chandler riggs @ChairHandler1
chandler riggs @ChairHandler1
Georgia, USA
Actor in The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, Stephen King's Mercy as George, and Home Invasion as DJ. Professional zombie slayer.

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It wondered out of the doggy bin 5 minutes before the purge started.β€Ž  Courtney
but the parents wouldnt lock the doors and windows before the purge started?
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do u think judith could b immune to the virus???β€Ž  ! ! ! !
itd be a cool thing for the plot, me and andy have been talking about that for a while
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The music group twenty one pilots is realy cool!β€Ž  Anya Kirichenko
the naked and famous are also v good
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did u eat breakfastβ€Ž  ! ! ! !
kinda i had to eat at work and they didnt really give me any time to eat so i had like half a bagel and some sausage
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If the purge actually did happen and your "crew" shot at any movement then what if there was a baby that mysteriously wondered out of its house and mysteriously ended up in front of your house. It wouldn't have any last words because it couldn't speakπŸ˜¨πŸ˜­β€Ž  Courtney
but why would a set of parents let their baby wander out of their sight during the night of the purge?
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So carl is 14. How old is Enid?β€Ž  Kate Goldberg
theres no definite age for carl i was just estimating how old he'd have to be if judith was 12
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how is she supposed to pull the pregnant thing off on twd lolβ€Ž  ruby
same way sonequa did last season
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Is Alanna Masterson actually pregnant?β€Ž  Kuchisake-Onewtβ„’ [FAZE]
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the video colin just posted also makes me concerned about him .β€Ž  annie
i sent him that video lol
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Hey Chan luvvvv You I probley have a question that you don't know but. "Are they planning to have people try out for the part of Judith basically are the making a Judith all grown up or like 12 years old or somethin cause I'm planning to come to Georgia and try out for the movie the walking dead..."β€Ž  Hannah Marie dunn
if judith was 12 then carl would have be like 26 or something lol
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that video you posted makes me concerned about youβ€Ž  caroline
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im in drivers ed helpβ€Ž  angie
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apparently you are allergic to cats and you have two of them..........?β€Ž  annie
siberian cats (aether) are hypoallergenic so i dont like die from him being around me but i just take zyrtec for aero
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Do you even know what your frickin allergic πŸ˜‚. ( im trying not to curse btw. It's not going well πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚) πŸ˜˜β€Ž  XolizzeteXo
well i know im allergic to cats and dogs and pollen and all that stuff but nothing like peanuts or anything
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Are you allergic to anything?
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how many tomes did u have to shoot THE scene where u kill ur "mom"?β€Ž  Natalie Reynoso
way too many times
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Where i can buy an autograph?β€Ž  Lizeth LincΓΈln.
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What would you do if the purge was real?β€Ž  Dot
get automated guns stationed around my house to shoot at any movement
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In season 5 when you guys were eating the dogs, what did they really give you to eat?β€Ž  Jake
lamb meat and it was pretty good ngl
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Can I buy your autograph after a couple of months ?β€Ž  Nastya Shavandina
we're actually probably gonna close the shop soon for a while, but we will reopen in a few months
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When's the Walking Dead Season 6 gonna come?β€Ž  Mary de Ocampo xx
october, cant remember the exact date
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What time is it right now at your place?β€Ž  Sonya
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What is your height?β€Ž  Sonya
5'5 or 5'6, not sure
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do you like your hair? would you like to cut your hair, or would you like to grow it more?β€Ž  @aweroxe - new acc
it needs to be a lil shorter but i dont have control of it...ill probably end up cutting it in a few years
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you said that if you wouldn't be an actor , you'll be a teacher. a teacher of what?β€Ž  @aweroxe - new acc
high school lit probably
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