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who do u like?
a boy.
Love is an open door?
Will you marry me?
Who`s your ideal type?
Joseph Gordon Levitt
won't take it for an answer
how awesome is Jimmy freaking Kim?
one does not simply describe how utterly awesome jimmy kimmel is
youre a fuckin giraffe
you know me so well
<33333  Daneel :)
I FOUND YOU!  Daneel :)
I <3 you
<3 you too! whoever you are! (:
What college do you want to go to?
uc berkeley, ucsd, or ucla :D
lol like a job?
idk yet haha
maybe a teacher? im good with kids (:
what do u want to be when u grow up
what do u do in your spare time?
try and find new interesting music
play video games
and eat
oh and i play piano and guitar! (:
happy birthday!!
you're 6 months early/late haha
is smiling at someone u dont know in the hallway nice or creepy?
it depends... if you happen to make eye contact, then smiling would be nice like: "I acknowledge your existence good morning or afternoon or whatever..."
I guess it also depends on who you're smiling to and how and when haha
whose ur best friend?
alex jonessssss
whats the work load for ap world so far? and if ur doing ap bio wats it like for that? im debating what to take next year :P
I don't think I'm the right person to ask on how the work load is because I procrastinate so much and am easily distracted haha. Let's just say, work on your time management skills freshman year, so you won't be totally screwed next year (:
and I don't take ap bio sorry
dude ur raps are a gift haha! XD mine are just like if u have flowers then u have powers or some shit like that :P
lol flower power nice xD
who did u have for bio?
mrs ogle (:
u shuld be a rapper.
i love to rhyme, its so weird, all my friends hate it when i start on a rap/poem its hilarious
do u wear makeup? ur so gorgeous!!
thank you!
i don't actually... – aint nobody got time fo dat ahaha i need to maximize my sleeping hours
favorite teacher at amador?
i think Murphy will be it this year, but its only been two weeks so im not sure haha
last year it was Dalldorf :D
haha r u kidding like everyone loves u and talks to u. here i am just kinda existing with the small group of friends i have. when i try to talk to some other ppl or be friendly i usually get taken advantage of or just ignored. :/
im sorry you feel that way ):
who are you? lets be best friends (:
ur personality is amazing! i wish i culd be like u and get out of my socially awkward bubble :P
why get out of the comfy bubble when you can just merge with other awkward bubbles and make a gigantic bubble i dont know what im saying but youre most likely more socially active than i am aha