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We both know that ‎@radio1direction and @1dexclusive are the only ones who confirm everything all the time so if they say someone is somewhere is 96% true they have been wrong only like one time and only ls don't believe them so you migh be a larry shipper am I wrong?
Lmao i didnt say he wasnt with her i just said i wasnt confirming anything
You are an update account, but you haven't reported on Louis and Zayn being in LA like the others. And now one of them is saying Louis went clubbing in LA last night with El. Any truth in this?
I dont have pictures so im not gonna confirm anything. Wouldnt be surprised if he were there, idk who he was with tho
The sun did a article about niall and Melissa saying their just friends but updates accounts are making it sound like it's fake because they say the sun lied about harry and Nadine. do u think the article true?
The sun doesnt know shit about anything
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Do you think that there are meet&greet on next tour?
Can anyone tell me what kind/brand/type of cigerttes they boys smoke ???? Random I no but I swear I smoke the same.
Idk sorry
no one even knows if they are dating is everyone actually goin to trust a few blurry pics
No one said they were lmao
Im not upset but if Melissa and her bf broke up couple days ago and she's kissing niall days after I'm sorry but you don't do that
No one knows when/if they broke up so
if i buy VIP passes for the concert, would i be able to meet the boys? and if so, where. and if not how do i meet them?
No you dont meet them.
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I'm talking in general. don't be rude about people who complained about the setlist because your account is a group so one person says something and I you're all to blame so. please stop being rude when you have complained about the setlist also
Im not being rude to anyone lmao. I said it makes me sad to see thats not rude at all. Feel free to unfollow if youre unhappy
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you complained about the setlist too so shut up
There are multiple people on this account lmao
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I'm sad people are kinda negative about this tour so far bc of the setlist.... :(
Me tooooo
I can understand her frustration and point of view, but i also understand the boys' side of it. No matter what they do, someone will be unhappy. And im honestly a little sad that this tour has started on such a negative note.
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hi! can you let your followers know were lookin for co-owners! (: @1dinfocrew
How do I get insiders? (My accounts small)
Tweet that youre looking?
OTRA opening video & clouds: :)
Do you need a new co-owner?
Who's Opening for the boys in America ?
No one has been confirmed yet
hey do u know where i can find the opening video for otra
If i see it i'll post it
why the boys have that bondage bear
Cause its hilarious
Im not doing insiders sorryyy
Will the setlist for OTRA change for the US tour ?
Most likely
what should I wear to itra it is going to be like 28 degrees
Shorts and a t shirt...? Idk lmao
How many shows are the boys doing in Sydney