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how come when i sit behind this girl, she plays with her hair soooo much, moves alot, fixes herself up, does she like me or is it just a thing she does all the fuckin time?
I don't know. I always play with my hair bc I get bored. And I move around alot bc those desk are so uncomfortable . So idk ..
Your so perfect. Don't even let a guy being you down. I know it hurts now but things will get better. You could have anyone in bolinsprangs !!!
Awwh thank you! And idk what your talking about I'm good ?! Haha
WOW I saw you today and you are flawless and so gorgeous
Awh thank you!
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People talk to much junk about u idk y
Yeah it's funny though bc I had at least 5 people tell me today "wow you are soo sweet and nice and care so much, your nothing like what people say" and people always tell me that. It's funny that the people I never have talked to In my life know me the best... Lmfao
How was your first day?
It was pretty good actually
why does that suck?
Bc I wanna know who you are .
what grade is alexis arrington in
hahaha lol at these thirsty peolple
Forreal !!
I'm not saying. But I'm serious.
Well that sucks then .
that's good. well I still have a little crush on you now lol
Who is this ?
you're pretty fine and I had the biggest crush on you in the 5th grade but I heard you're thot now
Thot ?! LMFAO . Considering I just got out of a very long relationship & I haven't kissed any other guys or anything ! And I don't do anything with any guys bc no body's even cute around here. !
Who's this ?
I'm sorry.
For what ?
R u hurt anna?
No !?!
Ok you honestly do not know how much that helped me and how much it meant to me!!!!!!! Thank you sooooooooooo so so sooo much Anna!!! If you want, I will tell you what happens... ??? If you want...
Awh your welcome girly ! And yeah just text me what happens or something :)
Do you think I will come off as clingy or annoying bc we aren't dating and I'm not sure if I should care or not..
Girl your Supposed to care !! You like this guy , if you didn't get jealous over that then you must not really like him . & I don't think it sounds clingy . Just let him know that your confused and you don't want to come off clingy or anything but you want to know where y'all stand.
do u go to the 9th grade campus now?
Yeah starting tomorrow.
That may be 1 of the problems though.. He knows I like him but Idk how to ask him about him flirting with other girls. I don't want to be the type that seems protective and clingy and annoying. We"re not dating and so Idk if I should even care.... What do you think??
Well if it was me in that situation I would ask him and be like ' okay so where do we stand ?' Like are we talking , or just friends , or what... And then take it from there
why did you leave Oakbrook?
I had too bc I wanted to come back to bsprings next year & when my mom was trying to talk about signing me up for my classes next year , they told her that since I'm in 10th & 11th grade classes at Oakbrook , that I would have to take some of the 9th grade courses when I came back next year !
So they said it'd be easiest to switch back now , so I wouldn't have a messed up schedule next year
So this boy has liked me on and off and I like him too and he has called me gorgeous and perfect and stuff and when we do our "daily" high 5's he sometimes holds my hand and I LOVE when he does that but when he talks and hangs out with other girls he "flirts" and I get jealous.. What should I do????
Um talk to him about how he flirts with other girls & how it makes you feel and let him know how you feel about him. But after that if he still flirts with other girls , then don't waste your time on him girl. Bc trust me nothing is worse then falling in love & wasting your time on the wrong guy... Trust me.
you are so pretty :) <3
Aw thanks !
ya can I ask you some advice
Yeahhhh !
did you break up with him
It was more of we both knew we had too , so we both just kinda agreed to it. Ya know?
Simmons but did you date Chris Floyd??
No!!! We broke up awhile ago & nah we were just talking .
Are you and Chris still dating?
Simmons or Floyd ?