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Will you be my pretend girlfriend?
Which punishments did your parents use when you were a child?
My mom put me in the corner. My dad gave me spankings when necessary.
why won't you love me
I don't even know you...
What is one thing you will never do again?
Smoke cigarettes.
Kiss me?
I love you more than you know.
Well since i don't know who this I'd it can't be much more than that.
Can you have my babies..?
I could but I'm not going to.
gorgeous woman.
awwww maaaan
Haha. Sorry
are you single?
Are you happy?
Not really.
I love you
Do you?
You're very kind, smart and beautiful. Be mine love?
Sorry. :(
Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Person Andrew. But really fur monster the cat
Yes or no have you done it before
Enough, if I wanted someone I don't even know to know my personal business I would have answered that the first time.
Tell em not too then gal
Yeah okay. -.-
What are you up too?
It's about bed time.
Still look beautiful
Thank you :D
Pap of you right now?
I'm exhausted. Don't judge me.
Pap of you right now?
It's ok the people on ask wont tell of you crimes
Oh my gosh. I swear I didn't. I just lied about the situation.
Yeah likely story, and to this day that kid still regrets being in that cart with you
He's said that. But I didn't I swear!
Then you were like he was driving he was the one who was drinking lol
No I told my mom we had to go home from up north cause I was sick. It was horrible. But I still wasn't driving. I swear.
I bet you were driving and wanted to crash it you monster lol
I would never Hahahahah. I cried like a baby and then got help!
You should have never told the truth, now the world knows of your crimes
Hey I wasn't the driver. ;)
What's the worst thing you have done?
Lied when this two year old broke his arm because a good cart crashed.. We were kids though and it was scary. And eventually the truth came out.