Anna O'ryan Fyfe @CheerleaderFyfe
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Do your parnts care what u do
As long as I'm staying out of trouble they really don't care lol
What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
Not yet?
be the taco and i'll bring the meat :)
What the eff.
what's your snapchat?
Yore welcome love ❤️. Can I message you somewhere please?
Do I know u??
Your room is huge lol! I saw it on vine! We'll some of it
Haha I guess
Love the dress in your profile pic! ❤️ :)
Thankkks loveeee
What does it depend on?
Idk. Who r u
Do you like to meet/talk to new people even if they might not live near you?
Almost sssiiiixxxxxteeeennnnm
What kind of computer do you have?
Were you in the miss sc/ miss sc teen pageant?
Like get your sisters phone and take a pic
I'm not home & I think she's at Hannah's anyways .. But the crack is at the very top and it's like sticking out and I can't push it back in to make the screen like even . :(
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Post a picture of you cracked phone!!
Didn't know I could take a pic of my phone, from my phone ? Lol
How do u have so many Instagram follower
Idk people just follow me
Is that why you party all the time now bcuz u r heartbroken or sad whatever they call it?
No ?!
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
Lol idk
What happened on March 5 2014!!!!
Where did you hear that date !?
What's your brothers name?
Is your house big
Idk u tell me ? t's 3 stories .. 2 living rooms ... 6 bedrooms
Is Alex adopted???
Nooooo. Wtf
Where are you from?
Hi can you follow me and like my questions and I do the same please ‎@the_bestof_ariana and ask me questions maybe I will sent you a gift
Fuck yourself and fuck you!!!
Lol.. Mad or nahh