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Is Harry still in New York?
Do you know what hotel NIALL is staying at?
If i said no would you believe me
The boys aren't goig to be live at the Rockin eve right?
No they recorded it while they were in LA
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Most recent picture of 1d?
Most recent picture of 1d?
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Do you ship larry?
do you think that if i ran in front of harry's car he would feel bad for me and take me backstage at a concert and let me watch him fuck louis?
Probably not
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what kind of car like brand are the boys driving around in in NYC?
A nice one
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What do u think about the harry and Nadine drama
I think people are stupid
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Do you know if the boys have any plans for new year's yet?
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Like, does it mean morning wood or what??
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"Ask your parents" I'm laughing so hard at that you're hilarious
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What does "Waking up, beside you i'm a loaded gun" mesh I'm so confused
Ask your parents
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When will the boys be on the tonight show with jimmie F?
It airs on tuesday
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"harry is staying at a private residence" is this short for saying he's staying with nadine?
No lmao
do you know how long the boys will be in New York?
Probably till tuesday/wednesday but who knows
if you dont have the time or interest for insiders why do you run this account then?
Because update accounts are to UPDATE people and i can do that without insiders.
When do you think more otra dates will be announced?
Hopefully soon but idk
do u know what hotel the boys are staying at in NYC?
Did ed say 18 was abour a love befween 1d members
why don't you guys do insiders anymore?:(( I need your help this summer!!
I dont have the time or the interest tbh
he wants a Larry sex tape
Dont we all
Sidney crosby ships Larry probably
Obvi. He watches sooo much gay porn so he dreams about larry
Do u ship larry?!
Will they add more dates for the US?
As far as I know, yes
Dont we all