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Why are ppl bringing perrie into the Louis/Zayn fight??
People bring perrie into everything lmao
which one of the boys follow you?
Today I saw my crush talking to this girl while they were walking to class together like two times. I know this girl has a boyfriend because the last month I seen her with him holding hands and kissing and they were holding hands just yesterday(her boyfriend) [NOT MY CRUSH]. Am I'm overreacting?:)??
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hey i need to sell a ticket for the OTRA show in seattle, do you think you guys can help spread the word?
Tweet me the details and i'll rt
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should I make it like its real and have everyone around me go along with it? Should I make a poster too saying that it is?
Thats the only way it will work
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I am sitting right next to the stage for otra. Would it be wrong for me to say that it was my birthday even though it's 20 days after and the concert is my birthday present?
Nahhh go for it. Everyone else lies lmao
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do you know why 1dsuperhuamans stopped updating for a year and like she's inactive rn ?
She just got busy :)
Do you think they're gonna add OTRA shows for the U.S. Leg of the tour
Doesnt look like it
Hi girls... Any idea where the band's staying at for their OTRA performance @SD??
We dont give out hotel info
@ queen_schultz97 is trying to use my artwork to get noticed by 5sos can you spread the word please help and report her
do you know when niall is going to the airport in georgia? please answer
If you have Direct message to Harry can I please have one ???
He doesnt follow me
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For the Pittsburg show, I think there are a few sections on the floor at the end of the catwalk that are general admission. They don't have seat numbers.
No theyre not GA theres a number if you actually buy a ticket
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What sections are the best if I'm gonna use my money to get the best ones i can
You can look at a seating chart for your show :)
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Should i buy good tickets now that are available or wait until they get cheaper like a month before the concert?
Id wait
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Hi! :) how early do you have to get to the stadium for general admission tickets for some of the U.S. shows?
There is not general admission in the US...?
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I got platinum seats for otra. I didn't buy a package. What does that mean? Do I just go there like anything other concert and sit in a seat or stand randomly?
Its just a ticket its not VIP or anything so yeah just go to your seat like you normally would
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what kind of cometitions?
Radio stations and things like that do competitions and giveaways that sometimes include meet and greets. Nabisco is a big one idk if theyre still sponsoring tho
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hii! :) Do you know how people get on backstage at concerts?
Connections, competitions or charities
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Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold :)
No idea
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Harry and nadine hangin out again? You think?
Who's nadine....? Lmao
How many 1D concerts have u been to
7 technically 9 if you count the today show and the private 1dorlando show
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Do you know when harry will be in Los Angeles next???
Nope. Probably this break knowing him
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We're raising money 4 ‎@RaysofSunshine for 1D 5th Anniversary please help us #RT thank you! ;)
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Do u think Niall willbe in lLondon during his break
Looks like it
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