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to the one who asks about an update acc for Dubai .. there's acc ‎@arab_direction1 They are going th the show or have insider who will go the show
You hate Zayn?
What would be your reaction if niall, LOUIS, and Harry confirm they were single? 3/4, or 3/5 single
Well they are so....?
do u think niall is single now like not with anyone at all, 100% single
Yes lmao
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Do you know if there are any update acc for the SA dates or dubai?
Im not sure... But i think theres people from some update accts going you just kinda have to search
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there a rumor going around about niall has a big secret ? is it true
Im sure theres a lot about niall we dont know lmao
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I love clingy af people I dont have clingy af people
Im sorry for your loss
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Who is Max that is helping Eleanor?
Theyve been friends for a long time
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Hey - not that important but do you know why they havent been using the "yellow brick road" stage?
Im not 100% sure... Could be how the venues are set up
whoa r 3/5 really single? niall Louis, and Harry
Looks that way
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What do Liam Payne look in a girl now? (Here in 2015.)
Sophia Smith
when ppl dont realize bisexuality exists ///:
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harry liked a photo of a semi naked model and u still think hes into men ok
Wow he liked a picture how dare he
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can I be an insider for Harry's asshole?
No sorry i live here
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Do u think niall and Melissa will be seen together soon ?
No lmao
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do u still believe in larry lol louis kissed a girl
Oh shit youre right nevermind its fake
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My cousin bought the tickets for me on her credit card online.i acnt go so i wanna sell them.there is that card number on the tickets. is there any check for that number to before entering the venue? that the same person entering has bought them or not?
As long as theyre not VIP, no
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u stull believe ib lardy
You are larry shiper?
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Do you ship Larry Stylinson?
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If you would marry any one of the One Direction boys, who will it be?
Harry but he has louis soooo ;)
Are you looking for a insider for the Edmonton show on July 21st?
We're not doing insiders
what are some good tips to meeting the boys while they are in your city for a concert?
Dont believe what randos tell you bc everyone is in it for themselves
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Who do you ship as a bromance in the band right now?
As "bromances" i kind of ship them all with each other?
Hi, are you looking for an insider for Indonesia OTRAT? xx
Noo sorry