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Does Harry's Personal Assistant travel with him especially when he goes to LA?‎  Debbie Cortese
She doesnt go everywhere with him but she had gone to LA with him in the past, yes
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Do you think Harry has a certain type of girl He is interested in? Or do you think if he met the right girl it wouldn't matter what she looked like?
If harry likes a person i doubt looks matter
Do you think the boys will tour again next year for their fifth album?
Originally i would have told you no but now im not so sure. Its possible theyll take a break from touring tho
Do you do updates on which hotels 1D stays at for concert?
Will you be updating location and such for 1D in California? I'm trying to meet them when I'm there I don't know if that was a stupid question or not
No sorry. We do general location updates like what city theyre in but nothing specific until after they leave
What size shirt do you think niall is? His birthday is around my tour date and im trying to meet him to give him a present, so i figured a shirt would be nice, but im not 100% sure about the size😂 i was thinking medium
Yeah id say medium too :)
Does Niall have a tattoo?
who is niall? is he in 1d or something?
Nah ive never heard of niall i know neil?
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Do You speak spanish ?
Kind of
are you able to find locations on Louis, I just arrived in LA and want to see him 😍😍
No sorry
do you guys have any idea yet where one direction will stay in Baltimore. I have a idea I would just like to confirm
We dont give out hotel info, sorry!
what is Wimbledon ? what is it about
Its a tennis tournament
what is the glastonbury about ? i mean what kind of festivels is it
If you go to their website you can see who played :)
where is one direction and when is there next show and where
Everyone is in London (as far as we know) other than louis who is in LA. their next show is july 9th in san diego
why is every one talkin bout niall lip sync
No idea
What was the festeval niall and louis were
I loveeee your account? How old are you girls? In uni? x
Thank you! Im going to be 20 on saturday, so yeah in uni. Chelsea is in high school still and this is awkward bc idk about andrea lmao yikes
I'm sorry if that sounded rude its just I used to be like really into one direction and its not that I dont like them anymore but I used to think that they were like no other band before and so special but since zayn left I kinda realised that they are just like every pop band and thats ok actually
Yeah i mean the industry is kind of all the same, the people are just different. But everyong works in the same ways. But i feel you 100%
actually every famous pop singer but I was just saying cause it just bothers me a lot that everyone ends up doing that can you just sing because you like it without the superficial sellling image and I know that what I'm saying it stupid cause most of the ppl wouldnt buy it without that image idk
No i get what youre saying its annoying i agree. Its just the nature of the beast
well look at that.. between us, is that their fourth, what fifth fragance? its kinda funny but I mean they are really nice guys and the have nice voices but do you all realise that they are really more like a brand than a band right?
Every famous person is a "brand" thats how the business works this is not news lmao
do you have any links for the wwa movie?
do you have any info on where the boys will be when they're in santa clara?
Does management tell the boys (mostly Harry and Niall) to stay single? They haven't had a serious relationship or even a relationship for a long time? Is it because their busy or hiding the relationship? Management could of told them to keep it a secret?
Everyone believes management is involved at a different level. The reality is no one knows. I would say personally no, they dont keep them from having relationships. Theyre super super busy and constantly traveling. But like i said, no one knows. Theyre hella sketchy haha
one direction among the personnel you prefer anyone?
If a girl profile picture has a guy does it mean they like each other are together? ( in the picture they are posing)
No lmao what