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is brianna at the florida game??? i thought I saw her on tv lmao
no but her parents are lol
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I'm trying to send you a pic maybe I'll do it on Twitter go on twitter  Mackenzie Riggs
just saw it in my mentions, thank you
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Chandler! They're following ppl on your Instagram  Cali M
someone mind sending me a screenshot or tell me who all they're following?
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so when you do fix whatever this person trying to do, are all your posts still gonna be gone?  Jenna Alyse✌✌✌
i hope not
yo if he blocked you guys then put in a question just with the link to your instagram and hopefully i can get around to unblocking you guys. for a while please dont submit questions, just usernames for blocked accounts.
happy thanksgiving
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are you going to make another insta? if you do let us know the name :))
nope but until i say something on my other social medias ignore anything they try to say as me
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Was it Rickyspanish again?
yeah :/
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Wait... Nvm, ok so you aren't ‎@chandlerriggs545 but are you ‎@chandlerriggs020?
i dont have any other instagrams, im currently working on fixing the issue
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What's going on with your Instagram?
hacked :(
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You really are ignorant... Trying to win people over with your sweet answers... Let me tell you something you don't give a crap about how other people feel. Your just sitting pretty on top not doing crap and making big bucks when my dad works his butt off and can't even bye us clothes to wear
????? im literally just thanking people that are complimenting my work. ok IF i didnt care about people, then how would you know? you dont know me. im constantly reminded of how lucky i am to have this situation and dont think that i dont appreciate it.
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Dude your acting skills have really developed a lot. Keep it up.
thanks so much man. im really proud of the work i did from e8-16 and super excited for you guys to see it
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yeah dude im seeing them at life in color in miami!!
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whats ur soundcloud  caroline
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"chandler riggs hasn’t created any playlists yet." is what i get when i try to see your music ;;
oh ok yeah you gotta go to my likes...i havent really created any playlists if that's what you're looking for
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I'm on a pc and i do not see any playlists
that's odd...ill check my privacy preferences
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There are no playlists though
the big ones are the albums (classified as playlists on soundcloud)
There are no playlists though
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What is wrong with your cat!?😂😂😂😂 lmao
he was yawning lmao
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Post a picture and whatever it is it'll me my lock screen for a MONTH
Post a picture and whatever it is it'll me my lock screen for a MONTH
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Was it awkward "fighting" Ron in twd in the ep "now" ? 😂
no it was felt a lot bigger and energetic irl than it did on screen lmao
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Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?
sky diving
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it's cold and rainy
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Well maybe it can the the earth two reverse flash?  Heywhatsuphello
i sure hope they dont go through another whole story line with a remastered reverse flash
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I think zoom is Barry's dad's double-ganger from earth2. There is so many things that make sense about it
but zoom's accent is really bizarre...idk anyone who has the same accent on the show
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what courses are you currently taking?
ap language/composition, honors precalc, ap us history, ap physics, and ap psychology
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im looking for more music to listen to, any suggestions?
you can check out the tracks/playlists i have liked on my soundcloud
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How much can you lift? I can only bench 110 and squat 135 but I'm a girl who weighs like 95 pounds.
same for bench but i can squat like 165 as of a few weeks ago
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