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like=hot or not

Hi there

whoever likes ask them a few question on anon?

Hm maybe

Compliment/rate the looks of whoever likes this?


do hot or not likers??

With Mary okay ha

Like for a compliment

Hmm maybe

Like for a line?

Hmm maybe

Hot or not?


aww casey you are the best girlfriend i love you more than anything i would do anything for you;) nothing could change that xxxxxxx

chris porter

Aww love you xxxxxx

Who does Mary fancy

Like I'm going to say

I swear you and chris have only been going out for like a week

Have you been living under a rock or something?

is chris good to you?

yes he treats me sooo well aww i dont deserve him

What do you want right now?

A good relationship

opinion on dan timms?

Don't know him

What's the worst thing a boy could do

Ignore you

Picture of you and Chloe b

It's not your birthday

No I'm lying?

Are you scared of the dark?


Why do you all say mate

Sorry mate

Stupidest thing you have said

There has been plenty of things

oh wow I feel loved, something for me n casey to laugh about tomorrow with;) WE DON'T CARE WHO HE LIKES MORE rant over;);)xxx

rachel dalton

Ahaha this is so gay ;) xxx

Didn't know you knew josh

I've lived opposite him for like 8 years

have yo ever hugged chris?


Yes Casey is

Don't you just love ask

fuck off caseys not fat or ugly u jealous prick

Aw thank you Mia ily x x

why? he is a dick

No he's not hes the sweetest person


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