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Post a photo of your favourite outfit!

You gift?


what year are you in what year is Ryan in

rian* Idk some stupid Irish year but I'm in year 9

Haven't spoken to you in ages, hope you're alright:)

Who are you?

Do you ride horses ?


Do you Still love mitch

No, why..

ill recreate it later and tell you xx

Okkkk xx

Nathan xx

ye, what's yours idk mine xx

you got skype? phones broke so cant kik you!<3

who is this?

Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?

no I hate shopping

how old were you when you 1st saw a friend wank?


do u have a room on dubtrack? u should create one & invite everyone so we can hang out :)


is it your birthday?

it was March 1st aye but never on here anymore

hey gorgeous xxx

Hai x x

why have you seen a friend wank in person and where at?

his house

why have you seen a friend wank on cam?

Bcos was on cam?

come round mine, ive got a bag of weed, cheerios and season 5 of adventure time x

Yesss onit omg^.^ x

adventure time yeahhh x


It's fab ite x

I've sent you a snap babe ;)


Opinion on ellie mh

miss her loads she's gorgeous and used to be so close she's funny and cute aw

Sluttiest thing a girl in your school has done? (no names please)


Do you miss Erin?

Aye I do

you are prety


aw danke

spam for spam?<3 :**** followed btw <3 :')


who's this?


Ask @CathrynWass17:

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I love bands, Adventure Time&films.
@riannnnnnn rains a whore:') x


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