Apparently lmfao
HELP I'm moving the day after my concert and I'm going on plane for 9 HOURS WHATS SHOULD I DO
Sleep or watch movies or listen to music or rewatch videos from your concert
Like actually so upset right now because I accidentally unfollowed zayn on Instagram and he made it private again so now I can't see his pictures. Any advice?
Im pretty sure its not private?
Is this purge thing true??
Idk it sounds dumb as fuck lets all get together and get arrested great idea
Do you think the boys will be back to North America next year? Maybe fall?
Im assuming they'll do another world tour for their 4th album but idk how long of a break they'll take after OTRA
Wait i still dont understand..what is the relation between harry and lou? Are they cousins?
Lou teasdale? Shes their stylist lmfao
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That boopsy429 girl was saying that the boys would be coming back to NYC soon and she like stalks them a Lott so I was just wondering if you heard anything about that ?
I have not
Do you think the boys will do a world tour next year?
Have you picked insiders for Tampa?
Im not doing insiders for tampa
Hiiii how are girls getting backstage passes for the wwat!!???
They either know someone or its through a charity. I think a few places did a giveaway thing but im not 100% sure
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Will be 1D at TCA? :))
how can i apply to be an insider for the rosebowl show on September 12th ? if you haven't already picked ! sorry for bothering ! xx
We've already picked
how can you watch live the TCAS if you live in spain? or where do you watch them?
There will probably be livestreams or something
Have you picked all your insiders?
Not yet sorry i suck
Hi! Where is it confirmed that the boys aren't attending the TCA's? Thank you so much!
Its not one of those things they announce. We assumed they wouldnt go because of their schedule and theyre not going and then there was a surfboard seen at the stadium in NJ presumably to record a thank you video
Isn't it like your "job" to inform us where the boys are and where they are staying
No lmao this isnt a job no one pays me i dont have to do shit. And you must be new here cause update accounts have never tweeted hotel info. This isnt new
Is Jamie Scott filling in for 5sos all of the rose bowl days?
No. Both Jamie and 5sos are performing at rosebowl
Do the boys stay in the tour bus if they only have one show at that venue?
They might!