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Nvm you're a very annoying larry shipper.
Let me go cry about it
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Do you think the best seats are those along the catwalk?
In my opinion yeah
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Canadian dates for otra tour are not general admission right?
Who's follow do you have?
thanks for helping out, you've been a great help. I'll try to get floor seats during general sale :) pray for me!
I hope you get them!
Why is your background weed????
Lmfao its the only thing we could find to match our icon
Why not?
I dont have time
How do you become an insider??
we arent doing them anymore
is general sale tickets better than presale? the presale sucked tbh
You're lucky I didn't find her and beat her ass for not giving me the info. I saw lou from her balcony anyways so no sweat off my back
Really cause it seems like youre sweatin this a lot lmfao
Pick a better insider next time you who're
Who're same
I won tickets on the radio, I was the 10th caller. Are the tickets going to be really good? Like floor by the catwalk or no?
No idea ask the radio station
oh . You were probably looking at the looks from harry. But anyway well I'm not going to lie.. You seem like the nicest Larry shipper I've ever met. You seem to respect others opinions even tho you may not agree with them. Thank you for being respectful to the rest of us ..
I would expect that of others so thats why i am that way. I appreciate the kind words though. Thank youuu :)
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I wasn't trying to be rude sorry. I was just informing you.
Yeah i know haha thanks i havent actually watched it. Thats not why i was freaking out tho is all
That gif about Larry that you were dying about from that interview? Watch it. They all agree it's sexy not just harry..
The dialogue wasnt what i was talking about but thanks
I just wanted to tell you that harry wasn't the only one who said "yeah it is" in that interview about LOUIS. They all said it...
I havent even watched the interview so im confused at what youre talking about?
I was waiting outside the hotel in Toronto where the boys were staying and your insider was so secrative on when she met lou sitting in the patio. She didn't tell anyone. Like what the actual fuck other fans were waiting there too and your selfish ass couldn't tweet where she was?
I didnt know where she was and that was so long ago so please bitch to someone else thanks
idc if you ship Larry but can you tell me if you are respectful about it to non Larry shippers?? Cause Idk doesn't seem like you are
I literally dont give a shit what you ship and ive never been rude to non larry shippers so yeah i can tell you that
do ya have t include 'midnight memories' for the AMAs cause the twitter pic doesn't
No you dont have to
How did the people get picked to go to the book signing?(:
They bought tickets
Do you have any tips on getting really close to the catwalk seats? :) thanks for putting in the time to answer questions. It's really helpful
You just have to be quick on ticketmaster. And dont be afraid of stubhub! Like i said, i got mine 6 weeks before my show so theres always time :)
Where could I find out how the live nation presale works for tomorrow? Thanks so much :)
You have to call/email livenation
Hi it's your sympathiser again... Continue to watch you answer more questions that all other update accounts combined... Beginning to think the fandom needs to start a fund to pay you. Keep up the ridiculously good work
Awww thanks
Do you have to buy premium seats to get really close to the cat walk?
Nope. The platinum seats arent even the ones nearest the catwalk for most dates. I got my catwalk ticket for half the price they want for seats further away
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