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Xtina @ChristinaNg
RSS answers
Omg I just realized we have bangs test tomorrow!  ✨Milena✨
ur a lil bit late just a bit
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Xtina u already know but rate:bms  ✨Milena✨
ilysfm hehe omg txt me
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What would you name your first child?
hazel grace!!!
lol idk
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how old are u
almost 5!
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do you love me<3
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Who is your style role model?
who the fk are you talking about  Stephaniexoexo
not dr phil!!
mad r00d  Stephaniexoexo
Sthap stealing my fav fake fan//bae
lol I keep thinking you are Stephanie because of the "Ng" on Ask smh
i promise we're not the same
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Which languages do you understand or speak?
i wish korean
True ball was never life. Lol why are they gross? Do tell.  Karol Lillianfeld
you suck at hitting the ball
i know i do
are you good at licking the ball
i will eventually
[[ we were playing volley]]
Stuy is life. (Ball is not life anymore for me)  Karol Lillianfeld
ball was never life**
lmaoo the girls in gym are gross
<3 I miss you  Karol Lillianfeld
i miss u and community service with you omg<3:(
hows stuy?
fav&bae //ride or die// i miss you so much
hi how are you
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don't u have a half day?
i get out at 11:18 but it takes 20 mins to just get home
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11:15 ish  Dabeer Islam
i wont even be out of school
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pls don't for me  Dabeer Islam
when you getting there?
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come to Cham on Friday I love you ❤️  Dabeer Islam
if i dont volunteer to monitor igotchu
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TBH- I MISS U SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Dabeer Islam
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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?
me+lay=power couple
lay is taken  £llen ❤️
by me not u bye u hoe im sorry ily but milena>>>
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Sorry I will and ily2 ❤️❤️  Jay
aw as bang says "i appreciate you"
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Heyyy  Jay
u dont hmu but ask me questions ok jaysen ok
but hi
and tell ellen not to take my main ok ty
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