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I'm a girl and have an older brother. He always annoys me and hits me in the boob. Last time he did it mom said she is fed up with it so she is letting me choose his punishment. My choices are to take his phone away for a day or kick him in the balls. Which should I choose?

Go for the balls!

how many toes ya got

I cut them off! All of them!

You always smell so delightful

Thank you! :)

You're an evil angel

What the fuck does that even mean?

Why dont you answer MY questions

If it's who I think it is, it's because you're nosy. Why you're so concerned about who I talk to is ridiculous. Go do something.

How's life?

Pretty much sucks. :D

you should dump your boyfriend

Oh should I now?

Whats your number

Why would I share my number with someone I don't know.

What freaks you out?


If I'm right then what's stopping you

I kinda like my puppy...

Do you enjoy being a loser?

I don't enjoy my company if thats what you mean.

Who are you thinking about right this second

Doesn't matter anyhow.

I reeaallyy wanna tell yoy how i fEel


You're noot even closeto bein pretty

Thanks man.

You are so mean to people but i kind of findd it sort of that weirred?

yeah..thats pretty fucking weird dude.

I wantto lick your face.... its cutee. I like it.

Wtf is wrong with you.

Will you be my pretend girlfriend?


Which punishments did your parents use when you were a child?

My mom put me in the corner. My dad gave me spankings when necessary.

why won't you love me

I don't even know you...

I love you more than you know.

Well since i don't know who this I'd it can't be much more than that.

Can you have my babies..?

I could but I'm not going to.

gorgeous woman.


awwww maaaan

Haha. Sorry

are you single?



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