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What's your star sign???
What's your favourite song??
Dont have one
What's your 0,5 language??
Spanish haha
How many languages do you speak??
Do you speak french ?
What means lmfao??
Laughing my fucking ass off
Isn't your name Geriatric? It in your ask bio.
Lmfao no
Is there anyone bothering you?
Everyone bothers me lmfao
Your full name is G Why ,right?
Whats your last name?
What's your name ?
Are you a Directioner ?
Did I miss any updates today??
Would it be possible to actually have a conversation with Harry if I saw him out again? I don't want to just be like "hi can I have a photo?" And that's it
If hes not busy/with people he'll talk to you for a bit
Where are ya from?
I saw Harry in la last night but I was too embarrassed/nervous to go up to him. Do you know a way where I could without seeming like a crazy fan?
Just be chill hes not an asshole so i doubt he even thinks about it too much
What's the best way to meet harry in la?
Its literally pure luck my friend
Do you want to give me free 1D tickets for tomorrows concert?
Cant help ya there
whats your favorite color?
1d_updatesEU is saying niall broke up a marriage on their ask *insert shocked emoji* obviously we don't know anything about the boys private lives but if that's true holy poop
Im gonna go with a negative on that one
The boys sang stand by me/ beautiful girls yesterday at rose bowl. I can't seem to find a video. Do you have one?
Yeah i'll post it
How can I get tickets?
Fandango or check the boys' website
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Does the WWA film show in the US?
are the hoes loyal ?
Do you have any info at all for the Florida shows?