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Why do I talk to 'English Kids'? :P ((Something a classmate asked to me.))


Uh... I have no clue. Hahaha. XD



Hewwo! Sorry I kinda forgot about this site lol... ^^;

If a Serperior that could talk came to your front door, what would you do?

Cory P

I would be like "OMG you are so cool! Come on in, let's chat!" :D

What's the best way to spend $1,000,000?

Probably by giving a ton of it (if not all) to an organization that helps people or animals (in my case I would probably give it to an organization that helps animals, or both) :)

Do you already have a team for Pokemon X & Y planned?


Well, I am as far as Fenniken, Charmander, and Torchic... but that is it. X3 The rest I will just see how it goes... I know going the "all one type" route isn't the smartest idea, but these are the Pokemon I love best, so I want to use them lol... X3

how many questions did you had?


I would check but I am too lazy to do so lol... let's just say a lot! XD

Are you still allowed to answer questions?


No. *cries* :"(

SWEEEEET! Sonic lol! XD

Where are you cassy?

I am grounded and not able to get online... that's where. *cries* :'(



Will you ever be back on Serebii? (from mon; I don't have an account so ...)

Yes... I hope. May be months (I seriously hope not however), but I will get back on! If it is the last thing I do I will, for all of you!!!! <3

Miss you, Cassidy.

Aw, I miss you too... <3

What kind of RP are doing over PM on serebii? (Please, some sign that you answer me!!!!!)

Cory P

A vore RP! Oh yeah! (thank you) <333333333

Who am I?

Cory P

Spyrois2Cool... right? ;)

I love you!!!!!!!!!

AWWWW THANK YOU!!! i LOVE YOU TO!!! (who is this?) X3

"Don't go breaking my heart!!!" *sob* my life is empty without you!!! I don't need the stars in the night I found my treasure All I need is you by my side So shine forever!

Cory P

Aw, YOU KNOW THE SONG GOLD?! OMG YOU ROCK DUDE!!!!!!!!! You just earned even MORE respect from me, over the heaps of respect I already have for you! I am so sorry I haven't been on! You are amazing and I miss you as well! <3

Guess who I am, Serperior lover from serebii! Who am I?

Cory P

CORY (aka Spyrois2cool). Am I right? :D <3

I MISS YOU ON SEREBII!!! Where are you? ~spyrois2cool

Cory P

I have been grounded still!!!! i am soooooo sorry, I have been missing you too however!!!!!!!! <3

Hey Cass, how've you been? (If my blue little name doesn't show up next to the question, then it's Ian)

Ian K.

Hey! I have been not so good lately to be honest, but how are you? <3

Do you like Italian bread?

Yes!!!!! :D


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