Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Georgia, USA
Actor in The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, Stephen King's Mercy as George, and Home Invasion as DJ. Professional zombie slayer. I probably won't answer questions that aren't questions such as "please reply" or "i love you". I will answer questions like "what's your favorite song". Please don't spam!
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
not the walking dead
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What'd you think of six flags in New Jersey?  Tommy G
we only rode kingda ka before we left lol
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I hope you don't die this season. <3 lol  * L * I * L * Y *
i do too, i like my job
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Sing for us (ur fans) *puppy face* you are amazing I heard u sing at birthday parties ur voice is the  Hana Hayes Fan
*clicks* or naw
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Is it real account of Emily or fake?  Кот Томас
i think its fake lol
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Chair ‎@twd_chandler_ is fake or is other account of Hana ? Check out her account because Idk she said that she is the real Hana  Monse Suarez
yeah thats fake lol. ‎@hanahayesblerhp is her real one
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ARE YOU WITH HANA ATM?????????????
i wish
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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. To catch them all is my real test to train them is my cause. I will travel across the land searching far and wide. Teach pokemon to understand. Pokemon gotta catch them all. It's you and me I know it's my destiny. Pokemon oh your my best friend! Thnk u  Brooklynne Rose
in a world we must defeeend
gotta catch em all
our courage will pull us throughh
you teach me and ill teach you
gotta catch em all!
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What color are your eyes?
awkwardly ice/ocean blue-kind-of-i-think-lol
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some people say than you name is "Chandler Carlton Riggs Ann" that's true? (my english is so bad sorry xD)  Diana Blake
no lol my full name is Chandler Carlton Riggs
my mom's name however, is Gina Ann (she has a double first name) Carlton Riggs
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BIG QUESTION: HANA'S NAME IS PRONOUNCED "HONA" BUT WHEN I SEE BRANA I SAY "BRAH-NA" NOT "BRONA" how do you say it? Or how do Brooke and hana say it?  Rachel Seery
the same way you say chana, the a comes from her name
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hey chan do you get upset when we post mean confessions  mak€nna and not i$abelle
i mean i cant control what you post, and your job is to post opinions of my fans. so you can do whatever
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Why won't grey answer questions anymore??  Paige Smith
he deleted the app lol
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Do you watch Girl Meets World? Have you ever seen Boy Meets World? Or Dawson's Creek?  Sara Canorea ✔
im afraid i havent seen any of those lol
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Do u hate us? (People from ts)  Bob
no i just never get on anymore lol
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Do you want the people starting to say "If Carl dies we riot"?  Diana Blake
sure lol
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do you think you have seen every chandler/carl dedicated account?  Ayla Sanders
nooo not even close lol
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CHAIR I NEED YOU TO ANSWER THIS. how do i get revenge on a player? he made me cri :(  Heatherr ✌️
report them for dayz
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october 12th i think
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The sun is not an animal  SåmånthÅ
*brain overloads and head explodes*
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Wow I don't speak League xD  Mac✌
thats pokemon language lol
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Would you ever want to meet your fans personally?  Mia scott
i do all the time at conventions lol
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Hey Chandler did you hear that for a limited time after Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are released, players get a FREE SHINY BELDUM holding a mega stone. CAN YOU SAY SHINY MEGA METAGROSS?!!!  David
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