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how many toes ya got
I cut them off! All of them!
You always smell so delightful
Thank you! :)
You're an evil angel
What the fuck does that even mean?
Why dont you answer MY questions
If it's who I think it is, it's because you're nosy. Why you're so concerned about who I talk to is ridiculous. Go do something.
How's life?
Pretty much sucks. :D
you should dump your boyfriend
Oh should I now?
Whats your number
Why would I share my number with someone I don't know.
What freaks you out?
If I'm right then what's stopping you
I kinda like my puppy...
Do you enjoy being a loser?
I don't enjoy my company if thats what you mean.
Who are you thinking about right this second
Doesn't matter anyhow.
I reeaallyy wanna tell yoy how i fEel
You're noot even closeto bein pretty
Thanks man.
You are so mean to people but i kind of findd it sort of that weirred?
yeah..thats pretty fucking weird dude.
I wantto lick your face.... its cutee. I like it.
Wtf is wrong with you.
Will you be my pretend girlfriend?
Which punishments did your parents use when you were a child?
My mom put me in the corner. My dad gave me spankings when necessary.
why won't you love me
I don't even know you...
Kiss me?
I love you more than you know.
Well since i don't know who this I'd it can't be much more than that.
Can you have my babies..?
I could but I'm not going to.
gorgeous woman.
awwww maaaan
Haha. Sorry
are you single?
Are you happy?
Not really.