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I saw somewhere the boys will be on jimmu fallon on nov 20th, so thatd be in NYC... Is that tru?!
I highly doubt it.
I'm thinking about flying to ca to go to one (or both) of the jingle balls but was wondering if you had more info on those shows? Like are they the same duration as a normal 1d show, or more condensed? Just want to know if it's worth traveling cross country for 😁😳 thanks, girl
No, there are multiple artists so the boys' sets are wayyy shorter than a normal show
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whats your personal??
‎@cripesharry :)
Niall recently followed a girl on IG ( Anara Atanes) who dated Samir Nasri they broke up earlier this year. So she is single do you think Niall likes her or wants to date her?
do you want to date every single person you follow?? no dont think so stop reading into all of his social media crap
What's your opinion on Niall and Melissa? Do you think they really kiss? Or that they were really dating and trying to make it work?
they havent been seen together in like a while idk why this is still being discussed
What happened to Calvin?
idk lmao im sure hes still around
I saw that niall wants to only date/married a Irish girl??
pretty sure hes never said that
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how many o2 shows r there
6! tomorrow is the last one
g whats your snapchat??
you went to 7 otra shows? wow how many have you been to in total
ummmm 17 if you include gma, the today show and the 1dorlando private thing
Doss Niall like Selena he like her picture that was 2 days old!!!! Why doesn't he follow her since he like her picture??!! what will Justin B think about it??!!!!
Whats Niall relationship with laura Whitmore
theyre friends and have been for a while
how many otra shows did you go to?
Do you think Niall wants to adopt or actually have a baby with the girl he is going married to later in this life (like get her pregnant)?
why dont you ask him lmao
I keep thinking niall going to die is he ??? I hope so !?? whay isn't anyone doing talking ??? IM SCARED!!!
you hope niall is going to die...?
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Do you think niall going to have a another birthday party in London soon with his friends in London because he was in los vagina?
los vagina me too
Does Niall like-like Genie Bouchard? I mean like he wants to date her ?
......... really
You went to 6 shows this year :O
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Where's it leaving from
not boston :) i dont want to post bc then people can find the flight sorry
Do you know where the boys will be staying when they come to Boston?
they probably wont stay
yeah lol i was walking back from across the street and i saw you guys
oh wow this is so random lmao
yeah i was down the street you guys were staying at my hotel i think lol
HAHAHAHA the sheraton?
im pretty sure i saw you at a subway after the show?
i was outside a subway...? lmao
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i think i saw you in vancouver... do you have purple hair
haha yeah i do!
wait you were in vancouver??