ya a person said Niall was with a girl last night ...... no pictures but could still be true

people say niall is with a girl every night

do you think Niall would be a good husband and boyfriend?

dont see why not

https://www.instagram.com/p/BAzaUBxldVi/ who next to him ... looks like a girl ...?

its a large sporting event i hope this is a joke

I'm scared we haven't seen Niall today ..... could be with Selena at her house doing private thing

he was seen more than once and wasnt with selena lmao

Do you really think niall single?


Do you know are there going to be pictures of Niall today since he was at a game today?

there will probably be a few fan pictures yeah



I thought it was weird how Niall was in bed while Selena face time him and fans saw that and took a picture with Selena but not a video of her talking to Niall!The girl saying this is supposedly a friend of the girl who actually took a picture with Selene has said nothing about.


I have never seen so many pics of any of the boys with their "girlfriends" before. that in itself makes me question it. don't get me wrong if it is real I'm happy for them and I am trying to believe it but I'm finding it hard

i mean you have to think about how much money paps make off of pictures like these, its definitely not out of the question for them to get followed but yes i understand what youre saying

Do you think Louis friends are a bad influence?

ehhh i think some of them can be yeah, but its ignorant for us to assume we know the dynamic between him and any of his friends whether the fandom likes them or not

How do you feel about the Azoff's?


wow im happy you still think larry is real after all of this

i aint weak ;)

Do you think that the boys will get a nomination for the BRIT awards even though they're on hiatus? x


do you like Kendall Jenner?

don't have a problem with her at all

because in harrys past relationships (pr) harry looked so sad while with kendall he looks so smiley and happy. he jokes with her too

yeah and hes been friends with kendall for a while so thats what i chalk it up to. im happy hes enjoying himself whether theyre actually a thing or not

What was your reaction going through the pics?

thats harry seems to be enjoying himself

I feel like Niall is going to date selena yayY!

who knowssssssss

im not saying i dont agree but id like to know your opinion

well its simple really, its not the first time him or louis has been with a girl over the last 5 years so why would this one change my mind when the others didnt you know?

how can you think larry is real if harry was so happy and relaxes with kendall? he also took a pic of her with his phone..and was pouting for a kiss..

i dont know why you care what i believe im not tweeting about it. you asked me how i felt and i told you! its okay if you dont agree :)

you think harry covered their faces bc they were kissing?

no i didnt say that lmao

larry not hendall lol

OH makes more sense. my opinion on larry hasnt changed, no

do you still believe in hendall after harry gave his necklace to her, covered their faces just for a kiss and cuddle?

well i never expressed an opinion on hendall so.... the pictures are up to individual interpretation, everyone can think what they want!

I saw somewhere the boys will be on jimmu fallon on nov 20th, so thatd be in NYC... Is that tru?!

I highly doubt it.

I'm thinking about flying to ca to go to one (or both) of the jingle balls but was wondering if you had more info on those shows? Like are they the same duration as a normal 1d show, or more condensed? Just want to know if it's worth traveling cross country for 😁😳 thanks, girl

No, there are multiple artists so the boys' sets are wayyy shorter than a normal show


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