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You're cute
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Blonde or brunnetes?
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Like anyone?
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Tbh, I hope human geo was fun today(; lol you're really funny and so nice! We gotta hang out sometime soon((:  Sabrina
It draggedddd haha thanks(:
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boobs or ass
Booty is life
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I offered be there
Guys like you want to talk about drive like you cheated me off right now
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Currently Jewel grabbing my testicles
Piggy that you?
Robin is belly
This guy scares me scares
What they say what they don't say they don't like brother
Truth is, We just started talking and stuff but you're really funny and so much fun to be around!! The football game was fun with you and you're so nice! You should text me sometimee((:  Sabrina
Yeah thankss(:
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Oh & rate 10:)  laur
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tbh you're really nice and u seem cool u should text me or something  laur
Yea thankss
Ap because sabs is in it duhhh  Sabrina
Exactly whyyy
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What is the Universe made of?
Favorite classes?
Gym, bio and ap are alright, and study hall
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kiss bb ily  ✌ Jake Madl ✌
Thanks ily2
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hott  alexa fontanetta
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date kissss  patricia gurak(:
You should consider it
I will
Why don't you cut your hair from the back?
Idk lol
Ever smoked?
Never have never will
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Are you going to homecoming?
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rate : tobias(:  ana