Drew Chadwick (✔) @ChadwickDrew
Drew Chadwick (✔) @ChadwickDrew
Huntington Beach, CA
Drew Chadwick from Emblem3! Very interested in spirituality and Self-discovery. Meet me! Check out my Band! If you like it then like it!
Let's chill ;)
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so I told my mom I'm getting married and she's like to who? And I'm like... "Drew Chadwick.."  nina
And I'm like.. Sure
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My ex was a asshole, but I still really want him back :( I don't know what to do..  Lisa Halvorsen
Nope, don't look back
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please, help me, if my boyfriend doesn't have time for me, it's so bad?-.-
Honey, no matter how "busy" a person might be. If he really care, he'll always find time for you
Just know that I'm with you
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You make me happy❤️  Lisa Halvorsen
You make me happy ;)
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who is keaton???
Guess who?
who is keaton???
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omg, hey drew! what's your favorite song from Selena Gomez?
3000 Miles ;)
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Ily soooooooooo much. Some people judge me for who I am and ur music just makes me so happy. I look up to you and I can't believe how far you've come since x-factor. Ily babe-Natalie <3
Only god can judge ya! Love you too ;)
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Drew, first of all -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Second, I hope you feel alright after your surgery :/ I made a collage for you on my ask.fm page yesterday, so check it out!! Thank you for inspiring me so much for the past year. You have made me a better person and I will always be thankful. -Megan  Emblem3 is Awesome
Thank you so much!!
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Whats Wesley's real ask.fm
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I know you don't answer alot of questions.. But you are seriously my inspiration & I look up to you. I love your singing voice and your so cute. Don't ever feel insecure because your perfect <3  Meghan Shultz
I see everything that you write to me, I wanted to tell you thank you for the inspiration!
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Hey Drew I know you probably won't see this but anyways I cut my self a lot and committing suicide because people bully me a lot buy calling me fat and other things and I just need help....
Listen up, you're not fat, just be who you are.
You're independent and strong girl, I believe in you, okay?
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Can you send whoever likes this a cute message?
Maybe yes, maybe no haha
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I have a question. Do you love me?  Madison Kuhn
If I was Jay-Z, you'd be my Beyonce
We could rock the nation like they do
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Why are you lying even if u say every girl is beautiful bcz we all know u want a tall hot skinny blonde chick....
Hell no, I don't wanna chick..
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You can lick me on my birthday! This will be the best gift in the world.
Aye I'm waiting for ya
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I said, bless me with a heart of gold :)
A positivity and a story to be told :)
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Okay, I'm done
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I wish I could hug you someday =´(
You can lick me someday
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I hope you realize how inspiring you are! Thank you so much for getting me threw a hard time in my life. Love you!
Peace and Love!
I hope you realize how inspiring you are! Thank you so much for getting me threw a hard time in my life. Love you!
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Would you ever date/marry a fan?
Will you marry me?
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I wish you would kik me back
What about righ now?
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Do you guys want me in Canada? ;)
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When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
Oh damn, my eyes are red today!
Sleep, dude
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Will u marry me one day??
Yeah, what do you think about today?
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Short or tall girls?
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