OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
oh hey, hi, hola :) if you got any questions for us 1D related or not feel free to submit them :) -Sam, Soph, Maddy, Mia & Geri
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What do the VIP tickets to the rose bowl get you
Ticketmaster explains it all
do you knows how long liam and harry are in la?
Im assuming they leave tomorrow
What's your favorite Fan fiction?
I dont read fanfics
do you prefer hendall or haylor
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do you ship hendall
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do you like 5sos
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Do you like Fifth Harmony?
1 person likes this there's obviously someone in the car with him
Yes i know
do you ship elounor or larry
Both? None?
how is it complicated???
Cause it is
do you belive in larry???
Its complicated.
When will you announce insiders for Pasadena? Xx.
Not for a while
What's your favorite bromance?
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Where are all of you from? :)
Its in our bio
You believe in Larry?
Didnt say that
(y) she saw also he was talking on the phone so he was stopped at a stop sign! she said that to another fan who ask
I know it was him
Hiii uhm ok so I'm planning on going to the venue like at 6am so I can have great seats(they are not asigned) but like do you think I have a chance to meet one of the boys like if I go to the part where their tour buses are?
Nahh they dont stop theres too many people. They might wave though
Why don't they give the boys gifts? Do they just throw them out?
They probably wouldnt even take them
We all love you G. x
Thank youuu ily too :)
Can you go on kik please??
You have to wait till this period is over sorry
Who's on?
You & C are the only ones who are always on what happened to the others?
Theyre busy
Why arent you accepting insiders from latin america?
We dont have time to do them
Yepp mean yes?