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Casey Robson @CaseyRobson
Casey Robson @CaseyRobson
Ask mee.. Snapchat- caseyrobson Instagram- casey_robson Chris x
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like=hot or not
Hi there
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whoever likes ask them a few question on anon?
Hm maybe
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Compliment/rate the looks of whoever likes this?
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do hot or not likers??
With Mary okay ha
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Like for a compliment
Hmm maybe
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Like for a line?
Hmm maybe
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Hot or not?
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aww casey you are the best girlfriend i love you more than anything i would do anything for you;) nothing could change that xxxxxxx  chris porter
Aww love you xxxxxx
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Who does Mary fancy
Like I'm going to say
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I swear you and chris have only been going out for like a week
Have you been living under a rock or something?
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is chris good to you?
yes he treats me sooo well aww i dont deserve him
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What do you want right now?
A good relationship
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opinion on dan timms?
Don't know him
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What's the worst thing a boy could do
Ignore you
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Picture of you and Chloe b
Picture of you and Chloe b
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