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Hey you are pretty cute;)
You are a dime!
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Top ten girls at LP?
Mariah Evans fills all of those spots!
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That last post was super cute *whip noise* Hahahahaha eagleman gettin it
eagleman knows what he is doing! haha nice try ratatouille!
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truth is Charlie you're seriously one of the sweetest guys out there! you and Mariah are super cute together (: not to mention you're amazing at basketball! anyways love you Charlie (:  Emily McCurley
Thanks Emily! love ya too!
When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild?
I saw four of them the other day!
When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild?
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Dawg we gots English together!  Samuel Todd
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2nd semester schedule?:)
2nd semester schedule?:)
What are you looking forward to in the new year?
oh, there's a list of things!
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Are you dating Mariah?
not at the moment.
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I guess we aren't best friends..........  Kyle Owens
no we are don't worry...
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Wow hurtful.  Kyle Owens
Kyle I love you
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Best friends?
best friends? what, I don't have best friends! but I like to think they just haven't been born yet. that keeps my hopes up.
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You have really pretty eyes :)  Monument Compliments
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Dont play stupid... Everyone knows there is something going on with you and Mariah
you could be right, but then again you could be wrong.
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What's going on with you and Mariah?
what do you mean?
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TBH Charlie you have the most adorable smile and you're a stud at basketball and I love you so much and you and Mo are pretty cute :)  Emily McCurley
thanks Emily! love ya girl! I think so too:)
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Charlie aint no B+!! He is like A+++
thanks anon!!! I'm sure youre an A+++ yourself
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B+  Emily McCurley
haha thanks!
What was the last movie you watched that was really good?
What was the last movie you watched that was really good?
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Well Charles, considering you are the nicest guy I have ever met, you are a stud at basketball and baseball, your blue eyes and dimples are perfect, and you know how I feel about you;) I can't really pick a best feature:)
:) thanks Mariah! can't wait to see you again!
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Charlie is to nice(:
no no. me nice? na...I just hate everyone. ;D
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Top 10 sophomore guys??
haha all the guys are studs!
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top 10 sophomore girls?
don't worry bout it
are you going to state tommorow?
ha! yeah I am! lp all the way!
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What makes you feel like a boss?
the fact that I held my breath for a minute in Spanish.
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