OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
oh hey, hi, hola :) if you got any questions for us 1D related or not feel free to submit them :) -Sam, Soph, Maddy, Mia & Geri
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really? i mean 3/5 have gf's so you mean only niall and harry have groupies?
You asked if i thought they ever had groupies not if i think they have them now
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do you happen to know if the boys have ever had groupies
Im sure they have haha
i have a question, if one were to have a VIP ticket for the WWAT would that mean you have a POSSIBILITY to meeth them?
5sos are also performing with 1d, will they sing too?
is the field p area good
Well there are maps that show you where it is so you can decide :)
which section are you going to??
Im not 100% yet cause im buying different tix. I'll be on the floor tho
Are they having more shows in California?? I live in sac and this freaking sucks
I thought they were gonna announce some in norcal but they havent :(
Are you going to the miami show? :)
Yepp :)
ok don't judge me but how the fuck is 5SOS supposed to be pronounced? like is it supposed to be said like 5SAUCE or like 5 SOS like Rihanna's song SOS lmfao this is do dumb I'm embarrassed but I have no clue
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whats the 5sos groupie drama now
Idk i dont pay attention haha
How is Larry and Elounor real?
I didnt say either were or werent
Do you know what month the boys are going to be Cali for the concerts?
What makes you ship Larry? Like some fans ship it cause the looks they give each other, some ship it cause of their tattoos, what's your reason?
I have a lot of reasons :)
Are you looking for a co-owner from california?
Nooo but we do need one from the UK
So you think el and Lou are fake dating..?
No i dont
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So you think Elounor is fake?
Nope :)
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Do U think p and h hung out or no?
This is the only question im gonna answer about this topic. No i dont.
do you ship larry as a bromance or a romance
whats your name?
Is the reason you thought hendall was fake because you support Larry or did you actually think it was PR
No i actually thought it was PR
Wait hold on you ship Larry if they were a couple? I support that too, but I don't think they're in a relationship ahaha. Is this why you always thought hendall was PR?
Theres a lot to that question hahaha im confused at what youre asking
I'm confused lol. Could you fill me in on all the reasons everyone hates Paige Reifler?
I dont discuss this subject and its a long story.
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
Me and ‎@jackalltimelow
Hi what's the meaning behind moments? Someone said that it was over a girl who died but i don't know if that's true xxx
Im pretty sure its about suicide? But idk ed wrote it youd have to ask him
Hi when did harry wrote the song don't let me go? And why? Xx
Well idk when he wrote it but his friend posted it on soundcloud a while ago. And he wrote it because hes a songwriter lol