Chloé Kennaway @ChloeKennaway
if your going to leave abuse leave yer name haha?!
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Have you ever thrown up after eating?
How many pillows do you sleep with?
2 x
Name 10 okay looking guys
Declan Boyd, Aidan Hughes, Kyle Perry, Baillie Wilson, Dylan Lynch, Steven Cassidy, Mckenzie Graham, Callum Taylor, Bradley Cooper, Adam brown x
If you were a different gender, what name would you want to have?
Dunno, never really thought about it x
Awww hehe, and I'm sorrrrryyy, but I'm not evil, you could have asked for more clues! :D
Ohh well x
ahaha, and yup :P
aww hehe, you had be really confused, I was thinking of all the people I knew with the first name begging with 'r' I even had to scroll down my friends list haha:( you're evil man
Aww haha, it's Robert haha :P
Edward? I was actually going to ask if it was you haha
'fraid not, trying to guess my name is just the same as trying to guess batmans! :D
Alrighty you, please just tell me I'm heavy confused:(
mhmm not a lot, every now and then haha :P
Erm robbie? Ryan?
Nopee :)
awk what:( erm do we talk a lot?
Boy haha! :P
Reilly? Rhys?
It begins with an R haha :P
Are you a girl or boy?
You'll never know my secret identity! :D
That's rather gay:(
Awww I'm sorrryy, forgive me? :D <3
hrm maybe, I'm still trying to figure out who this is haha
Well because your keeping me awake, that's why! :D
pfft blaming it on me fsfs:(
Aww thanks haha, why aren't you in your bed anyway? :P
Well why aren't you;)?
I don't know, I forgot my own name! :(
awk no way man:( I do that sometimes as it's alright;)
oh well fine... I'll just take them... and go eat them by myself... and become fat! *Cries*
sorry pal:/ who even is this haha
Hmm okay, you can have ONE cookie, but that's it! :P
nah your alright, I don't even like cookies that much to be honest haha
Well too bad, your not allowed any, they're all for me! :D
awk no way:( I'll dress up in my Cookie Monster puts it to match though:(?
Would you like a cookie? :)
mmm cookies
What is the best birthday gift you have ever received?
Change the mistakes I made in the past
Your fit
Your fit
What is your opinion about same gender relationships?
I'm fine about it, as long as they aren't all kissing ect. In front of me haha