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OneDirection Updates @CaliTracking1D
RSS answers
Omg all you larry accounts / shippers are annoying af
Then why do you follow me :)
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People are fucking retarded. You ship what you ship and your Twitter is YOUR Twitter, like why the fuck not express yourself? There are plenty of other update accounts that don't ship Larry. If ppl still want updates but don't want to see larry they can go there like buh bye
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can u guys stop tweeting SO MANY larry? it's annoying bc NOT ALL DIRECTIONERS ship this like u do it
Its my account. If you dont like it feel free to unfollow. Im not asking you to ship anything, im just talking about what i do ship.
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This isn't met in a bad way, but we're you one of the accounts who said they don't like meghan trainor??
I said i dont like her song, yes
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What's one directions snapchat
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Did you preorder FOUR to get FOUR behind the scenes on iTunes? Xx
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Is one direction coming to Florida?
Nothings been announced
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Can we apply to be Co-Owner someway at all
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How do you get the FOUR behind the scenes from iTunes. It doesn't come up
Mine came when i downloaded the album
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What time is jimmy kimmel?
11:35 pm EST
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I have a seat next to the catwalk. Do the boys interact with people right beside it usually? Do you think I'll get a selfie with one of them from far away smiling ?
Yeah they interact with people on the catwalk a lottt. And idk if they see you maybe
When does the DVD of their movie come out ?
December 1st
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When does Jimmy kimmel and ellen air??
Jimmy is tonight and Ellen is tomorrow
no reallu tho where does harry usually go?
Every tour is different
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What is Harrys fav side of the stage?
Wherever me ‎@nitetimeniall and ‎@vivalajussi are
what are the highlights bout orlando?
Ben winston, lou, louis being fucking amazing all the fucking time, harry staring into my soul and being happy af, niall is the actual king of pop, liam was daddy af and zayn rocked his little ombre sweater. Also harry and louis dancing in sync and harry being up my ass all the time
What's going on with 1DHQ and drama??
I didnt know there was 1dhq drama
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Do you know if there are going to be outta uk dates announced?
yeah but I mean... do you think elounor is fake or theyre just friends or smthing
I have a few theories but its a long story
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how much do you think the deluxe album will cost if I'm gonna buy it in CD form when it comes out?? I really need to know.
Isnt it like $15-$20? Idk i havent gotten mine yet
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whats your opinion about eleanor/larry?
Im larry af where have you been
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How much is Steal My Girl VIP and Night Changes
Smg is $350 night changes is $225
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What day do you think the boys will probably add Florida on??
No idea
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I'm so happy that one of you ( or all of you) are Harry af while still being Larry fans. Makes me so happy. Keep up the good work. Much love.
Why wouldnt i be? Hes half of the ship....
do you think thats it wrong for the boys to write/title a song about something as serious and Stockholm Syndrome? Like thats a real thing....
Not at all