Calvin Dybicz @Calvin06dybicz
Calvin Dybicz @Calvin06dybicz
Kik me: calvin_dybicz Or snapchat: calvin06dybicz
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How would you describe your style?
The "I don't give a fuck"
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What time did you wake up this morning?
truth is Calvin you're my bestfriend :)  Steph
Lol thankss
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truth is calvin baby I havent seen you in a while idk if we have classes or nah but youre chill and funny hmu soon bro love u  Ray Mendoza
Love u tooo <3 we have to chill soooon
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Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
Thoughts on? Do all
I'll try lol
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What color are your eyes?
Have you ever played golf?
Do you like your schedule?
It's alright lol
Why are you so quite around people
Dnt worry bout it
You're gonna get killed by the other freshman gym class.
Cool bruh
You're on the unathletic gym lol.
Well I'm unathletic so what do you expect
Do you know anyone with gym with you?
No onee
cal we have 4,7,8 ! (;  ✌ Jake Madl ✌
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Do you talk to yourself?
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Hey are you calvin Klein?
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Do you lift?
Yeah loll
Do you workout
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truth is, we dont really talk, but youre cute asf! you seen nice so hmu whenever(:  zula
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truth is you're my bestfriend :)))) luv u  Steph
Love ya too(:
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Smash(; 10(;  Jack Blomstrand
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Have you watched the fifty shades of grey trailer?
Yes lmao
truth is idk you but you seem nice! we should talk more hmu sometime!(: rate; 8!  Julie Brizzolara
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