Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Chandler Riggs @ChairHandler1
Georgia, USA
Actor in The Walking Dead as Carl Grimes, Stephen King's Mercy as George, and Home Invasion as DJ. Professional zombie slayer. I probably won't answer questions that aren't questions such as "please reply" or "i love you". I will answer questions like "what's your favorite song". Please don't spam!
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Do you and Grayson ever argue?  Amber XD
not much
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What's your Instagram?  Ethan Blundon
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Ouu I like these quizzes lol what's the name of episode 312? ilysm by the way :")  Christinaa
clear? lol
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listen spectrum-zedd pleaseee ❤❤  Mafer Contreras
ive heard it like 5 thousand times lol
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What kind of music do you listen to?  Amber XD
dubstep (chillstep, not hardcore stuff like skrillex)
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wait so the ask ‎@chandler_riggs1 is fake?  liz baker
yes, this is my only account
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I'm watching The Walking Dead re runs I'm on 213, do you remember the name of it, I want to see if you know your own show. ❤️  Angelyca Louise Martin
it should be beside the dying fire
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does this mean carl Grimes is actually peter Parker??  ! ! ! !
you people are gonna let the secret out
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Are you actually spiderman and chandler riggs is just a disguise  Brittanee Roberts
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I hear you like EDM... Who's your favorite artist? Mine is Adventure Club :p Thanks for answering dude! :D  Jake Morris
you know whats up. rise and fall is so good
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Chandler, you you get along in real life with Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln :]  Rocío Jiménez *-*
yeah they are awesome lol
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probably metagross
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Are you going to New York comic con?! It's my first year and I'm dying to meet you! And I'm coming to Atlanta for my 16th bday present. Woooo  Kirstin Traenkle
i think so. thats awesome! happy early bday!
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do you ever go in peoples ask accounts to see what they look like?  Cassy
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link to your twitch channel?  Brody Park
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Did you know that in Arizona they have a city called Chandler? I went there and laughed every time I saw your name:)  Seanna W.
theres also a riggs road and a riggs field in chandler, arizona. one time there was actually a plane that crashed in riggs field in chandler arizona O_O
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What is your instagram because only fan pages are coming up  Raven Lyric
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Do you have the ñ in your keyboard?  Dani
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Chandler people are being mean to Hana they are saying she's a "slut" for wearing what she likes to wear it's really pissing me off honestly because what they are saying about her is just very rude and I honestly hate it so much!!  August Smith
and all of her friends wear the same kind of stuff, or worse, but everyone always compliments them and hates on hana...
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wait what's ur gf name I'm lost there so many girls when you search up ur gf  jennifer✋✊✌
here's her
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so i was on a plane coming home from minnesota a few days ago, and one of the flight attendants looked EXACTLY like your mom. like her hair, face, eyes, everything. i was seriously about to take a picture of her (with her permission oc). i just thought i would share that with you xD  Shayna Eaton
lol my mom actually used to be a flight attendent when she was younger
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Chandler, there is something you should know about your "girlfriend" She hates us fans. If your mad at us, then don't be. You should be mad at Hana. Explain why fans are starting to hate her. Its crazy!  Krystal Nichols
not sure why you put the quotes on girlfriend, but whatever. she doesnt hate you guys, she loves and respects you all. i really dont know why some of you think that shes a horrible person and just using me, because thats the exact opposite of who she is. and you cant tell me otherwise, because youve most likely never met her. and if you have, you would know how much of a beautiful, sweet, innocent, and caring person she is.
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How come on some Instagram accounts you've liked there pics like 10 times? I've had my acc for a while and I get sad cause you never noticed me:(  Lanie
if i really like that person's edit, caption, or if i just agree with what they say, ill like their photo. and keep in mind guys, telling people to tag me in the comment section wont do anything, i never go onto the activity page, just in the photos im tagged in
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R U going to SDCC??? Norman is on his way now!  Puckzilla [FAZE]
norman is on the set lol. but idk yet
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The last of us is going to be a tv series now! do you think you will watch it? I auditioned for Ellie!  EmNEWT™
wait what? i know theres gonna be a live action thing in a few days but i didnt hear about it being a tv show lol
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