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can you vote more than one a day with #MTVHottest?
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what do you mean by zayn lying about why he left?
I mean the official released statement was not fully truthful
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What time does 1Ds sound check usually start
The boys dont soundcheck, the band does. But i think its usually like somewhere between 2-4? Sorry idk haha
do you support zayn possibly recording a solo album or do you wish he was still in one direction?
I mean he can do whatever he wants im just forever salty that he lied about why he left lmao
Which concert had the ticketmaster screw up with floor seats?
San diego i think?
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Hey!! Can I still sign up to be an insider for BALTIMORE!!!! Thank you!!!!!
We dont do insiders
is diana still on the set list?
what are the hashtags to vote for the boys right now?
#MTVHottest One Direction
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Do you know when the boys are going to have a small break on tour again? (like maybe 3-4 days not on the tour?
Their full tour schedule is online at
whose the dude that's with zayn in the special features of this is us?
Do you think that the boys have their own twitters? (like one that the fans don't know about)
If you could have one person in 1D phone number who would it be?
who in Chicago? I heard niall was? right?
They all were
Wait did something leak from the album?
I guess a clip of a song yeah
Do you think Harry does Coke? I keep seeing people mention in on my TL
No lmao
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Front row on floor, 2 seats from catwalk.... worth $350?
You should be able to get them a little cheaper as the show gets closer but that price is not bad at all
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Do you know which hotel they are staying in Winnipeg?
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Is front row worth the money?
Depends where front row
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why are people so sure that louis friends are bad people
People in this fandom are "so sure" about everything lmao
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All the "one direction" vs "The Wanted" rivalry was Louis and Zany's fault!!!
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no the next tour won't be the last one bc i think liam, louis, niall and harry love what they do so much
I agree they love it
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This CANT be the last tour... I don't know what I'll do if thats true.
I hope its notttttt
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do u agree with what people say about louis friends
Not really, no
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do you know any comps I could enter to win m&g's (US)? any links?
No sorry
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Does PCD ever go away? Cause I got it reeeeeeeaaaaaaallll bad right now.
Takes foreverrrrrr
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